Refrain, The Songs Were Inspired by Evangelion

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Refrain the Songs Were Inspired by Evangelion
  • Japan King Records/Starchild
Release Date
  • Japan November 6, 1997
Media Type Audio CD
Author Shiro Sagisu, Toshiyuki Ohmori

Refrain the Songs Were Inspired by Evangelion is an album consisting of songs from and based on the Neon Genesis Evangelion anime series. Some of the songs are new versions of tracks included on Neon Genesis Evangelion OST II, Neon Genesis Evangelion OST III, and Evangelion: Death and Rebirth. All songs are performed by Yoko Takahashi (who performed the opening theme for the series as well as other tracks), track 14 being an exception which was recorded on the streets of London by street singers. This album was released by Starchild and produced by Toshiyuki Ohmori, it was released on November 6, 1997.

Track Listing

Refrain the Songs Were Inspired by Evangelion
No. TitleLyricsMusic Length
1. "Prologue de Refrain"   Toshiyuki Ohmori, Tony Orly 2:17
2. "Cruel Angel's Thesis (Ambivalence Mix)"  Neko OikawaHidetoshi Satou, Toshiyuki Ohmori 4:04
3. "To the Sky of Hope"  Anisu KanaeToshiyuki Ohmori 4:51
4. "Premonition (Sounds of Reverie Mix)"  Neko OikawaToshiyuki Ohmori 4:56
5. "Happiness is the smell of Sin (Alter Ego Mix)"  Neko OikawaToshiyuki Ohmori 4:30
6. "Fly me to the moon (Touched by the Muse Mix)"  Bart HowardToshiyuki Ohmori 3:58
7. "Forbidden Gene"   Tony Orly 5:24
8. "LOVE ANTIQUE"  Mamie D. LeeToshiyuki Ohmori 4:55
9. "Heart, return to your origin (Sublimation Mix)"  Neko OikawaHidetoshi Satou, Kosmic Bruise, 5:48
10. "Eternal Embrace (Return to Dew Mix)"  Neko OikawaYoko Takahashi, Toshiyuki Ohmori 5:23
11. "From the dazzling Sea"  Anisu KanaeToshiyuki Ohmori 5:04
12. "Soul's Refrain"  Neko OikawaToshiyuki Ohmori 5:30
13. "Epilogue de These"   Tony Orly 6:34
14. "Fly me to the moon (On the Street) [1]"  Bart Howard  1:29


  1. This Bonus track is hidden after a long period of silence during Track 13. Although the tracklist on the back of the album does not list it, it is listed under the transparent disc holder inside the case

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