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Evangelion 13
Eva3-33 C1059 crop.jpg
Model Type Unknown
Nation of Origin Japan
Affiliation NERV
Pilot(s) Shinji Ikari, Kaworu Nagisa, Gendo Ikari
Debut Evangelion 3.0
Status Unknown[1]

Evangelion 13[2] is an Eva unit appearing in Evangelion 3.0: You Can (Not) Redo and dual-piloted by Shinji Ikari and Kaworu Nagisa.


"Unit 13 with both spears and both sets of arms extended.

Eva-13 strongly resembles Eva-01 in appearance and color, although it has four eyes and four arms. The supplemental set of arms are initially stored in the bulky chest armor, folded in a cross configuration.

The Eva is produced in secret at New Nerv HQ by Gendo and Fuyutsuki, developed within a biomechanical "womb" strongly resembling the Wunder's main engine. It is more advanced than other Evangelions and is designed to be piloted by two individuals in adjacent entry plugs, using a unique Double Entry System. Either of the pilots can shut off the other plug's control systems, although the Eva itself won't shut down unless both pilots are incapacitated or removed from the Eva.

Eva-13 seems to lack its own A.T. Field, instead relying on ones generated by four RS Hopper drones. Anti-A.T. Field munition fired at it by Eva-08 has no effect, and appears to vanish in thin air.

After consuming the Twelfth Angel, the Eva Awakens and even transcends a pseudo-evolved state. Mari states that Eva-13 is actually one of the surviving Adams.

Operational History

After its activation by Shinji and Kaworu, the Eva breaches the barrier sealing off Central Dogma and descends into Lilith's chamber, accompanied by Eva Mark.09. During its skirmish with Eva-02', Eva-13 is revealed to possess four drone weapons, RS Hoppers, capable of attacking targets from any direction or sacrificing themselves to absorb incoming attacks against the Eva; the pilot has at least some control over these drones. The Eva also has a second pair of arms, normally folded up against the chest when not in use; with four arms, the Eva has enough physical strength to dual-wield the Spears of Longinus it pulls out from Lilith's body. Asuka asks Shinji if he is trying to start an Impact by doing so, and although he denies it, it does happen when Shinji manages to do so. The Eva then proceeds to consume the previously dormant Twelfth Angel freed from the body of Eva Mark.06 by the latter's decapitation, entering its 'Awakened' state.

Once Awakened, Eva-13 undergoes a radical transformation. First, its shoulder pylons are replaced with a red crystalline structure that grows out of the Eva's shoulders, eventually growing almost as long as the Eva's body. The Eva then manifests a pair of vertical halos behind it and gains the ability to fly at high speeds, rising from Central Dogma up to the surface in a few seconds. After its ascent, the Eva begins Fourth Impact.

While in its Awakened state, the Eva demonstrates considerable resilience, withstanding a full-speed ramming attack from the AAA Wunder without any apparent damage. It is eventually stopped when Kaworu impales the Eva with both Spears, followed by the DSS Choker detecting him as the Thirteenth Angel and terminating him. Even then, the incapacitated Eva remains in its Awakened state until Eva-08 removes Shinji's entry plug, causing the Eva to revert back to its original state and Fourth Impact to abort. The unmanned Eva is last seen crashing down onto the Earth, presumably intact.

Original Concept

Over the course of production, most of the concepts originally meant for Eva-08 appear to have displaced onto Eva-13.


  1. it stayed inside the Anti-Universe in Evangelion: 3.0 + 1.0, the consequences of this are unknown.
  2. Evangelion Theatrical Edition: Q Movie Booklet. Published 2011/11/17

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