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Evangelion Unit-02
Eva2-22 C1497 crop.jpg
Model Type Production Model
Nation of Origin Germany (E.U.)
Affiliation Nerv (2.0)
Wille (3.0 onward)
Pilot(s) Asuka Shikinami Langley
Mari Makinami Illustrious (against 10th Angel)
Unique Properties Beast Mode-Capable
Upgrades/Variants Unit-02', New Unit-02
Debut Eva:2.0
Status Destroyed by Eva-13, then erased by Instrumentality

Evangelion Unit-02 (エヴァンゲリオン2号機, Evangerion Nigouki) is a Production Model that debuts in Evangelion 2.0: You Can (Not) Advance, with designated pilot Asuka Shikinami Langley. It uniquely possesses Beast Mode capability, and its appearance further changes from film to film due to several remodelings.


Notable alterations include the addition of a crescent-shaped piece of armor to the Eva's forehead, forming two small horns on top of its helmet. The Evangelion 2.0 Complete Records Collection presents early sketches of the redesigned head from Ikuto Yamashita, Takeshi Honda (who also animated the placeholder horn designs in the preview at the end of 1.0) and Hideaki Anno. The nearly final design is also sketched out by Takeshi Honda and the notes state "Shape of the horns has hints of (Space Battleship) Yamato's bow." (ツノのかたちは(宇宙戦艦)ヤマトのアレをヒントにしました。)[1]. Alterations to the color palette include the darker shade of red, the white "waistband", white lower arms, and black pylons. Four additional nostril holes have been added in front of the eyes. Its blood has been changed from blue to red as well.

Eva-02 is equipped with a new progressive knife design and is capable of deploying two knives simultaneously. As in the original show, it can be outfitted with additional equipment types, such as the new Aerial Recon S-Type Equipment, which resembles a jet pack and enables the defeat of the 7th Angel. The Eva also possesses the Beast Mode function, activated by Mari Makinami Illustrious during combat against the 10th Angel.

Eva-02 is in a heavily damaged state as of the end of 2.0.

Eva-02 returns in Evangelion 3.0, as the upgraded Eva-02'.[2] It gets a new set of armor plating and metal prosthesis over the destroyed side of its head. After it loses its arm trying to install Eva-01 as the power source on the Wunder, the Eva is upgraded further and given another new armor configuration, complete with a prosthetic arm that transforms into a three-barrel gatling gun.

Operational History


In Evangelion 3.0, the unit receives substantial upgrades, and is referred to as Eva-02' or Eva-02 Improved. Its Japanese name, 弐号機, means "upgraded" Unit-02.

Eva-02' is outfitted with Wille armor, allowing it to recharge in the field using Spare Batteries. Half of the Unit's cranium has been replaced by a bare metal covering. The Eva's left arm is gone, and can be replaced with completely mechanical replacements, including a standard arm and a gun-arm. The Eva's previous Beast mode has also been replaced with a "777" Beast mode, which is apparently more powerful. Unlike the original Beast mode, the 777 mode has very pronounced feline features, such as paws and a tail.

New Eva-02

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Lantern artwork by Anno

Although Eva-02' was self-destructed in order to take down Evangelion Mark.09, most of its neck and torso along with a partial skull were recovered by Wille. With the success of the Paris Assault Mission, Wille gained access to spare Eva parts which, according to Mari, will be used to completely restore Eva-02[3]. A design for the reborn Eva-02, called New Eva-02 (新2号機, Shin Nigouki), was revealed at the August 2017 Bonbori Matsuri.

Evangelion Unit-02
Eva-02's altered design as unveiled in Newtype.
Full-body image of Eva-02 (along with other 2.0 Evas).
Progressive knife.
Revoltech model showing the S-Type Equipment.
Eva-02 being air-dropped.
S-Type Equipment in use.
Cooperating with Eva-00 to defeat 8th Angel.
Beast Mode.
Nearly final design sketch by Takeshi Honda and comments about the "hints of the Yamato bow"


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  3. Evangelion: 3.0+1.0, Avant 1, Operation 0706 Ver. English subtitles. Translated by Maryno_penguin, Reichu, et al.

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