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God (神, kami) is a frequently used term in the NGE universe, used broadly and often to mean more than one thing. It's usage is difficult to define, as well, since kami is both a concept unique to Shintoism and the Japanese translation of the Western term "G/god", which refers to a single being.

  • "Are humans something created by a god (kami-sama)? Are humans something created by humans?" - Rei, Episode 14
  • "Eva-01's the living embodiment of a god now, that's no good! We have no intention of reifying a god!" - Seele, Episode 21
  • "The Path to God, which no one has ever achieved..." - Gendo, Episode 21
  • "Humans found a god (kami-sama), and, in their joy, tried to make it theirs." - Ritsuko, Episode 23
  • "Gendo Ikari wants to attain the power of a god" - Seele, Episode 24'
  • "...join humans, G/god(s), and all living things in "death"" - Seele, Episode 25'
  • "Eva-01 has become something kinda like a god" - Fuyutsuki, Episode 26'

It also appears in the Classified Information a number of times. Its usages can be noted here, as well.

In relation to Judeo-Christianity, the term "God" refers to the deity Yahweh. The Evangelion canon utilizes Judeo-Christian stories often in context, such as the "Fruit of Life" and "Knowledge" as well as the presence of the "Angels". There are scores of references, but for the sake of condensing this subject, assume that most uses of the term "God" refer to this particular deity and should not be confused with other religions.

In Evangelion 3.0, Misato refers to the AAA Wunder as having the "power to kill gods". This is likely a reference back to Shintoism, an implication on the grounds that the plural use by a Japanese would most likely refer to Shintoism. This is further suggested in the case that the AAA Wunder is called a "symbol of hope" and that the preservation of culture is important to Wille. Whether or not Misato is a person of faith, it is not unlikely that this is the case. This implication, however, is largely exaggerated and is likely just a figure of speech.

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