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"This is... this is that giant?" "We, Gehirn, call that object, Adam. This is different."
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Image of the Magi display from Episode 25' during the hacking attack

The S.C. Magi System (マギ) are a trio of supercomputers designed by Dr. Naoko Akagi during her research into bio-computers while at Gehirn.[1] The Magi's 7th generation organic computers were implanted with three differing aspects of Dr. Naoko Akagi's personality using the Personality Transplant OS (Operating System). The same system is used to operate the Evangelions.[2] The Magi are used during episode #13 to connect the simulation bodies to the Evas in their cages and, presumably, the synch-tests when the pilots are not present in the actual Evas are also conducted through the Magi.

The three Magi run Nerv Headquarters and the municipal government of Tokyo-3 by majority decision.

The three original Magi in Nerv Headquarters collectively form the set Magi 01:

  • Magi-1: Melchior: Dr. Naoko Akagi as a scientist;
  • Magi-2: Balthasar: Dr. Naoko Akagi as a mother;
  • Magi-3: Casper: Dr. Naoko Akagi as a woman.

The other branches of Nerv also possess trios of Magi supercomputers:

  • Magi 02: Matsushiro, Japan
  • Magi 03: Berlin, Germany
  • Magi 04: Massachusetts, USA
  • Magi 05: Hamburg, Germany
  • Magi 06: Beijing, China

Nerv's 2nd Branch, located in the Nevada (USA) desert, may also have possessed a set of Magi supercomputers prior to the base's disappearance into a Sea of Dirac.

The Magi are the target of the Angel Ireul's attack during Episode 13.

In The End of Evangelion, Seele uses the five other sets of Magi listed above to attack Nerv Headquater's Magi system, in the hopes of taking over Nerv without a fight and thus ensuring they could capture the original Magi system without it being damaged. However, Ritsuko Akagi was able to erect a type-666 firewall in time to stop them, forcing Seele to order the JSSDF to mount a physical attack on Nerv. While Ritsuko set up the firewall, a special program was also installed which she later used in an attempt to self-destruct Nerv, along with Gendo, her true target. Casper, Naoko Akagi as a woman, rejected Ritsuko's order and so her decision to self-destruct Nerv was overruled by this.

The three Magi in the 1st Branch of Nerv are named after the three Wise Men of the East who visited the infant Jesus according to Gospel, as Fuyutsuki points out during Episode 21.


  • Ritsuko tells Misato in Episode 13 that the same Personality Imprint OS technology that the Magi use is also used in the Evangelions. However, during this time period Ritsuko is keeping it a secret from Misato that the Evangelions are actually controlled by interfacing with human souls that have been bonded to them. Whether a derivative of the Personality Imprint technology is actually used in the Evas, at least to some degree, or if Ritsuko was simply lying to keep the truth about the souls in the Evas from Misato, is not clear.