Evangelion Vox

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Evangelion Vox
  • Japan King Records/Starchild
Release Date
  • Japan December 3, 1997
Media Type Audio CD
Author Shiro Sagisu

Evangelion-VOX is an album consisting of songs from and based on the Neon Genesis Evangelion anime TV series and the movie The End of Evangelion. It was recorded in 1997 and released December 3, 1997. The songs are R&B/hip-hop remakes of several pieces of background music from the Evangelion series. The album was released by Starchild Records and produced by Shirō Sagisu. It peaked at number 10 on the Oricon albums chart, making 6 appearances.

Track Listing

Evangelion VOX
No. Title Length
1. "EVANTRODUCTION (A-4)"   2:53
2. "THE IMAGE OF ME-vocalise (A-1)"   5:02
3. "FROM MY DREAMS (A-4)"   5:34
4. "EVANGELISM (A-4)"   0:17
5. "CAN'T GET YOU OUTTA MY HEAD (A-4)"   4:33
6. "X-plicit"   1:26
7. "PRELUDE TO BATTLE (E-1)"   4:25
8. "BATTLING (E-1)"   4:46
9. "interlude-THANATOS (E-13)"   0:16
11. "I'LL BE ALWAYS ON YOUR MIND (C-5)"   5:37
12. "ARMAGEDDON"   4:54
13. "Komm, süsser Tod TUMBLING DOWN-MIX (M-10)"   6:32
14. "ANGEL ATTACK (E-6)"   3:12
15. "UTOPIA"   4:56
16. "PROMISED LAND — reprise (F-2)"   1:08
17. "'PROMISED LAND' LOREN & MASH studio LIVE (F-2)"   5:02
18. "'STAR' LOREN & MASH studio LIVE (F-2)"   5:36
19. "THE IMAGE OF ME playback (A-1)"   0:30
20. "OUTRO — never shall we return from conflict we must learn (A-10)"   1:15
Total length:

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