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Neon Genesis Evangelion OST II
OST 2 Image.jpeg
  • Japan King Records/Starchild
Release Date
  • Japan February 16, 1996
Media Type Audio CD
Author Shiro Sagisu

Neon Genesis Evangelion OST II is the second soundtrack album released for the Neon Genesis Evangelion anime series. It was produced by Hideaki Anno, while Shiro Sagisu composed the tracks. It is an original soundtrack that contains most of the songs of Neon Genesis Evangelion; most are found in the Action or Descent Arc of Evangelion; i.e Eps.5-19+. The King Records label Starchild released the album with the catalog number KIKA-290 on February 16, 1996, and the album peaked at number 4 on the Oricon albums chart where it stayed for 15 weeks. The album was re-released as a DVD-Audio with catalog number KIAW-22 on December 22, 2004

Track Listing

All music composed by Shiro Sagisu unless specified.

Neon Genesis Evangelion OST II
No. TitleLyricsMusicVocals Length
1. "A vision"  Neko OikawaHidetoshi SatōYoko Takahashi 4:53
2. "A Cruel Angel's Thesis (TV Size Version)"  Neko OikawaHidetoshi Satō, Toshiyuki OhmoriYoko Takahashi 1:31
3. "Borderline Case"      2:19
4. "A Crystalline Night Sky"      2:19
5. "Angel Attack II"      1:59
6. "Angel Attack III"      2:23
7. "Both of You, Dance Like You Want to Win!"      1:50
8. "Waking up in the morning"      1:28
9. "Background Music"      1:55
10. "A Moment When Tension Breaks"      4:10
11. "The Day Tokyo-3 Stood Still [1]"      1:40
12. "Spending Time in Preparation"      2:21
13. "She said, 'Don't make others suffer for your personal hatred'."      1:53
14. "Magmadiver"      2:23
15. "Pleasure Principle [2]"      3:48
16. "The Beast II"      2:18
17. "Thanatos [3]"      3:29
18. "Rei III"      3:42
19. "When I Find Peace of Mind"      3:32
20. "Fly Me to the Moon (TV Size Version)"  Bart HowardToshiyuki OhmoriClaire 1:08
21. "Fly Me to the Moon (#5 Remix)"  Bart HowardToshiyuki OhmoriMegumi Hayashibara 1:09
22. "Fly Me to the Moon (#6 Remix)"  Bart HowardToshiyuki OhmoriMegumi Hayashibara 1:08
23. "Next Episode" (F-2 15 秒バージョン)    0:17
24. "Fly Me to the Moon (Aya Bossa Techno Version)"  Bart HowardTony OrlyYoko Takahashi 3:49
25. "Fly Me to the Moon (Aki Jungle Version)"  Bart Howard, J. J. ケイTony OrlyYoko Takahashi 4:34
Total length:


  1. "The Day Tokyo-3 Stood Still" is a reference to the classic 1951 scifi movie, The Day the Earth Stood Still.
  2. This title references a psychological term. See here for more details.
  3. This title references a psychological term. See here for more details.
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