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The L Barrier (L結界, L kekkai), also known as the L Containment Field, is a mysterious phenomenon in the New Theatrical Edition continuity, first introduced in Evangelion 3.0.

Very little about it is currently known. It appears to be generated by, or otherwise associated with, core-converted land. The environment within the L Barrier requires that Lilin take precautions, such as shielding themselves with Anti-L Hazmat Suits (対L結界防護服, tai-L kekkai bougofuku); however, metahumans such as pilots and Evas experience seemingly no ill effects from exposure. Inside the L Barrier, normal matter is corroded into core at a predictable rate, starting from the point of contact and creeping upward. L Barrier effects can be reversed at least temporarily by activating an Anti-L System, wherein at least one active sealing pillar generates a field of effect that seems to "hold back" the L Barrier.

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