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Evangelion 3.33 FAQ

This is a compilation of frequently asked questions about the film Evangelion 3.0: You Can (Not) Redo. With any luck, it will assuage some of the confusion that watching this movie produces.

General Questions

What does "Q" mean?

The Q stands for "Quickening". In Japan, "Q" is also another way of writing the kanji 急 (kyū), which translates to approximately the same thing.

Fourteen years went by since Eva 2.0? Seriously?


(It is worth recalling that the original Evangelion was set 14 years after Second Impact.)

What has happened during the previous 14 years?

The specifics of events which have taken place, and in particular their timeline, are totally unknown. However, the fallout from a major cataclysm or cataclysms are shown in some detail, proving that major world changing events have taken place during a Third Impact of some kind. See Theory_and_Analysis:Third Impact (NTE).

Did the events of the preview from 2.0 happen during the timeskip?

Certain events fit into what is seen in 3.0. For example, "Eva-06 descends to Dogma" is something that must have occurred, as Mark.06 is located in Central Dogma as of 3.0. The quarantine of Nerv's staff by the UN is a development that fits what's seen in 3.0, but can be neither confirmed nor denied. Alternatively, "The quickening Eva-08 and its pilot(s)" appears to be a victim of the developmental process, and the ideas contained in that cut seem to be redistributed across Eva-13, Mark.06, and Eva-08.

What's going on during the beginning of the film? It's really confusing!

See Operation US.

What does that symbol in the title of Final mean?

The symbol in the title for Final is hypothesized to either be an end repeat symbol (:||) or an end (||). In traditional music, the end repeat icon symbolizes that one is to return to the beginning of the piece. If there has been a "Begin Repeat" icon (||:), then one returns to that instead. The end simply displays the stopping point in a piece of music. The title of the movies released have been in the format of XXX: X.XX. Because of the usage of a colon in the repeat symbol, it is unknown if the title is displaying a repeat or a bar.

Speculation: There are several theories on the interpretations of this symbol, regardless of whether it turns out to be a repeat or a bar. The first theory is that the symbol is a repeat sign, and that there is going to be yet another retelling of Neon Genesis Evangelion. The second interpretation is that it is still a repeat sign, but that we have already repeated once. In this case, the sign would mean, "It is time to stop." The third theory is that it is a bar, and that it simply means, "End of song," or End of Series. Of course, there is the possibility that it means absolutely nothing at all and that the title was chosen purely for aesthetic reasons.

Did Khara scrap production halfway through and start over? That would explain an awful lo--

Unless this is confirmed in an interview somewhere, it's just another Internet rumor. A 2010 illustration by Ikuto Yamashita [1], does imply certain concepts for 3.0 (the DSS choker, the Wunder, Mari and Asuka's friendship) were in development at that point. Some fans think the 2011 Sendai earthquake may have caused production changes, but nothing has yet been confirmed or denied by Studio khara.

Character Questions

What happened to Rei?

The Rei featured in this film is a different clone, whose full designation is "Tentative Name: Rei Ayanami".[1] The English fandom typically calls her "Rei Q", or "Kuronami" ("Kuro-" [black] + "Ayanami").

As for the Rei from the previous two movies (Rei 2): Misato claims that Rei no longer exists, and Ritsuko likewise says that Eva-01 had been thoroughly checked, with only Shinji and the SDAT turning up from within. However, according to Fuyutsuki's later infodump, the Rei that Shinji knew is "preserved" inside Eva-01 along with Yui, presumably within the core. Because Fuyutsuki's expose comes later, it is probably intended to take precedence.

Speculation: Due to the conflicting information -- i.e., the audience does not know who to believe -- there is abundant speculation that Rei 2 might we somewhere other than Eva-01's core. One hypothesis is that her essence was transferred into the SDAT player, unbeknownst to both Wille and Fuyutsuki.[Source needed] Another is that Fuyutsuki mislead Shinji for reasons unknown, and Rei's soul was transferred into Lilith's body and now resides in the disembodied head, hence explaining why the head has Rei's appearance.[Source needed]

There isn't a second Rei clone walking around? I swore I saw...

Elaboration: While bathing in LCL, Rei Q briefly sees another Rei standing outside the tank. A moment later, the other Rei is gone.

The sudden appearance and disappearance heavily implies that the other Rei was not "real" in a traditional sense, and is not meant to indicate the presence of another clone at Nerv HQ. The phenomenon could be related to the Rei that Shinji saw on the street in Eva 1.0.[Source needed]

Where's Kaji? Is he alive or dead?

There is no information either way. He is only mentioned once, via Koji Takao's line, "The captain's even more interesting than Kaji described."[2]

What about Shinji's classmates and Pen Pen? Are they alive or dead?

The status of most characters not appearing in the film is simply not provided. Shinji's classmates and Pen Pen, last seen during the 10th Angel attack, are frequently given low prospects by fans: whether they perished in the chaos of that Angel's assault, or possibly (...with probable exception of Pen Pen) were turned into red Evas later.[Source needed] The fate of Toji is rather ominously hinted at (see Toji's shirt) in the film. However, there is nothing concrete preventing some or all of these characters from returning in Final, either.

What is Asuka's nickname for Mari? What does it mean?

Asuka calls Mari kone megane, which means something like "glasses-wearing person with connections", and is a pun on hone megane ("horn-rimmed glasses"). The implication is that Mari got to be an Eva pilot not because of what she knows, but because of who she knows. The nickname does not translate well; different groups have attempted "Favored Four-eyes" and "Networking Four-eyes"[Source needed] , or given up altogether and simplified it to "Glasses"[2].

What is Mari singing during the space mission?

She is singing "Hitori ja nai no" (「ひとりじゃないの」, "I'm Not Alone"), a 1972 song by Mari Amachi (天地真理)[3].

Misato was cheering Shinji on in the last movie. Why's she so cold to him now?

At the end of Evangelion 2.0, Misato was cheering Shinji on and telling him to pursue his own desires... before she grasped the terrible consequences that would result. Once it was clear that Shinji's actions had triggered another Impact, and stirred Misato's own terrible memories of the Second ("Wings?! Just like fifteen years ago!"), her attitude visibly changed.

Misato has subsequently had to deal with fourteen years of fallout, and psychologically compensate for, perhaps, feeling partly responsible for it all (by way of being initially "complicit"). Furthermore, she now has a crew to captain, and she cannot show signs of sentiment or weakness. Shinji's status is essentially that of a war criminal; Misato cannot simply go back to treating him as her surrogate son.

Why can't Shinji synchronize with Eva-01 anymore?

Speculation: It's been suggested that the DSS Choker is responsible. This seems quite possible, given that two of its functions are, in order, "Synchronization Observation" and "Suppression Function" (i.e., suppression of sync?).

Another suggestion is that Rei 2's presence in Eva-01 is somehow interfering with synchronization.[Source needed] She is probably aware of the pain that piloting Eva-01 has brought Shinji, and this could be her way of sparing him future hardship, to the best of her ability.

Why do Asuka and Mari look the same after 14 years?

When Shinji observes that Asuka hasn't changed (except for the eyepatch), she vaguely attributes the cause to "the Curse of Eva". No further elaboration is provided. However, we might deduce that whatever this "curse" is, Mari is similarly affected by it.

Speculation: Eva pilots might be uniquely exposed to a phenomenon that causes their physical aging to stop. An early speculation forwarded that LCL exposure was somehow responsible.[4] This notion seems to hold that LCL, as the "soup of life", has special revitalizing properties. However, LCL exposure by no means has to be pilot-specific; indeed, if it's a veritable fountain of youth, why wouldn't everyone be bathing in it?

Another hypothesis proposes that the "curse" results from synchronizing with an Eva at a high plug depth.[Source needed] Of special note is that during two of the high plug depth incidents, Ritsuko warns that the pilots' humanity is at risk.[Source needed] Asuka achieved high plug depth when the 9th Angel took over Eva-03, and Mari, as well, when she activated Eva-02's Beast Mode. If this idea is correct, then Shinji will also be affected by the "curse", due to reaching the Great Beyond Depth in the battle against the 10th Angel. One's "humanity" being lost through the curse could also tie in to why Asuka refers to humans as "Lilin" and how she has the strength to crack reinforced glass, although there could also be another reason.

How did Shinji hear Rei's voice before Mark.09 broke through the hull?

Elaboration: Shinji hears Rei say, "Ikari-kun, where are you?" twice before Mark.09 breaks through the hull (and the same words are then repeated over loudspeakers). No one else gives any indication that they hear Rei, and the words have an internal monologue-esque echo.

Speculation: The echo along with the Wille crew's obliviousness suggests that the words are being projected directly into Shinji's head -- telepathy, if you will. However, it is unclear if the source is Rei Q, or if they are coming instead from Rei 2, wherever her presence continues to exist.

What's going on with Asuka's eye?

Elaboration: Asuka now wears an eyepatch over her left eye. We see something underneath -- possibly a still-intact eye -- glow blue through the fabric at two points in the film: after Shinji's escape from the Wunder and after Asuka activates Eva-02's Beast Mode. Furthermore, the eyepatch appears to be infused with angel-sealing hex glyphs.

Speculation: The blue, cross-shaped glow is highly reminiscent of the 9th Angel. The Angel was presumably killed by Eva-01, as evidenced by the fact that all visible traces on the plug turned into red fluid and a rainbow appeared, so it is unlikely that the Angel itself survives within Asuka. Ritsuko claims in 2.0, while Asuka is being kept in containment, that "all physiological traces of contamination have disappeared", but this is difficult to reconcile with the blue glow. The need for hex glyphs in the eyepatch directly implies that there is something in Asuka's eye that requires "containment". Possibly, the 9th Angel, prior to its death, intrinsically modified Asuka's makeup, such that the glowing eye represents a permanent physical change as opposed to some kind of "infection".

Ritsuko also stated in 2.0, "We cannot rule out the possibility of psychological contamination from the Angel", although it is unknown if this is related.

How did Shinji learn piano so fast?

Unclear. Shinji shows marked improvement during his first training session (which occurs in real time), going from poking at keys with one finger to being able to effectively duet with Kaworu.

Half-baked speculation: Kaworu used his Angel powers.

Proper speculation: The medium of film is not required to depict events in a 100% realistic manner. "Time compression" is a well-worn trope and probably all that is going on here.

Is it just me, or does something about Kaworu's "truth you desired" speech not add up?

Elaboration: Kaworu effectively tells Shinji that he is responsible for everything they see from atop New Nerv HQ. This seems to encompass not only Near Third Impact, but an undisclosed, proper Third Impact, as well. However, as far as we know, Shinji has been inert inside Eva-01 ever since he retrieved Rei and brought her into the entry plug, at the end of Eva 2.0. So, how can Shinji be responsible for everything that we're shown?

Speculation: The Spear of Cassius merely placed Eva-01 into suspension, as opposed to properly stopping the Impact. As a result, whenever the Spear of Cassius was removed, the Impact might have continued, developing into a full-on Third Impact. The chain of causation would ultimately lead back to Shinji's decision to save Rei from the 10th Angel, leaving him responsible, in his way, for everything that followed. It is also entirely possible that Kaworu intentionally contributes to Shinji's feelings of guilt in order to better position himself as the boy's personal messiah.

Why did Kaworu put on the DSS Choker?

Implicitly, it was to gain Shinji's trust. Explicitly, he said that it was to shoulder the risk of Eva-13 awakening -- in other words, telling Shinji that if something went wrong and the Eva awakened and one of them would have to die to prevent Fourth Impact, he would be the one to do so. (As things panned out, Kaworu's death did not stop the Impact, only disrupted Eva-13's levitation. The Gates of Guf didn't close until Shinji was ejected.)

On a symbolic level, Kaworu's choice injects some heavy-handed Jesus parallels. The DSS Choker is a symbol of Shinji's sin, and Kaworu taking it (and eventually dying as a result) is highly evocative of Jesus taking on the sins of all humanity.

What did Kaworu mean by "the time has come"?

Elaboration: After Fuyutsuki and Gendo bring Eva-13 out of storage, there's a scene of Kaworu playing the piano alone. His eyes are covered and he seems to be smirking as he says "The time has come. This is it, Shinji Ikari." We then cut to the scene of Kaworu convincing Shinji to pilot Eva-13.

Speculation: Kaworu is clearly following Gendo's (and Seele's?) orders to pilot Eva-13, but his expression is suspect. Brow shadows to hide emotions are nothing new in Eva, so perhaps Kaworu has his own motivations (whether they're good or bad intentions) in convincing Shinji to pilot? In 1.11's ending, Kaworu is smirking, while in 2.22's ending, he's visibly serious or angry. His expressions in private are quite a difference from his usual laid back appearance while in front of Shinji!

Why did Shinji agree to pilot Eva-13?

Most importantly, Kaworu removed the threat of death by taking the burden of the DSS Choker upon himself. But ultimately, Shinji decided to pilot because he found hope in Kaworu's plan to use the two Spears and restore the world. For Shinji, this represented a chance for redemption, to erase the hatred and fear other people had come to feel toward him, and, perhaps, to get back "his" Ayanami, as well.

What did Kaworu mean about Rei Q's soul?

On the most literal level, Kaworu's line means that 'the placement of [Rei's] soul differs from the usual condition'. This has been variously translated. The UTW-THORA subs provide the interpretation, "Her soul is somewhere else"[Source needed], while the github project translation attempts to be more vague and says, "Her soul is in the wrong place"[2].

Speculation: If the "usual place" for a soul to be is within one's body, then Kaworu's line could indicate that Rei Q's soul is somewhere other than her body. This could, further, explain why Rei Q could not be used for the double-wielding of the Spears, as Kaworu explains that two souls are required. Following this interpretation, it is unclear if Rei Q is altogether soulless, or if she is somehow "remotely linked" to Rei 2.

Why was Kaworu sitting in the entry plug doing nothing for so long?

Initially, he seems to be lost in thought, at the expense of all else. Eventually, however, he can be seen leaning forward and clutching his face, as if ill.

Speculation: Kaworu may have first become paralyzed by the realization that Gendo has outmaneuvered him. Later, when he is "cast down" to the Thirteenth Angel, he seems to be physically affected in some way. It is possible that the 1st-to-13th change has the initial side effect of making him physically ill and incapable of easily taking action. The exact details, however, are vague.

How did Shinji cut off Kaworu's controls?

Unclear. All Shinji did was pull back an induction lever, and the motions of the levers have no 1:1 correspondence to any action.

Speculation: This was a contingency placed into Shinji's entry plug by Gendo, with the expectation that Shinji would lose control of himself and desire to lock Kaworu out. The mechanism might be activated based on Shinji's emotional state, with the pulling of the lever merely being a red herring.[Source needed]

Also perhaps relevant is the fact that Shinji, in 2.0, was capable of locking Nerv out of the Eva's controls. Hence, what happened with Eva-13 might involve a contingency that is programmed into every Eva. The purpose of this would likely be for circumstances in which Nerv HQ is taken over by an enemy. Allowing the pilots to lock out HQ in an emergency would prevent a hypothetical enemy from being able to remotely shut down the Evas.

Why didn't Kaworu just use his Angel powers to get the controls back?

Since Kaworu eventually had Eva-13 skewer itself twice, it would seem that he was able to do just that. Why not sooner, though? This is possibly addressed a couple of questions up.

Why does Shinji pull the Spears?

Shinji's decision to pull the Spears, despite protestations from both friend and foe, is frequently considered an "idiot ball" moment. However, it makes sense in the context of the film and given human nature. Shinji had previously expressed his inability to believe in anyone or anything, and, while it seemed for a time that he might be able to believe in Kaworu, Kaworu's abrupt rescinding of the plan probably left Shinji feeling abandoned or betrayed in some way. Shinji's sole reason for piloting Eva-13 was the promise of making things right again, and having this promise suddenly taken away was too much. Frenzied by battle and desperate for redemption, Shinji ignored prudence and retrieved the Spears.

What does Kaworu's final speech mean?

Notably, these lines:

Even if your soul disappears, your hopes and curses remain in this world.

Your will roams the world as information and gradually changes.
In time, even your very self is altered.

Speculation: Kaworu seems to be discussing the "memetic afterlife" -- what happens to "you" in the world after your body and "soul" are gone. Everything that is "you" is reduced to information, and even though you can no longer take direct action, you continue to affect the world via the "hopes and curses" you have left behind. The concept of "you" continues to be shaped by the people who remain, possibly into something very different from who you originally were.

Did Misato end up using the DSS Choker after all?

Yes: Misato activates the choker when the Wunder is unable to pursue Eva-13 due to engine trouble, leaving her out of options. The choker is also set to Misato's personal passcode.

No: The choker automatically detects Awakenings and triggered itself, tying with the "Awakening Analysis Mode" function. It took so long to actually kill Kaworu because he used his powers to stall the detonation as long as possible. Furthermore, the laws of cinema dictate that any use of the device by Misato would have included an establishing shot -- which is notably absent.

Why does Mari tell Shinji to help Asuka? / Why is Asuka disappointed that Shinji didn't help her?

Elaboration: During Mari's speech to Shinji, she says, "Help the Princess out, at least!" Later, when Asuka comes to retrieve Shinji from his plug, she says, "You brat, Shinji. You didn't come to help me." These lines are considered enigmatic, because Shinji and Asuka are on opposing sides, and there's no particular reason why anyone should expect Shinji to help Asuka at this point.

Note that there is not a translation error. Both Mari and Asuka use the verb tasukeru, which means "help"/"save".

Speculation: It is possible that Asuka is referring to Shinji refusing to take action against Bardiel in 2.0, which may have indirectly lead to the loss of her left eye. She may also have been referring to her quarantine after the Bardiel battle. It is also possible that she is referring to Shinji not looking for her immediately after his entry plug landed, although since Shinji had no idea what happened to Asuka after Fourth Impact was averted, this is unlikely. Mari may also have been trying to tell Shinji to go and look for Asuka after ejecting, although she may have also been trying to encourage him to try and interact with Asuka, who had treated him coldly thus far.

What does the final shot of Kaworu (in his school uniform) mean?

Elaboration: The moment that Mari force-ejects Shinji from Eva-13, there is a shot of Kaworu in school uniform against a grey background, rapidly vanishing into the distance.

Speculation: The shot suggests that Kaworu still exists in some form inside Eva-13, and, by ejecting, Shinji is leaving him behind. Kaworu already told Shinji beforehand that they would meet again.

What happens to Mari after she ejects Shinji from Eva-13?

Eva-08 is shown crashing to the ground, arms still glowing. Later the Eva is shown wrapped up in bandages and being recovered by Wille alongside Eva-02. Since Mari did not eject her own entry plug, she was presumably recovered by Wille and is safely on board the Wunder at the end of film.

Why does Asuka save Shinji at the end? Why does she let Rei tag along?

Speculation: From an impersonal point of view, the Eva pilots are among Nerv's most important assets. Bringing them back to home base is thus, short of killing Shinji and Rei, the best way to keep them out of enemy hands.

From a personal one, Asuka still seems to have lingering sentiments toward Shinji, even if she now seems to regard him more as a bratty child than a potential love interest.

Did Rei pick up the SDAT player or not?

Unknown. There are two schools of opinion.

Yes: The SDAT player is a well-established symbolic player in the NTE film series, and it's quite unlikely that it would abandoned at this point. Furthermore, Rei Q picking up the device would tie into Shinji's earlier failed attempt to give it to her.

No: The SDAT is overwhelmingly associated with Rei 2's identity. Rei Q begins to establish her own identity the moment she decides to eject her entry plug from Mark.09. Her taking the SDAT would erase this progress, and just make her into another Rei 2.

Why does Asuka use the word "Lilin" at the end of the movie?

The term "Lilin" has traditionally been used by Kaworu to denote Homo sapiens as an "Other" -- in other words, something that he is not -- and accentuate his alienness. Asuka using it in the presence of the other pilots, thus, heavily suggests that she considers herself something other than human. Furthermore, that she uses it so casually in the presence of Shinji and Rei might suggest that one or both share a similar "non-Lilin" status.

Organization Questions

What is Wille? Why are they fighting Nerv?

As explained by Misato, Wille is an organization dedicated to the destruction of Nerv and its Evas.[5]

Speculation: Implicitly, Wille's greater goal is to prevent future Impact events. They take care to outfit Shinji with the DSS Choker, to prevent his involvement in future Eva Awakenings. When Ritsuko recognizes that Nerv are taking Shinji in priority over Eva-01, signifying his potential as a trigger, she urges Misato to activate the choker.[6] Furthermore, Misato states her intent to keep Fourth Impact in check when she has the Wunder attack Eva-13.[7]

How/when was Wille formed?

Speculation: It has been suggested that Mari and Kaji were in the process of forming an anti-Nerv agency during Eva 2.0. The original Eva Q preview also shows Nerv's staff being detained by the UN. If this event still takes place, it is possible that it is followed by a permanent breakaway from Nerv, and a possible fusion, in part or in whole, with the UN forces. Note that Wille have been able to secure a large ocean fleet, and that the color worn by nearly all crew is the same blue as the UN.

Why did Wille bring Shinji back from Eva-01?

Wille retrieved Eva-01 in order to use it to power the Wunder. Shinji's presence inside the unit is an undesirable x factor that, according to Ritsuko, is capable of bringing the Eva into an Awakened state. Hence, a Shinji-less Eva-01 is safer and more stable for Wille's purposes.

Why didn't Wille just kill Shinji if he's so dangerous?

The most obvious reason seems to be that Misato would not order it. Despite the urging of Ritsuko, she cannot bring herself to detonate the DSS Choker when he escapes with Rei (and it is left ambiguous if she ever activates it later).

Is Nerv currently comprised of just Gendo, Fuyutsuki, Rei, and Kaworu? How do its facilities operate?

The operational parts of the base appear to be largely automated. No other personnel are ever seen, though whether this is because they don't exist at all, or were simply omitted from the film to enhance Shinji's sense of isolation, is unknown. It is, similarly, unknown whether Nerv still possesses functioning Magi supercomputers.

Why has the Nerv logo changed?

Elaboration: Both of the Nerv logo variations seen in the previous films have been replaced by an unusual version featuring Tangram-like shapes and four hex glyphs. Close examination shows that this takes precedence over the original logos: the door that opens when Eva-13 is first being deployed has the new logo painted over an older one.

Speculation: The new logo is generally thought to distinguish "Neo-Nerv" -- Nerv in its current state -- from before it lost most of its personnel to Wille.

Did the UN storm Nerv between films?

Nerv HQ has sustained damage prior to Shinji's arrival there. An old Nerv logo is shown pitted with what look like bullet impact craters, and the old command center is also pitted and destroyed. Moreover, large sections of the base have apparently been flooded with Bakelite.

Whether the UN, Wille, Nerv itself, or some other agency is responsible for this damage is unknown.

Why are Seele and Gendo working together?

Speculation: Kaworu's presence at New Nerv HQ is the yoke forcing Gendo into ostensible compliance with Seele's demands.[8]

What's the deal with Seele? Who/what are they?

Gendo, addressing the group of monoliths, states that they had "changed the form of their souls" and "could have lived for an eternity", and, further, claims, "To advance the evolution of the flock burdened by death, you gave us the gift of civilization." During his speech, we see Fuyutsuki "shut off" the monoliths one by one, and they go from their usual core-like state to a dull gray color. This seems to tie into Gendo's line, "Let death return your souls to where they belong".[2]

It would thus seem that the core-like monoliths are Seele's actual physical vessels, apparently containing their souls, and the shutdown procedure "kills" the Seele members in preparation for -- they believe -- Instrumentality. It is unknown if Seele have been monoliths for the entire duration of the film series -- unlike in NGE, their human forms were never shown -- or if it is only a more recent development. Gendo's mysterious line about 'bestowing civilization', taken at face value, seems to imply that the Seele members are thousands of years old.

As the monoliths die, a residual image of a human brain is shown burnt into the remaining dead block. This may indicate that the monoliths are vessels for uploaded human consciousnesses.

Speculation: Perhaps the monoliths represent a mysterious form of ancient technology. If so, then it might be possible to explain how seven people have survived (in some form) for millennia. However, forging a complete explanation is sufficiently complicated that it's probably for the best that 3.0 does not address it at all.

What are Nerv's (Gendo's) goals?

In the film, we see that Gendo tricks Seele into mass suicide, removing them from the picture, and eliminates Kaworu through some form of trickery as well[9]. Eva-13's Awakening was also part of his plan. In terms of long term goals, Gendo says, "We will soon meet again, Yui"[2] while he has the case holding the Key of Nebuchadnezzar at his side. What he is ultimately planning, however, is a near unfathomable question at the moment.

Setting Questions

Is humanity mostly extinct, or what?

When Shinji asks what happened to everyone in Tokyo-3, Kaworu's answer begins with the statement, "Mass extinctions are not unusual on this planet."[2] This statement, combined with the seemingly desolate and barren setting of 3.0, has led many to think that humanity is mostly extinct as a result of Third Impact. However, we are not made privy to many locations aside from the Hakone area, which is ground zero of Third Impact and one would not expect to be bustling with human activity. Background dialogue during Wille scenes indicates that they are being supplied from the outside, and these provisions must come from somewhere. Human settlements are directly implied.

Ultimately, there is simply not enough information provided to determine humanity's status.

Where is Shinji when we first see him? What are those pillars?

What does "BM-03" mean?

Unknown. But the designation is shown on one of Shinji's feet, while "S.IKARI??" is written on his other foot. Misato and Ritsuko also express some doubt as to whether Shinji is in fact the original Shinji. BM-03 may have been Wille's temporary designation for an entity they were unsure was Shinji or not. Alternatively, BM-03 may be related to Shinji's status as the Third Child.

Speculation: There is a remote possibility that BM-03 is not in fact the real Shinji, or that he is not Wille's first attempt to remove Shinji from Eva-01.[Source needed] It's also been speculated that BM stands for "biomass" or "biological matter/material".[10]

What is the Wunder? An Eva? An Angel? What?

Wunder's true nature is currently unknown. As a large skeleton with technology built on top, it is highly reminiscent of the Third Angel, and is frequently speculated to be the 11th Angel. However, it is also, in principle, a giant Evangelion. Its overall profile is similar to a legless Evangelion, complete with pylons, and the bridge (beneath the bird-like head section) is even shaped like an Eva helmet. The crew is arranged on an array called the Hirnstamm Tower, reminiscent of the entry plug interior, which enters a giant "anchoring plug" that fills with LCL. The Wunder even bellows like an Evangelion.

Speculation: See here.

What's the big walled structure that Rei takes Shinji down into?

A ceiling-less "tomb" containing a section of the Geofront, specifically: the ruins of the Nerv HQ pyramid, along with its pool, filled with a red fluid or Bakelite. More here.

What's the big tank or "egg" that has "Eva-13" written on it?

It is a biomechanical "womb" used for the construction of Evangelion 13. Later in the film, we see the top cut open and membranes pulled aside, and the fully outfitted Eva pulled out of the steaming fluid within. The structure is nearly identical to the main engine of the AAA Wunder.

What's the large structure near Rei's "room"?

This is where Rei goes to soak in LCL, and was previously seen in Evangelion 2.0. According to the Evangelion 2.0 Complete Records Collection, the facility is known only as "Mysterious Underground Facility (Specialized for Rei Ayanami)"[11]. While the set-up resembles the Dummy Plug Plant from the original show, there is no evidence that Rei is connected to the dummy plugs in NTE. (In fact, all Rei references present at the storyboard phase of 2.0 were systematically eliminated for the final version.)

Speculation: Rei is frequently suspected of having an intrinsically unstable body. The facility could play some role in temporarily stabilizing her.[Source needed] The set-up might also take backups of Rei's knowledge, memories, etc., so that if one clone dies, the next one doesn't have to start over from scratch.[Source needed]

What the heck? Why is Nerv HQ and the Geofront and everything so messed up? Things weren't like this at the end of 2.0!

Indeed, they were not. Although Near Third Impact was stopped, it is heavily implied that another Impact event -- Third Impact proper -- began at some point, resulting in most if not all of the changes we see.

Now, to take things on one at a time...

What's that big spinning moon-thing that Kaworu shows Shinji?

The Moon. Firstly, it called 月 (tsuki, "Moon") in both script[12] and storyboard. Second, Rebuild of Evangelion 3.33 shows the work-in-progress cut of the object appearing from behind the clouds, and at one stage the Moon's features are unambiguously visible.[13]

So, then, why is it so close to Earth? Why does it have an atmosphere? What's with the red grid? Etc.

Speculation: There are no clear answers, but a great deal of speculation. An as-yet-undisclosed side effect of Third Impact may have altered the Moon's orbit around Earth and its surface, as well as giving it an atmosphere. The red grid may be somehow connected to Lilith, whose skin is seen flayed in a grid-like pattern at the end of the movie. It could also be related to the Nemesis Series, who are seen creating a grid-like cage on a much smaller scale. The grid on the Moon is, furthermore, extremely reminiscent of the Black Moon's destruction in EoE. The Black Moon was incised in a similar grid pattern, which was red as a result of the LCL contents bleeding out. It is unknown if this parallel is simply a visual callback, or if it implies that Earth's Moon in NTE also has an intrinsically unusual nature.

The Moon, additionally, has giant blood splotches on its near side that were not seen in previous films. Their origin is a complete mystery.

Why are the ruins of Tokyo-3 red?

They have been "turned to core"[12]. Precisely how, or what this implies, is unclear. It is thought by fans to be another effect of Third Impact.[Source needed]

What are the red Evas that are everywhere? (They are Evas, right?)

Yes, the script refers to them as "Evas".[12] They are headless copies of Eva-01 in armor[Source needed], apparently composed of the same "core" material forming the landscape. Kaworu refers to the ones lining the walls of the Main Shaft as "failures of infinity"[2], and this has been accepted as an umbrella term for all of them.

For more, see Failures of Infinity.

What's the deal with the pyramid on the pole?

The inverted pyramid in the sky is called New Nerv HQ.[12] The very top contains the partially entombed ruins of the old Nerv HQ pyramid along with its pool, now filled with red fluid (Bakelite?). The rest of the structure seems to hold many of Nerv HQ's old facilities; they can be matched to locations from the previous two films.

The giant pole is more mysterious, but it is possibly the majority of the Main Shaft, having been pulled -- with the Nerv facilities on top -- out of the earth and toward the sky.[Source needed]

What's with the tooth canyon? Or the giant eye?

Elaboration: During one of the pans of the landscape that Kaworu shows Shinji, a massive canyon framed by anatomically correct teeth and gums can be seen. Furthermore, the pole that holds New Nerv HQ is emerging from the center of what looks like a massive blue iris. There does not appear to be a second "eye". (EoE's rendition of Third Impact only contained a single eye -- in the form of an eye-shaped explosion -- as well, but it's unknown if this ties into 3.33 in any manner.)

These changes to the landscape are a complete and utter mystery.

Speculation: In 1.11, there is a large chamber at Level EEE full of massive, neuron-like structures. Hence, the Black Moon might contain a "brain", making it a "skull" of sorts, and the eye and teeth on the surface furnish it with a "face". Could the face be part of the Black Moon itself? While this idea is evocative, the top portion of the Black Moon appears to have no such features once fully exposed.

What are those weird symbols in the new Nerv logo?

Angel-Sealing Hex Glyphs. It has not been determined what the glyphs in the logo mean.

Why does Nerv have one of Toji's shirts?

Elaboration: While Shinji is brushing his teeth, he notices that his empty food tray is replaced by a fresh shirt. When he puts it on, he comments that it's bigger than the usual fare. He then sees a nametag stitched to the shirt's inside, reading "Toji Suzuhara".

Speculation: Toji may have become the pilot of one of the now-missing Evas during the timeskip.[Source needed]

Who (besides Yui and Shinji) is pictured in Fuyutsuki's photo?

The two men resemble no characters that we know. (No -- not even Gendo or Fuyutsuki!) However, the second woman bears a close resemblance to Mari, and could be her mother. If Mari's parents were familiar with Shinji's, this could explain why Mari refers to Gendo as "Gendo-kun" (the -kun suffix here implying a familiarity, e.g. they were part of the same social circle).

Many fans have also gotten "Asuka vibes" from the woman.[Source needed] While there is less evidence supporting the notion that this is Kyoko, or her NTE equivalent, it could still turn out that Mari and Asuka have some kind of familial relation that has yet to be revealed.

Speaking of that photo... can anyone make out the text on the back?

In fact, someone did! The text reads, 第3新東京市 人工進化研究所 EVA本体棟にて, translating to, "Tokyo-3, Artificial Evolution Laboratory, Inside Eva Main Control Building".[14][15]

What's the big crucifix thingy that Fuyutsuki shows Shinji?

According to Fuyutsuki, it is a "very early prototype of the Eva control system"[2]. "Control system", here, is the same term he uses to describe what Yui becomes.

What's the deal with the huge Rei (...Yui?) head?

The head belongs to Lilith. This is demonstrated by the fact that Lilith corpse is missing its head, and that the giant Rei head explodes into LCL at the same time as Lilith's headless body. Furthermore, the Rei head is missing the eyes. Close observation of Lilith's mask in previous films shows that giant bolts are bored into the eyes -- hence, the eyes would be missing if the mask ever came off!

We know from the script that the head is shaped after Rei, rather than Yui.[12]

What are the symbols on Shinji and Kaworu's plugsuits?

Shinji is lowercase "alpha" (α), while Kaworu is capital "alpha" (A).

What are the skulls littering Lilith's chamber?

Speculation: Because the Failures of Infinity are all missing heads, it seems likely that the skulls were attached to them at one point.[Source needed] How they ended up in giant piles in Lilith's chamber is another matter entirely, though... Lilith's cross is lying on top of the skulls, and Lilith itself is crawling on a pile of them, suggesting that the skulls were in place prior to events involving Lilith.

What's the big corkscrew/mushroom/whatever that comes out of the ground?

The Black Moon.[12] It is probably meant to resemble the Holy Grail[16] more than a corkscrew or mushroom.

What's the object inside the Door of Guf?

Little can be said about it, except that it is vaguely moon-like and is framed by six long tesseracts.

Speculation: Since the object lies beyond the Door of Guf, it is possible that it visually represents the Chamber of Guf.[Source needed]

Where the heck are Gendo and Fuyutsuki at the end?

Their last seen location closely resembles the bridge of the Wunder.

Speculation: It is possible that they have a flying ship of their own. It has been proposed that the entirety of New Nerv HQ is such a ship, and that it mobilized after Eva-13 began to fall, explaining the complete absence of New Nerv HQ from the final shots of the post-Fourth Impact landscape.[Source needed] It has also been hypothesized that New Nerv HQ has been inducted into the space beyond the Door of Guf, due to the fact that the bridge's monitors are active, but displaying nothing but darkness.[17]

What's the L Barrier that Asuka refers to?

Elaboration: Near the end of the film, Asuka says, "The L Barrier density is too high here, so they won't be able to come for us. We'll go someplace where the Lilin can pick us up."[2]

Speculation: With "L Barrier", Asuka seems to be referring to something that prevents the Wille crew from retrieving her. The "L" likely stands for "Lilin".

It is unclear what the range and effects of this barrier are, as the Wunder and its crew are able to enter the vicinity of New Nerv HQ without apparent ill effect.

Impact Questions

Is there a difference between "Near Third Impact" and "Third Impact"? Did a separate thing called "Third Impact" ever happen?

Kaworu's expositional dialogue to Shinji superficially seems to treat the two terms as synonyms: "Ikari Shinji-kun, once Awakened, Eva-01 opened the Door of Guf and became the trigger for Third Impact. Lilin call it Near Third Impact."[2] In other words: "Something called Third Impact happened, and the Lilin decide to put a 'Near' in front for some reason."

However, the film visually establishes innumerable developments that could only have occurred after Eva-01 was frozen by the Spear of Cassius at the end of 2.0, very heavily suggesting that Third Impact eventually did continue. Kaworu's words, therefore, might indicate that Eva-01's Near Third Impact was the initial trigger for the Third Impact that followed.

Which Impact happens during the final sequence of the movie?


What triggered Fourth Impact, exactly?

The Awakening of Eva-13. This seems to have resulted from a combination of Kaworu's "demotion" to Thirteen Angel (Eva-13 starts to go out of control and grow "wings" at that point) and Eva-13's consumption of the Twelfth Angel.

What would have happened if Kaworu's plan with the Spears had worked?

Unknown. We are told only that, by using them, "it becomes possible to fix the world".

Speculation: Fuyutsuki tells Shinji that rebuilding the world is not easy, and that neither the world nor time can simply be reversed. Accordingly, the two Spears may not have provided a magical quick fix, only enabled the long, slow process of rebuilding. This might be accomplished if Kaworu's plan returned the red earth and oceans to normal; this would not bring back everything that's been lost, but it would give those who are still alive a viable future.

Is Instrumentality different here than it was in the show?

Kaworu refers to the Instrumentality Project as a process by which "Old life is offered in sacrifice, so that new beings blessed with the Fruit of Life may be created."[2] The implication may be that individual humans are uplifted into physical gods through death and rebirth. This is a stark contrast from the original vision of Instrumentality, wherein physical bodies were discarded altogether and humanity's souls forced into a collective existence.

Eva/Angel Questions

Where the heck is Eva-01 in this movie?

Eva-01 starts off sealed inside a tesseract-shaped satellite in low earth orbit. After Wille recovers the unit, they use it as the power core of the AAA Wunder, where it stays for the rest of the film.

Why wasn't Eva-02 repaired from the 10th Angel fight?

Elaboration: Against the 10th Angel, Eva-02 lost its left arm and a large section of the right cranium. In Eva 3.0, we can see that the left arm was never reattached, and the Eva is instead utilizing exchangeable prostheses. Furthermore, the right side of the head appears to be outfitted with a bulky prosthesis.

Speculation: Following the 10th Angel's attack, Nerv might not have been in the proper state of organization to conduct repairs on Eva-02, leaving it combat-incapable. Wille's possession of Eva-02 indicates that the unit was, at some point, stolen -- apparently before Nerv got around to making repairs. Furthermore, we might deduce that Wille lacks the resources to repair Evangelions to the extent that Nerv was able. Lastly, it's been suggested that Asuka ultimately did not want the Eva to undergo proper repairs, perhaps evidenced by the flexibility the interchangeable left arm brings.

What are the things that attack Eva-02 in space? Some kind of Angel?

Nope. They're Evangelion Mark.04.

What about the things that attack the Wunder (Nemesis Series)? Are they Angels?

No, they're also Evangelion Mark.04.

What is Eva-02 doing to the Wunder's main engine?

It bores through the protective metal lid with a heat lance to gain access to the "core-like structure" inside, then inserts the igniter. The reaction causes Eva-02's synthetic arm to "turn to core", which is why Asuka jettisons the limb.

What does the phrase "Adams' Vessel" mean?

Elaboration: Mari determines that Mark.09 is an "Adams' Vessel" as a result of it being able to function without a head. Wille refer to Mark.09 persistently as "Adams' Vessel" for the remainder of the film. The original phrase is アダムスの器 (Adamusu no utsuwa), with utsuwa meaning "vessel" or "container" (i.e., for a soul).

Speculation: In and of itself, the phrase "Adams' Vessel" suggests that Mark.09 might have the body (physical vessel) of an Adams, but lack the soul that would make the Adams more than a mere vessel.[Source needed] This interpretation becomes problematic, however, considering Eva-13, who apparently has no A.T. Field -- hence, no soul? -- but is called a "surviving Adams" instead of "Adams' Vessel".

How are we at Eva-13 already? Aren't a bunch of units missing?

Indeed -- 07, 10, 11, and 12, to be precise.

What happened to them is unknown. It is speculated that they came and went during the 14-year timeskip.[Source needed]

What happened to Lilith?

Elaboration: Lilith as last seen in 2.0 was on its cross, with mask in place, legless, and approximately Eva-sized. In 3.0, Lilith is off the cross, crawling on the ground and reaching for something. It has swollen to dozens of times its original size. The head is missing (in fact, is now Rei-shaped and located in the ruins of the Command Center) and a giant white Mark.06 is fused at the hips with the neck stump. The legs are partially regenerated, but all limbs except the right arm terminate in thin spaghetti-like tendrils. Lilith is heavily damaged, the entire surface of the skin flayed in a grid pattern, with exposed ribs, and it has been eviscerated. Kaworu refers to Lilith as a "corpse".

Speculation: Lilith had presumably been awakened, and, similarly to EoE, it came down off its cross, dropped its mask, and began to increase in size. The exact events that occurred after this, and their order, is vague, however. A fallen VTOL and other ruined aircraft sighted in Lilith's chamber imply that the JSSDF launched an attack against Lilith, resulting in some of the damage seen. How Lilith was eventually "killed" is unclear.

Who decapitated Lilith, and how its head ended up in the Command Center, is unknown. Because Mark.06 is fused with the neck stub, it is frequently suggested as a culprit for the beheading. As for the head's location, it has been suggested that Lilith was "phasing" through the walls a la EoE, and its head was passing through the Command Center when it was removed. However, Lilith would not have been large enough to bridge between Central Dogma and the Command Center, so for this phasing idea to hold water, the beheading would need to have forced Lilith to "snap back" to Central Dogma or something. Alternatively, Lilith was decapitated in Central Dogma, and its head was moved for some reason. The Failures of Infinity clustered around the head may have transported it somehow. Otherwise, we know that Nerv has the capability to move very large objects, whether employing Evas, machinery, or both.

Why is Mark.06 huge and white?

Speculation: Mark.06 merged with Lilith while Lilith was in the process of swelling. The merger caused Mark.06 to turn white like Lilith and swell along with it.

Eva-13 doesn't have an A.T. Field? Buh?

Elaboration: Eva-13 appears to rely on the RS Hopper drones for A.T. Field generation. When shot with Anti-ATF rounds, the ammo is absorbed into the armor[12], leading Mari to conclude that Eva-13 has no A.T. Field[18].

The exact meaning of this -- or why, indeed, an Eva without an A.T. Field would ever be created at all! -- is unclear.

Speculation: It has been suggested that Eva-13 possesses something "better" than an A.T. Field yet to be revealed. If this is so, however, then the RS Hoppers seem to be an unnecessary flourish. Following Mari's conclusion that EVA-13 is one of the surviving Adams, it's also possible that lacking an A.T. Field is characteristic of Evangelions made from a repurposed Adam.

Why did Lilith burst into LCL (?) when the Spears were removed?

Speculation: The Spears were somehow holding Lilith's corpse in stasis and preventing it from undergoing the phenomenon that happens to other Angels when they die.

(And yes, according to the script, Lilith does turn into LCL.)[12]

What is the 12th Angel? Is it Mark.06, or that giant red blob, or...?

The 12th Angel had been trapped inside Mark.06 and is freed when the unit is decapitated by Mark.09's scythe. See also Twelfth Angel.

So... what happened to the 11th Angel?

The 11th Angel is never mentioned. However, because Mari calls the 12th Angel the "last Angel", it is implied that the 11th was previously dealt with.

Speculation: AAA Wunder has been surmised to be the 11th Angel, with Mark.09 being its disembodied core. However, this theory does not take the above-mentioned implication into account.

Kaworu was "cast down from 1st to 13th"? What does that even mean?

Unclear. However, it seems to have been something schemed by Gendo with the intention of eliminating Kaworu.

What does Mari mean when she tells Rei that she'll become the/a Adams' Vessel?

Did Mari mean that Rei would become one with Mark.09 if she didn't leave, or that she would somehow become an "Adams' Vessel" herself? If the former, why not be more clear and say "merge with" instead? Mari's line is the very epitome of vague.

What's the connection between Mark.09 and the Wunder?

Ritsuko says that Mark.09 is "Wunder's true master" and that "It intends to take the ship's controls back from Eva-01".[2]. Furthermore, the bridge of the Wunder closely resembles Mark.09's regrown head.

Speculation: One idea holds that Mark.09, as a "full body core", is actually the Wunder's original core. Another holds that the Wunder had previously been a transport vessel for Adams, and Mark.09 is its former "pilot". If the idea of Wunder as an "ark for Adams" is true, this could explain why Wille require Eva-01 to serve as the control system (in addition to the power source), instead of controlling the ship in a more direct manner.

Why doesn't a rainbow appear at Kaworu's death?

Speculation: (A) He is not completely dead. One hypothesis holds that his soul migrated into Eva-13's core. (B) If the rainbows signify that part of the covenant with Lilith has been fulfilled (itself speculation), then the lack of a rainbow for Kaworu could be because his very manifestation as the 13th was an anomaly -- not part of the covenant.

What happens to Eva-13?

Eva-13 impales itself twice -- seemingly in the core -- with the Spears of Longinus. This seems to weaken the unit, but does not disable it completely, let alone kill it. After Shinji is ejected by Mari, we see Eva-13 revert to its normal purple color, and then fall to the ground. What happens after that is a mystery until Final!

How the heck can Eva Unit 8+2 be half 08 and half 02?

Elaboration: Wille recovered a nearly intact Eva-08 -- only the arms show signs of damage. Eva-02, alternatively, is reduced to a crushed head and partial torso, with no limbs remaining. The "combined" Eva Unit 8+2 from the end-movie preview has the appearance of being half Eva-02 (on the left) and half Eva-08 (on the right).

Speculation: Judging from the recovered units, 8+2 being literally half and half seems unlikely. In-universe, it seems likely that 8+2 is primarily Eva-08, integrated with some key components recovered from Eva-02's remains. The armor would thus be a homage to the fallen Eva-02, rather than a direct reflection of its contributions.

Out-of-universe, 8+2 is a homage to NGE's episode 09, "Both of You, Dance Like You Want to Win!", wherein the "synchronized" Evas 01 and 02 are briefly shown, through split screen, as being one half-and-half Eva.

What are the gray/green Mark.06s in the preview?

Speculation: One idea is that they are revived Failures of Infinity. However, the preview Evas are clearly Mark.06 copies, whereas the Failures are Eva-01 copies, leaving this notion unlikely. They are mostly likely mass-produced Evas that Gendo has been manufacturing at New Nerv HQ. This is evidenced by a brief shot of countless hanging arms and hands in some kind of processing facility. Furthermore, they wield armaments, which would need to have been supplied by humans.

Weapon Questions

What's the Spear of Cassius?

See Spear of Cassius.

Is Eva-02 wielding the Spear of Cassius during the Wunder activation procedure?

No. While it looks similar, it is just a tool called a "heat lance".[12]

What happened to the Spear of Cassius?

Elaboration: Kaworu expected to find two different kinds of Spears in Central Dogma -- one Longinus-type, and one Cassius-type -- but instead found two Spears of Longinus.

Kaworu comments, "Both Spears have morphed into the same shape."[2] This suggests that, by his thinking, the Spear of Cassius had been there, but something occurred that caused it to change into a Spear of Longinus. What, exactly, is an unknown.

Speculation: Kaworu's line is frequently disregarded, with many fans believing instead that Gendo must have had Rei swap Spears under Kaworu's nose.[Source needed] It is unclear how this would have even been possible, given the massive lid on Central Dogma that Eva-13 was specifically "designed to break through", but we can't exclude the possibility of a "secret entrance" into Lilith's lair...

What are the flying drones used by Eva-13?

See RS Hoppers.

What weapon is Eva-8+2 using against the Mark.06 copies?

The Magoroku Exterminate Sword (Anima redesign), or Magorox for short.

See also

Theory and Analysis:Kaworu in Eva 3.0


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