Religious References in Neon Genesis Evangelion

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Religious References:
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  • 316 (Episode 20, "DIRECT CONNECTION NO. 316")[John 3:16 is one of the more well known Bible verses]
  • 666 (End of Evangelion, "type-666 defense/firewall program")[666 is the number of the beast in Christianity]


  • Acheron (Section of Bethany Base in Eva 2.0) [Acheron was the river bordering Hell in Dante's Inferno]
  • Adam (First Angel) [First human being of Genesis]
  • Angels (Sammael in OP and Angels #03 to #17 in the show) [Taken from Judaic lore]
  • Apostles (Translation of shito, Japanese counterpart of "Angel")
  • Ark ("Ark called Eva", EoE)


  • Bethany Base [Bethany (Beth anya ,"house of the suffering") was the birthplace of Mary mother of Jesus. In Eva 2.0 Bethany Base is where Mari is introduced.]


  • Chamber of Guf (#21', #23, #26') [Judaism, realm where souls originate]
  • Cocytus (Section of Bethany Base in Eva 2.0) [ninth circle of Hell in Dante's Inferno]
  • Cross / Crucifiction (#01, #02, #19, #25': Cross-shaped explosions of Sachiel, Zeruel, EVA-02, and EVA-01; Lilith on the cross; #18, EVA-03's aerial transport; #23, "double cross"-shaped depression in Terminal Dogma; #26', "crucifiction" of EVA-01 and Shinji, shape of Tree of Life, pose assumed by harpies upon death and EVA-01 upon going dormant, green crosses that form to launch souls into the air and float away once HIP fails]


  • Dead Sea Scrolls (Seele's Secret/Ura Dead Sea Scrolls) [The documents discovered in Qumran]
  • Divine Retribution/The Flood (World flooding from Second Impact) [Story of Noah]
  • Doors of Guf: See Chamber of Guf


  • Eva [First woman in Genesis, Chavvah/Eve, made from Adam]



  • Gaghiel (angel ep. #08) [angel associated with fish and water]
  • "God" [Used loosely throughout NGE is various senses of the term]



  • Israfel (angel ep. #09) [means The Burning One, angel of the trumpet in Islam]
  • Ireul (angel ep. #13) [supposedly the angel of fear]




  • Leliel (angel ep. #16) [Angel of night and demon prince of conception]
  • Lilith (Progenitor of humanity and Adam's counterpart) [Babylonian/Assyrian night demoness --> First wife of Adam in "Alphabet of Ben-Sira"]
  • Lilin (#24, spoken by Kaworu) [Demonic offspring of Judaic Lilith)
  • Limbo Area (Section of Bethany Base in Eva 2.0) [Limbo was the first circle of Hell in Dante's Inferno]
  • Lingam/Yoni (#26', Tree of Life entering GNR's Third Eye) [Sacred union of male and female, "fountain of life" placed in "source of all that exists", from Hinduism]


  • Many-Eyed Ones (OP, #26': Eyes on wings of Sammael, EVA-01, harpies; also sprouted by Tree of Life) [Description of various angels]
  • Medium/Yorishiro (#26', used in reference to EVA-01) [exact religious connotations undetermined]






  • Rainbow (whenever an angel dies) [The covenant between God and humanity not to destroy the world with water]
  • Ramiel (angel ep. #05 and #06) [means thunder of God, angel of hope, responsible for divine visions, and guides the souls of the faithful into Heaven.]
  • Red Earth (#14, referenced in Rei's monologue) [Judaism, used to form the first human(s)]
  • Red Earth Purification Ceremony (#26', mentioned by Seele) [exact source unknown]


  • Sachiel (angel ep. #01 and #02) [means the covering of God, angel of money, finance, law, politics, and religion]
  • Sahaquiel (angel ep. #12) [means Ingenuity of God, Angel of the Sky, positive aspects of Wealth and Business, Charity and Dignity]
  • Sandalphon (angel ep. #10) [means co-brother, archangel in Judaism and Christianity]
  • Shamshel (angel ep. #03) [means sun of God, said to have taught men the songs of the sun during the days of Jared]
  • Sephirotic Tree of Life (OP; ceiling of Gendo's office; #25', layout of circular "pools" in Terminal Dogma, with Rei inside Malkhuth; #26', projected into sky by Eva Series) [In Kabbalah, the Tree of Life diagramatically representing the path to become one with God, also to reunite God with Shekinah]
  • Seven Eyes of YHWH (Seele's crest, Lilith's mask) [YHWH described with 7 eyes throughout Bible; is this in Judaism, as well?]
  • Shekinah (concept possibly encompassed by Giant Naked Rei) [Divine presence; in Kabbalah, female emanation of God and antithesis of Lilith]
  • Spear of Longinus (organic weapon) [Spear used by Longinus to confirm Jahshua's/Jesus' death]
  • Stigmata (#26', given to EVA-01 and Shinji - in the wrong place!) [Nail wounds on the wrists (or, inaccurately, palms) of Jesus]
  • Star of David (#19, Gendo's Desk) [Symbol of Judaism]
  • Styx Shaft (Section of Bethany Base in Eva 2.0) [Styx was the fifth circle of Hell in Dante's Inferno and in Greek mythology the river separating Earth from the Underworld]


  • Tabgha Base ( Tabgha, "seven springs," was a valley in nothern Israel mentioned many times in the Bible)
  • Three Wise Men (The MAGI Supercomputers: Balthasar, Caspar, Melchior)
  • Tree of Life (OP: diagram by Fludd; #26': fusion of EVA-01 and Spear) [Archetypal religious concept, found in Judaism and central to Kabbalah]
  • Trinity (Seele's crest, three triangles-within-a-triangle; #26', symbol formed by EVA-01 and harpies, only visible very briefly) [Christian concept of a tripartite god]




  • 12 Wings (OP: Sammael, EVA-01; #26': Lilith, EVA-01) [Number of wings possessed by Sammael/Satan]
  • Wheels of Fire (#23, Armisael) [Used to describe the choir of angels called ophanim]
  • Wings of Light (#12, Adam; EoE, EVA-01) [Used to describe angels in general]