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Evangelion 1.11 FAQ

This is a compilation of frequently asked questions for the film Evangelion 1.0: You Are (Not) Alone.

General Questions

Is Rebuild of Evangelion the proper name for this film/ film series?

No. The official Japanese name of the film is Evangelion Shin Gekijōban: Jo, which roughly translates as Evangelion New Theatrical Version: Beginning. There is no official English term to collectively describe the new films, though Khara's in-house translator Dan Kanemitsu provided the rendition Evangelion: New Theatrical in one of the studio's Eva-themed calendars.

"Rebuild of Evangelion" originated as a production title for the new film project. After it was replaced by the official title (ヱヴァンゲリヲン新劇場版, or Evangelion Shin Gekijōban with two nonstandard katakana used for stylistic purposes; compare to the original エヴァンゲリオン), "rebuild" continued to be used in Japan as a buzzword, and the making-of featurettes on the BD discs are called "Rebuild of Evangelion" as well. The use of "Rebuild of Evangelion" to reference the series of films is entirely an invention of the non-Japanese fanbase and does not appear sanctioned in any way by the studio. Regardless, the name appears to have stuck and is unlikely to be dislodged unless khara makes an official international version explicitly known.

Is the Film a Remake or a Sequel?

Currently, there is no information to provide a definitive answer to this question. However, there is speculation as to both possibilities.

Is the opening "scene" showing blood red waves on a beach a reference to End of Evangelion?


Elaboration: The final, infamous scene of The End of Evangelion featured Shinji and Asuka washed up on a lonesome beach next to a bloodstained sea, and the opening shot of Evangelion 1.0 is extremely similar to a shot in that scene. This is most likely to be an artistic homage to the original series.

Character Questions

Why does Shinji see Rei on the street at the begining of the movie?

Unknown. Rei's mysterious appearance here is almost identical to that seen in the original series, the difference being the addition of a closeup of Rei's blinking eye. Rei appears in a similar way in Evangelion 3.0, in front of Rei Q. Another similar appearance occurred during the End of Evangelion.

See also NGE article Theory and Analysis:Rei's Ghostly Appearances and Quantum Mechanics

Speculation: It is possible that the Rei here is some kind of psychic projection of Rei herself, or perhaps of Lilith. Any deep speculation on her appearance here is probably best left off until the release if Evangelion: Final.

Why didn't Shinji want to pilot Eva-01 initially?

Firstly, Shinji is understandably frightened. But more importantly Shinji has deep abandonment and self-confidence issues from his very real abandonment by Gendo. Now that Gendo has finally sends for him, Shinji finds that --as he expected -- it's only for utilitarian purposes. Also, when Shinji tries to gain some support from his father, Gendo bluntly issues an ultimatum to pilot the Eva or leave. This shatters Shinji's confidence completely.

How did Rei obtain her injuries at the start of the film ?

Rei was injured following the failed start-up experiment with Unit-00. The injuries were sustained from the physical shock of the ejected entry plug falling to the ground from a great height.

How did Shinji defeat the 1st Angel in the film(Fourth Angel)?

He didn't. Eva-01 went berserk and defeated the angel instead. See below

The first angel seen in the film is also technically the 4th Angel, otherwise known as Sachiel?

Why don't Gendo and Shinji get along?

After Shinji's mother, Yui Ikari, was killed in a freak accident, Gendo abandoned Shinji, sending him to live with his "teacher" while Gendo continued with his work. Shinji grew up alone and has never forgiven his father for leaving him.

Why did Misato take Shinji in?

Essentially Misato feels sorry for Shinji. She also feels a connection as she had a similarly poor relationship with her own father. Misato appears to genuinely care about Shinji, and trying to make his life in Tokyo-3 a happy one -- despite his trails with the Evas and Angels. Misato also seems to genuinely enjoy living with Shinji, and later on Asuka.

Speculation: While this role in apparently in conflict with her status as Shinji's commander, Misato may also be trying to sooth her guilty conscience as well.

Vs NGE: Note that in the original series, in later episodes Misato's relationship with Shinji became decidedly less platonic. However, in Rebuild, there is much less indication of this.

Why was Gendo so worried about Rei during the Eva-00 accident if he can just clone another Rei anyway?

Though Gendo is generally quite cold and ruthless, he is unusually sentimental when it comes to Rei. It is implied that, because Rei is copied from Yui, that Gendo sees some of his wife in her. Rei's name is also the girls name that Gendo chose for his first child with Yui -- Shinji being the boys name -- so it is implied that Gendo regards her as a surrogate daughter.

Not only does Gendo display an outburst of concern during the Eva-00 accident, he is later seen chatting happily with her in the Eva Cages, and in Evangelion 2.0 uncharacteristically accedes to her request to have dinner with herself and Shinji. While technically Gendo could --- and eventually does --- just clone Rei again, the resulting copy will not contain all of the originals memories, or may --- as in the original series --- end up developing a different personality towards him. It is also revealed in Evangelion 3.0 that Gendo's plan was to preserve Rei inside Eva-01. In any event, Rei's death is not something that Gendo is willing to treat lightly.

Why are Gendo's glasses in Rei's room?

Rei seems to have kept Gendo's broken glasses as a token of affection after he rescued her from the entry plug during the aftermath of the failed experiment with Unit-00.

Why did Rei slap Shinji?

Because Shinji was being disrespectful and questioning of his father, Gendo, who Rei has great respect and confidence in. This slap also serves as a contrast for Rei not reacting to Shinji finding her undressed in her apartment earlier.

Why was Fuyutsuki apprehensive about letting Rei pilot the Eva-01?

While discussing the possibility of Shinji being unable to pilot Eva-01 against Ramiel, Gendo suggests that Rei pilot the Eva instead, but Fuyutsuki regards this as risky. As Ikari Yui's soul is in inside Eva-01, and since Rei is a "clone" of Yui and probably also contains the soul of Lilith, and given that Rei's first contact experiment with Eva-00 resulted in the Eva going berserk, Fuyutsuki's concerns seem very valid. Eva-01 may not accept Rei as a pilot, or the interaction of Rei with the Yui could trigger some catastrophe or the other. In fact, later in Evangelion 2.0 Rei's contact with Eva-01 seems to do just that during Near Third Impact.

What is Kaworu doing on the Moon?

He is ultimately on the moon to pilot Evangelion Mark.06 which is being constructed at Tabgha Base. It is possible Seele were keeping him there for when he was needed. Or he may have originated there. Seele awoke Kaworu because Mark.06 had begun construction, and they would soon need Kaworu to fulfil their plans.

Speculation: Kaworu's presence may also have something to do with the Second Impact, as the bloodstain from the event crosses straight over the coffin he awakens from.

What are the coffins seen on the Moon?

Unknown. As revealed in Evangelion 3.0, Kaworu is an angel, so the coffins can be speculated to be connected to The Angels.

Speculation: The coffins represent the awakening of the various Angels; four have been opened. Angels 4 to 7 have been seen in the film; the Third Angel has been seen in the second film.

Eva/Angel Questions

How many Angels appear in the Film?

Five angels are explicitly identified in the film, though Nerv only fights the three of these. Given by Rebuild number (See below) these are

  • The First Angel: Kaworu
  • The Second Angel: Lilith
  • The Fourth Angel: Sachiel
  • The Fifth Angel: Shamshel
  • The Sixth Angel: Ramiel

How many Angels are there in total?

In Evangelion 3.0, it is revealed that there should only be 12 Angels in total.

Gendo claims that -- including Ramiel -- Nerv still has 8 angels to defeat. It is not clear which angels he is referring to. However, running from 6-12 only brings the tally up to 7 angels, implying that Nerv -- or simply Gendo -- still has to eliminate one of Kaworu, Lilith, or the Third Angel.

Do the Angels have names?


Officially the Angels in Rebuild only have numbers. However, the Angels in the original series were given names in Episode 14. When an Angel in Rebuild closely resembles one from NGE, fans tend to use the name from the original series instead of the Angel's proper number.

Why is Ramiel a giant transforming crystal?

Ramiel is a giant crystal for the same reason that Sahaquiel is a giant eye monster; it simply evolved that way.

Why did Eva-00 go Berserk?

Unknown. The uncertain nature of the Evangelions and Nervs technological control over them, along with the youth of the pilots and and Rei's deeper psychology may be enough to explain the incident. Eva-00 does continue to rampage after Rei has been ejected, but the nature of Eva control and/or souls in Rebuild is not clear.

In the original series, the soul inside Eva-00 was that of Rei 1, and was the source of mental instability in the Eva. However in Rebuild, there is no official mention of Rei 1 -- though Rei herself is labelled Rei 2 when floating in her tank -- nor is there any equivalent of the interchangeability test to confirm that the issue was with Eva-00 itself. The ultimate source of Eva-00's behaviour in Rebuild is uncertain.

What is the huge Giant that Kaworu sees on the Moon?

It is Evangelion Mk.06, as we see in Evangelion 2.0.

Setting Questions

Why is the Sea Red?

The Earth's seas have turned red due to the effects of Second Impact. Not only has their colour changed, we later learn in Evangelion 2.0 that marine life has been destroyed as well.

A similar effect was seen in NGE, but only in the seas around Antarctica. In Rebuild, the seas worldwide have been altered. Note that inland lakes and rivers are unaffected by this phenomenon.

Why is there a giant chalk-marked silhouette on the ground?


Elaboration: In the opening scene of the film, we are show a landscape of ruined buildings and skyscrapers, piled up on the side of a blood red mountain. On the mountainside, an enormous white outline of a body has been drawn, like a chalk mark at a murder scene.

Speculation: The ruins and crater on the hill could have been created by an upheaval or collision during Second Impact. It has been speculated that the silhouette could have marked where an Adam fell to earth near Japan, or perhaps the Vessel of the Adams. The entire hillside could also be a second impact monument or Objet d'art.

What is the base Kaworu sees on the moon?

Main article Tabgha Base

Tabgha base. Here, Evangelion Mark.06 is under construction. The base appears to be under the control of Seele moreso that Nerv.

Weapon/Technology Questions

What is going on during Operation Yashima?

The complex of machines and cables are drawing electricity from all over Japan to power the rifle Unit-01 will use to destroy the Sixth Angel, as shown when we see the entity of Japan go dark.