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"This is... this is that giant?" "We, Gehirn, call that object, Adam. This is different."
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The Human Instrumentality Project (人類補完計画, Jinrui Hokan Keikaku) is Seele's secret goal: the forced evolution of humanity through bringing about Third Impact under their own control. The Human Instrumentality Committee oversees Nerv's work to bring about completion of the project.

Basics of Instrumentality

Human Instrumentality would arise as a result of the Third Impact, resulting in all Lilin souls being gathered into Lilith's Egg and united as a single existance. This would create a state of being for humanity where no individual existed; even identifying this being as a conglomerate would be incorrect, since there would be no such concept as an individual. To achieve this extreme homogenization, the flaws in every living being would be complemented by the strengths in others, thus filling the gaps and erasing the insecurities in people's hearts.

Seele's Plans

While the above explanation is given repeatedly throughout the series and End of Evangelion, a scene in the latter suggests there is more to Seele's plan for Instrumentality. However, Seele's objectives are greatly expanded upon in the game Neon Genesis Evangelion 2. The Classified Information and the Seele ending of the game discuss a very different form of Instrumentality than seen in the series - Seele intend for Instrumentality to only be for their own council members. Rather than forming a sea of LCL, Seele wish to be merged inside an Evangelion unit with its own S² Engine, after destroying the Spear of Longinus. By placing their own souls within the body of a godlike being, and destroying the only weapon that can harm the body, they would effectively create an immortal God with human soul which would represent the pinnacle of human existence, and live through all of eternity. Seele's plan as presented in the game is unconcerned with the rest of humanity. While the council members are to be joined in the Godlike being, all other humans will cease to exist.

In the New Theatrical Edition, Seele's plans are different from the original series : according to Kaworu, it is now a "rite of artificial evolution" brought upon mankind in which "old life"(the Lilin) is sacrificed to create a new race of being blessed with the Fruit of Life. Still according to him, it has been programmed "since time immemorial".

Gendo's plans

Gendo allows Seele to believe he is following their plan, but actually sticks to his own: he wishes to use Instrumentality to reunite with his wife Yui; while he mentions to Seele that "death creates nothing", the series never goes into more detail on what plans he had for the rest of humanity during Instrumentality. His plans go awry when Rei rebels against him, starting Third Impact.

In the Neon Genesis Evangelion 2 game, Gendo's plan culminates with all souls merging inside Eva-01. Gendo, and Shinji, are at last reunited with Yui.


In English, Instrumentality is a reference to Instrumentality of Mankind, from Cordwainer Smith's sci-fi novels. Although the English term is the intended reference, it is translated in Japanese as 補完 (Hokan). "Ho" translates literally to "supplement, supply, make good, offset, compensate, assistant, learner" and "kan" to "perfect, completion, end". translate literally to "complete" or "completion". In the absence of the "Instrumentality" reference the ADV English dub and many early fan translations referred to it as "Complementation". In context, this refers to the separate, individual egos of humankind being complemented by others to create a "better, superior" being.

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