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NOTE: For the 12th Angel of the Neon Genesis Evangelion television series, see: Leliel.

The Twelfth Angel
Eva3-33 C1259 crop.jpg
Number 12th
Appearance(s) Evangelion 3.0
Defeated by Evangelion 13

The Twelfth Angel (第12の使徒, Dai 12 no Shito) is a polymorphous Angel appearing in Evangelion 3.0: You Can (Not) Redo.

The Angel had been kept in containment within Evangelion Mark.06's body, kept in stasis by a Spear of Longinus. Once the Spear is removed, the Angel quickly reactivates, emerging through the eyes of the Mark.06 and filling its visor. Mark.06 revolves in midair as the Angel looks for a way out, which is provided when Mark.09 decapitates 06. The 12th Angel emerges from Mark.06's head and its neck stump, taking the appearance of two clumps of angular black cords that eventually join. The Angel seems attracted to Eva-13 and wraps around it like a giant ball of yarn.

Eva-02 attacks the ball with its gun-arm, causing the metallic appearance to yield to one solid core. The core expands to the point that it reaches the LCL pool containing Lilith's remains and, possibly affected by it, starts to take on the form of Rei Ayanami. The outside of the Angel becomes a giant, eyeless Rei head, and the inner surface surrounding Eva-13 becomes speckled with distorted Rei effigies, all giggling. According to Mari, attacking the giant core is a waste of ammo.

Eventually, the core takes the shape of an immense human fetus. It is then compressed to bite-size by the pseudo-evolved Eva-13 and devoured, killing it and resulting in Eva-13's Awakening.

Twelfth Angel
The Angel filling Mark.06's visor.
Emerging from Mark.06.
Wrapping around Eva-13.
Turning into a giant core.
Transformation begins; note scale with Mark.09.
Mark.09 and giant Rei face.
Eva-13 and Rei effigies.
Giant fetus.
Core, meet mouth.

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