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Volume 1
Shin Seiki Evangelion
Author: Yoshiyuki Sadamoto
Publish date: JP: August 29, 1995

US: February 25, 2004

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The first volume of Yoshiyuki Sadamoto's manga adaptation of Neon Genesis Evangelion. This first volume is subtitled Angel Attack (使徒、襲来 / Shito, Shūrai) and is comprised of Stages 1 to 6.


Volume 1 adapts Episode 1 and the first half of Episode 2 of the anime series.


Stage 1: Angel Attack (使徒、襲来 / Shito, Shūrai)

The manga opens with a monologue from Shinji, describing his mental state.

I've never had any cherished ambitions. I don't aspire to any future profession or career. So far, in the first fourteen years of my life, things have always happened as they had to. And things will probably continue the same way. That's why I've never really cared whether I got into an accident or something and died.

An alarm sounds, and Tokyo-3 is attacked by a monster. Misato Katsuragi arrives to pick up Shinji, who explains the situation; while the monster, the Angel, Sachiel, is held off by a robot, Eva-01, piloted by Rei. Misato then takes Shinji to Nerv HQ.

Stage 2: Reunion (再会 / Saikai)

Misato escorts Shinji through Nerv HQ, meeting Ritsuko Akagi along the way. They take him to the Cage, where Shinji comes face to face with Eva-01, as well as his father, Gendo Ikari. Gendo demands that Shinji pilot Eva-01, but Shinji refuses. Gendo has Rei brought to the Cage, to pilot the Evangelion instead, but before she can pilot it, the Angel attacks the HQ.

Stage 3: Unit-01, Lift Off (初号機、出撃 / Shogōki, Rifuto Ofu)

As Sachiel's attacks shake the HQ, several lights from the ceiling break free and crash into the ground around Rei. Shinji runs to Rei to help her off the floor, and after seeing the extent of her injuries, and after encouragement from Misato, and some negative reinforcement from his father, Shinji, rather reluctantly, agrees to pilot Eva-01. He is loaded into the Entry Plug, and after experiencing the activation process, he is launched into battle against the Angel and wished luck by Misato.

Stage 4: Silence... (沈黙… / Chinmoku...)

Shinji nervously confronts Sachiel, and unsure of what to do, simply runs at the Sachiel, who dodges his charge, and Shinji runs headlong into a building. While on the ground, Shinji is captured by the Angel and experiences the feedback from Eva-01's arm being broken. While holding Eva-0 in the air, Sachiel plunges his light spear through Eva-01's right eye, causing Shinji extreme pain, and throwing the now disabled Evangelion into another building. Eva-01 falls silent and Shinji's status is unable to be determined. Nerv has lost all contact and control of the Evangelion.

Stage 5: What Was Seen In The Well Of Light (光の淵に見たもの / Hikari no Fuchi ni Mitamono)

Shinji has a vision of a woman reaching out to him, to embrace him, however the woman transforms into a grotesque creature as it approaches, and Shinji realizes that he doesn't want to die. At the same time, the Eva reactivates on its own, and goes berserk, roaring defiantly and turning into a primal beast, brutally rips through Sachiel's A.T. Field, defects his attack and sends him into a building, and brutally beats the Angel. Sachiel reacts by wrapping himself around Eva-01 and self-destructing. This creates a massive, cross-shaped blast, with Eva-01 walking, unscathed by the blast, out of its inferno.

Stage 6: I...Cry... (ボクハナク / Boku wa Naku)

While unconscious, Shinji dreams of the grotesque creature chasing after him. He wakes up to find himself in a hospital. The scene switches to the Committee, where the members scold Gendo for the damages caused to Eva-01. Chairman Keel reminds him that the Instrumentality Project is the most important thing. Shinji wanders around the hospital, seeing Rei again. Misato decides to take care of Shinji, and becomes his legal guardian. She takes him to a viewpoint, where they look over Tokyo-3. Misato praises Shinji, who cries, saying that he wished his father would do the same.


  • Even at this point, the manga already began to diverge from the anime.
    • For example, Shinji mentions in the first stage that he was "dumped off to his uncle's," whereas in the series, he was at his teacher's.


  • Already in Volume 1, Shinji is shown as being different from his anime counterpart. For example, he complains not only about when LCL is flooded in the entry plug, but about having to live with Misato as well.
  • In Manga Volume 1, Rei pilots Eva-01 against Sachiel (and loses), and it is implied that she received her injuries in this battle. A flashback in Volume 3, however, shows her receiving these injuries in the Unit-00 berserk incident, in a sequence identical to that in Episode 5 of the anime. Thus she must have already piloted that day while badly injured. This seeming confusion on just how Rei was injured may have been caused by Sadamoto retroactively correcting the manga to match the anime. This also seems to make it less likely that Gendo was "just bluffing" about sending her out again.

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