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Operation US is the name given to the mission to retrieve Evangelion Unit-01 from outer space in the beginning of Evangelion 3.0. The operation was orchestrated by Wille.

Eva-02' securing the tesseract

Operation Summary

The goal of Operation US was to retrieve a cross-shaped satellite that it had been launched into outer space, with Eva-01 inside of it. Evangelion Unit-02', having been partially repaired, was launched connected to a massive booster array with Asuka as its pilot. Evangelion Unit-08 was also sortied, piloted by Mari but was unable to gain sufficient enough altitude to do anything other than play a support role for Unit-02. After a successful launch for Unit-02', the tesseract was acquired as a target. At this point Unit-02' was attacked by the Code 4A of the Nemesis Series. Unit-08 was able to snipe and destroy the units while Asuka secured the satellite. At this point, the Code 4B of the Nemesis Series was revealed to have been hiding on the tesseract, just as Unit-08 is forced to retreat. The Code 4B engaged Unit-02' with Field Reflection Coatings, and succeeded in removing one of the arms of Unit-02. Overwhelmed by the Code 4B, Asuka pleaded for Shinji to do something. Unit-01 unexpectedly awoke inside the satellite, and used a beam from its eyes to destroy the Code 4B.

Evangelion Sorties

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  • The satellite itself is often referred to as a "tesseract". However, a tesseract is a four dimensional cube, whereas the satellite itself resembles only a three dimensional cuboid net of such an object.
  • The beam attack that Unit-01 used to destroy the Code 4B was the same attack that was used on Zeruel in 2.22.
  • The which plays during the first part of the operation is a reprisal of "Decisive Battle" from the original Neon Genesis Evangelion series.
  • The track "God's Message"[1] which plays during the second part of the operation is also a reprisal of the track "Light of Babel"[2] from the Gainax series Nadia: Secret of Blue Water.
    • Several other tracks from the movie are featured in Nadia, such as the music track "The Anthem".
  • The song that Mari sings at the beginning of the operation is "Hitori ja nai no" (「ひとりじゃないの」, "I'm Not Alone"), a 1972 song by Mari Amachi (天地真理).


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