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"Excusez-Moi, Eiffel!"

The Paris Assault Mission (パリかちこみ作戦, Pari Kachikomi Sakusen)[1] is a maneuver carried out by Wille in Paris, France, at the beginning of Evangelion: 3.0+1.0.

An undisclosed period of time after Fourth Impact has concluded, the AAA Wunder arrives at the middle of the city, which, much like the outskirts of former Tokyo-3, has been converted into core material. Mari in Eva-08 (Improvised Combat Configuration), along with a landing team in a DSRV[2] -- comprised of Ritsuko, Maya, and three of Maya's male subordinates --, descend to the top of a mysterious black pillar. Ritsuko acts as a look-out while Maya and her men connect to the black pillar via laptop into order to resume the activation of an "Anti-L System" -- picking up the process at a point where a previous team, comprised of Europeans, had apparently died.[3]

Large numbers of a never-before-seen Eva type, the aerial 44As, appear in two waves, and Mari holds them off, assisted by Helmswoman Sumire Nagara utilizing the Wunder's intricate "cable flight" capabilities. Once these Evas have all been defeated, two more new enemy Eva types appear from behind a camouflage cocoon: a 4444C unit with a positron cannon and the small army of generator-equipped Eva 44Bs that supply power to it. Cable-suspended Iowa class battleships equipped with ESVs are used to block the first shot, but Mari must take drastic measures to prevent the cannon from going off a second time. With Nagara's assist, Eva-08 charges the 4444C with the felled Eiffel Tower and, at the cost of Eva-08's legs, is able to twist the tower down the 4444C's gun barrel, resulting in the destruction of both it and the 44Bs.

Maya and the others successfully activate the pillar, which was actually a giant version of the sealing pillars seen in the two previous films. A radius of effect is created that pushes back the core-conversion, restoring part of the city at least temporarily. A large collection of E.U. Nerv storage lockers emerges from underground, filled with Eva spare parts and munitions, along with components for what appears to be an upgraded model of Jet Alone. Two more teams come down in suspended warships to collect the spoils of war. We're told that, as a result of the successful operation, Eva-02 will be fully repaired and Eva-08 will be modified for "Overlap" compatibility[4].

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References & Notes

  1. Obtained by deduction and used here on a tentative basis for ease of reference. At the start of the Eva:3.0+1.0 Avant 1, Aoba refers to a "Paris Assault fleet" (パリかちこみ艦隊). Maya's laptop screen designates her group the "Mission Assault Team" in English. Putting both together, the probable name of the operation is "Paris Assault Mission", or パリかちこみ作戦 in Japanese.
  2. In real life, the acronym expands to "Deep Submergence Rescue Vehicle".
  3. The note left in French by Wille's "predecessors" reads, translated, "I leave it to you". In response to it, Maya places her hands together in prayer and says, "We will uphold your wish to save the city" -- strongly implying that whoever left the note had died in the unfinished attempt to decrypt the Anti-L System.
  4. Evangelion: 3.0+1.0, Avant 1, Operation 0706 Ver. English subtitles. Translated by Maryno_penguin, Reichu, et al.