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Evangelion Mark.09
Model Type Unknown
Pilot(s) Rei Ayanami (tentative name) [1]
Soul(s) Unknown
First Sortie Evangelion 3.0

Evangelion Mark.09 is an Eva unit appearing in Evangelion 3.0: You Can (Not) Redo and piloted by a clone of Rei Ayanami. It is affiliated with Nerv and Seele.


Mark.09's initial configuration largely resembles Eva-00 in color and form. However, the helmet utilizes a large, mobile, robotic eye and has no separate jaw piece. (There is a lower jaw hidden within the helmet, however.) On the body, there is an extra set of torso plates, and two of the torso plates have notches for the attachment of special equipment.

The Eva is capable of functioning after its head is destroyed by Eva-08, and left in this decapitated state for subsequent sorties.

In the events leading to Fourth Impact, a Seele dummy program takes control of the unit from Rei. The Eva enters an ascended, possibly Awakened, state: developing a halo, levitating, using energy projection attacks(generated in the empty space where its eyes should be, even if it has no head at all), and spontaneously regenerating.

Despite its significant power, Mark.09 is never seen deploying an A.T. Field.

Vessel of the Adams

The regenerated head of the Vessel of the Adams.

The Mark.09 is also referred to by Wille as the "Vessel" or container of the Adams. Its ability to function headless results appears to be related to this status. What exactly this phrase means is unknown.

Later the Eva regrows its head into a shape resembling the bridge of the AAA Wunder, its armor turns black and red, and its legs develop into blue tendrils capable of seizing control of the Wunder. The regrown head even later grows a mouth with a set of jaws and teeth to crush the head of Eva-02'. Mark.09 possesses a special protective plate, shaped like a Sachiel face bearing the NGE version of Seele's logo, over the core in its chest, capable of deflecting Anti-ATF munitions. The Eva ultimately turns out to be a full-body core, incapable of being destroyed through conventional means.

Operational History

Mark.09's first observed sortie is an unsolicited boarding of Wille's flagship, AAA Wunder, to retrieve Shinji Ikari for a future Nerv operation. It loses its head to Eva-08's gunfire during this skirmish, but is otherwise successful. Mari, responsible for shooting the head off, remarks that the entire Eva's body is a core. The mission is accomplished using equipment attached to the Eva's back comprised of ribbon-like projections which can form into a highly elongated rocket booster.

The Eva later reappears in its headless form to provide backup for Evangelion 13, armed with a scythe-like weapon. It descends to Central Dogma with Eva-13, and, once Wille's Evas appear, attempts to attack Eva-02; however, it is kept in check by Eva-08's sharp-shooting. After Eva-13 removes the Spears and the 12th Angel reactivates, Mark.09 frees it by decapitating Mark.06, with Rei saying that she did it on orders. While Rei is observing the swelling, transforming Angel, control of Mark.09 is seized by a Seele dummy program.

As Fourth Impact begins, Mark.09 continues to provide support to Eva-13: similarly developing a halo, and following 13 up into the sky. When Wunder attempts to attack and contain Eva-13, Mark.09 retaliates with explosive energy attacks, and soon after regrows its head. As it touches down on the starboard "rib" section, its color shifts to black and red. It begins growing blue tendrils from its legs that reach down into the main engine, attempting to hack into the Wunder's control system and take it back from Eva-01.

Eva-02 is able to board the ship and fires a shot at the sessile Mark.09, destroying the lower thoracic plate and exposing the core protector. The two Evas subsequently enter a brawl, with Eva-02 entering Beast Mode and Mark.09 countering, with increasing futility, using energy attacks. Eva-02 tears off 09's head, which causes the Seele program to reboot and gives Rei an opportunity to eject her plug. Eva-02 shoots down the empty plug space to reach the core, but all damage -- including the beheading -- is instantaneously reversed as Mark.09 reveals (to Asuka this time) that its entire body is a core. Asuka, short on time, ejects her plug, and Eva-02 wraps around 09 and destroys it with self-destruct. Mark.09's final act is to crush Eva-02's head in its jaws. A rainbow accompanies the explosion.

A selection of Images of Evangelion Mark.09
Mark.09 is a patient Eva.
Mostly headless 09. Note jaw and tongue.
Escape via rocket pack.
Headless 09 with scythe.
Frozen in front of the 12th Angel.
Deploying halo.
Regenerated head.
Blue tendrils for hacking.
Close-up of tendrils.
Protective core plate.
Full-body core.


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