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"Making something... Nurturing something is really great. You can see and learn so many things from the process."
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Title Sore o Nasumono
Neon Genesis Evangelion Concept Design Works
Author Ikuto Yamashita, Seiji Kio
Original Publication Date 1998.3.25
Publisher Kadokawa Shouten
Pages 144
ISBN 4-04-852908-0

Sore o Nasumono: Neon Genesis Evangelion Concept Design Works (roughly, "Those Who Made That") is a collection of concept art by Ikuto Yamashita and Seiji Kio, published in 1998. It contains conceptual designs and commentary of the Evangelions, the Command Center, the Geofront, Tokyo-3, among others (including some non-production illustrations).

Samplings of an unused TV series ending and movie scenario by Yamashita are also included.

Example of Yamashita's collected work

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Sore o Nasumono (Translation)

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