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The Anti-Universe, also called the "Minus Space", is the space that is accessible through the Doors of Guf during Additional Impact at the remains of Calvary Base in Antarctica.

Golgotha Object

Golgotha Object as it appears in 3.0

During Fourth Impact, an object is visible inside the Doors of Guf. It appears to be spherical, with large cross-like beams protruding out in the six cardinal directions. The Additional Impact reveals that this is the "Golgotha Object", a place where human perception is shaped by LCL and defined through memories and imagination. It is here that Gendo's ultimate goal is revealed - to start his own version of Instrumentality, as the Golgotha Object can change human fate.

The Object appears as a titanic six-pronged three-dimensional cross, dwarfing the size of an Evangelion Unit. It has countless white runes on its surface, which appear to be identical to the Angel-Sealing Hex Glyphs, only different in colour. Gendo and Shinji battle inside the Object using Eva-13 and Eva-01 respectively, across locations and backdrops created from their memories. It seems to contain the Evangelion Imaginary, a theoretical being whose existence was predicted by Dr. Katsuragi, as the epicenter of Instrumentality, with which Gendo attempts to rewrite the world through his perception. At the end of Instumentality, as Shinji is alone on a beach devolving into lineart and storyboards, Mari appears inside the Object in Eva-08+09+10+11+12 just before it is also erased by the reset of the world, and she and Shinji transition into the new world together.

Full appearance of the Golgotha Object in 3.0+1.0
A closeup of the surface. Eva-01 and Eva-13 for size comparision

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