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Image Name Age Seiyū Description
Shinji Ikari Shinji Ikari

碇 シンジ

14 Megumi Ogata The central protagonist of Evangelion, and the main pilot of Evangelion Unit-01. Defeating the Angel's and saving the world are the least of Shinji's worries as he struggles to overcome his own inner demons.
Misato Katsuragi Misato Katsuragi

葛城 ミサト

29 Kotono Mitsuishi Nerv's Chief of Tactical Operations and Shinji's self appointed guardian. Misato weighs her private concerns against her professional duty as she works to defeat the Angels and discover the secrets behind Second Impact and Tokyo-3.
Rei Ayanami Rei Ayanami


14 Megumi Hayashibara The First Child and Pilot of Evangelion Unit-00. Rei's quiet speech and ethereal appearance belie her greater nature, and purpose. Her connections to Shinji, Unit-01, and Commander Ikari are deeper and darker than they seem.
Asuka Langley Soryu Asuka Langley Soryu


14 Yuko Miyamura The Second Child and Pilot of Evangelion Unit-02. Nerv's highly trained pilot ace, she is none too pleased at being upstaged by Shinji, but is still drawn to him despite herself. Her independent and hot-tempered personality masks some old and painful wounds. Her rebuild counterpart Asuka Shikinami Langley is treated as a separate character below.
Asuka Shikinami Langley Asuka Shikinami Langley


14(?), 28 (chronologically?) in Eva 3.0 Yuko Miyamura The Second Girl, "Captain of the European Air Force" and Pilot of Evangelion Unit-02 in Eva 2.0. While adapted from Asuka Langley Soryu of the original series, her Japanese surname is different, and her characterization diverges in highly significant ways over the course of the New Theatrical Edition movies.
Ritsuko Akagi Ritsuko Akagi

赤木 リツコ

30 Yuriko Yamaguchi The Head of Project E and Nerv's chief scientist, Dr Akagi employs the world's most advanced technology to keep the Evangelions' enormous power restrained; barely. Ritsuko is Misato's oldest and closest friend, but she is deeper in the Commander's confidences—and more besides.
Gendo Ikari Gendo Ikari

碇 ゲンドウ

48 Fumihiko Tachiki Commander of Nerv and Shinji's estranged father. Gendo Ikari has been given extra-legal authority by the UN to defeat the Angels by any means neccessary; and he has yet more powerful benefactors with their own, darker goals in mind. But it is his own, personal goal of reuniting with Yui which he will stop at nothing to achieve.
Ryoji Kaji Ryoji Kaji

加持 リョウジ

30 Koichi Yamadera Tokyo-3's most dashing triple agent, and an old flame of Misato. Kaji runs a dangerous game of lies, playing Nerv, Seele and the Japanese Intelligence Ministry against each other; and all while trying to discover the real truth for himself.
Kozo Fuyutsuki Kozo Fuyutsuki

冬月 コウゾウ

60 Motomu Kiyokawa Vice Commander of Nerv and Gendo's right hand. Fuyutsuki was formerly a professor of metaphysical biology, and was part of the UN investigation into Second Impact. Though he once tried to reveal the truth to the world, he now works alongside Gendo as the two work towards the ideals of his former student, Yui.
Toji Suzuhara Toji Suzuhara

鈴原 トウジ

14 Tomokazu Seki Class 2-A's resident jock and Shinji's close friend—after a rocky start. But underneath Toji's tough exterior lies a heart of gold.
Kensuke Aida Kensuke Aida


14 Tetsuya Iwanaga Unrivaled Otaku of Class 2-A's and Shinji's friend. Kensuke is Evangelion—mad, and always seems to know more than he really should.
Hikari Horaki Hikari Horaki

洞木 ヒカリ

13 Junko Iwao The Class Representative of 2-A and a close confident of Asuka's. Though she can be stern, Hikari is very considerate of the feelings of her fellow students.
Maya Ibuki Maya Ibuki


24 Miki Nagasawa Chief aide to Ritsuko with the rank of Lieutenant. Maya performs her job expertly, but has deep reservations about the darker workings of Nerv.
Makoto Hyuga Makoto Hyuga


Hiro Yuki Chief aide to Misato with the rank of Lieutenant. Hyuga will do whatever it takes to get the job done, especially if the right person is asking.
Shigeru Aoba Shigeru Aoba


Takehito Koyasu Nerv Lieutenant and final member of the Bridge Crew Trio. When he's not playing guitar, Aoba is responsible for directing operations of the most advanced military organization in the world.
Kaworu Nagisa Kaworu Nagisa


15 Akira Ishida The Fifth Child... and the Final Angel. Kaworu is sent to Tokyo-3 by Seele to foil Commander Ikari's plans, but along the way takes more than a passing interest in Shinji. The Angel of Free Will, he chooses to make the ultimate expression of his idiom.
Yui Ikari Yui Ikari


27[1] Megumi Hayashibara Shinji's mother and Commander Ikari's lost wife. Yui's body is lost to this world, but she lives on inside the core of Eva-01 and in the hearts of those who knew her.
Kyoko Zeppelin Soryu Kyoko Zeppelin Soryu


31[1] Maria Kawamura Asuka Langley Soryu's mother. Although her appearances in the series are limited, she has a profound impact on Eva-02 and her daughter's personality.
Keel Lorenz Keel Lorenz


Mugihito Head of the Human Instrumentality Committee, and of the clandestine organization Seele behind it. Chairman Keel has entrusted Gendo Ikari with bringing about Seele's ultimate and destructive goals; But he comes to find that his faith has been misplaced.
Naoko Akagi Naoko Akagi

赤木 ナオコ

Mika Doi Ritsuko's mother and former chief scientist of Gehirn; now deceased. Naoko was responsible for the creation of the Magi supercomputer system, and the initial stages of Project E.

Pen Pen Pen Pen


Megumi Hayashibara A "hot spring" penguin and Misato's pet/roommate. While some theorise that Pen Pen is more than he seems, he spends most of his time watching TV in his fridge and drinking Misato's beer.
Mari Makinami Illustrious Mari Makinami Illustrious


Maaya Sakamoto The enigmatic pilot of Evangelion Unit-05 introduced in Evangelion 2.0.
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