Volume 13 (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

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Volume 13
Shin Seiki Evangelion
Sadamoto volume 13.jpeg
Author: Yoshiyuki Sadamoto
Publish date: JP: November 2, 2012

US: November 6, 2012

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Volume 13 is the thirteenth edition of Yoshiyuki Sadamoto's manga adaptation of Neon Genesis Evangelion. It is comprised of 8 stages.


Stage 84: Calling

Eva-01 breaks out of the cage and into the Geofront while Eva-02 exhausts its final thirteen seconds of internal power fending off the Eva series. Forced to revert to auxiliary power to sustain the life support systems, the end of Evangelion unit-02 and its pilot appear to be near. But before the Eva series can finish off the inactive Eva, Unit-01 intervenes by slicing off several of the Eva series arm's leaving Asuka stunned and the bridge crew shocked. As Shinji engages the Eva series Gendo and Rei prepare to enter Lilith's chamber but Ritsuko has her own plans.

Stage 85: Betrayal

Shinji has managed to take out all of the Eva series but the victory is short lived as the Eva series begin to reactivate and sprout wings. In terminal dogma, Ritsuko confronts Gendo with her intent on activating the Magi's self destruct to kill Gendo along with herself but she fails as her mother's will still sides with Gendo, who shoots Ritsuko. Shinji desperately fights in order to protect the wounded Asuka.

Stage 86: The Ceremony Begins

As Shinji's fighting becomes increasingly desperate he pleads for strength. His despair doesn't go unnoticed as his sync ratio rises over one hundred to the alarm of Asuka and the bridge crew. Eva-01 enters into a awakened state and sprouts wings causing the Spear of Longinus to return from orbit. The Eva series impale and then take away Eva-01.

Stage 87: Rejection

Rei, realizing that Shinji is in trouble, rejects Gendo's plan for her. Absorbing Adam into her, Rei re-merges with Lilith, who abandons Gendo.

Stage 88: Black Moon

The captive Eva-01 is used in a ritual that creates an Anti-AT Field that uncovers the Black Moon of Lilith, which will be used for Instrumentality. Meanwhile, Ritsuko manages to get back up and fatally shoot Gendo before she dies herself.

Stage 89: Face-To-Face

Lilith appears to Shinji in the sky and collapses his ego, allowing her to merge with Eva-01. The fate of mankind now rests with Shinji.

Stage 90: Memories Of Summer

Shinji's mind is affected by Lilith and he is sent through a series of flashbacks of living with his mother, and then of living without her.

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