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Volume 5
Shin Seiki Evangelion
Author: Yoshiyuki Sadamoto
Publish date: JP: December 17, 1999

US: August 10, 2004

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The fifth volume of Yoshiyuki Sadamoto's manga adaptation of Neon Genesis Evangelion. This fifth volume is subtitled Cenotaph (墓標 / Bohyō) and is comprised of Stages 27 to 33.


Volume 5 features the battle with Sahaquiel, and a blackout in Tokyo-3, roughly adapting the events of Episode 11 and Episode 12 of the anime series.


Stage 27: The Party (パーティー / Pātī)

Volume 5 starts off with Kaji investigating the 106th firm said to be involved with the Marduk Institute, the group said to select the Eva pilots, only to find in is yet another dummy company. Fast forward back to Tokyo-3 where Shinji, Toji, and Kensuke return home to find Asuka has moved into his room after being 'forced' to move in. When Shinji goes to ask Misato why she made her move in he learns that it was actually Asuka's own idea for her to move in. In Shinji's shock Kensuke notices Misato's promotion from Captain to Major and insesits on having a party. Hikari and Kaji show up to celebrate the party. While trying to warn Kaji of Asuka's mean nature, Toji gets punched by her even though she claimed she slipped. Kaji tells Asuka that it's ok to be herself around adults and she swiftly beats up on Shinji.

Stage 28: Follow Back Along Your Scar (傷跡をたどれば / Kizuato o Tadoreba)

After everyones passed out, Kaji and Misato go out on a walk where Misato reflects her past and her relationship with Kaji. Just as they're about to kiss Asuka finds them and breaks it up. Meanwhile, Rei is having a sync test with Unit-01 in which she recites a simplified version of her poem heard in episode 14. The next day at school Hiakari asks Shinji to deliver papers to Rei's house.

Stage 29: Centopath (墓標 / Bohyō)

Upon arrival to her house she requests he come in for tea, but asks him to make it because she has never done it before. Shinji asks her about his father and she told him he should say what he thought to his father. He goes home and calls his father to ask him if he remembers what tomorrow is in which he responds coldly by saying "Don't call unless it's important." The next day Shinji goes to his mother's grave for the anniversery of her death to find that his father is already there placing flowers on her grave.

Stage 30: Catch The G-Shock (受け止めろ 重力攻撃! / Catch The G-Shock!)

Meanwhile, Sahaquiel makes itself apparent to Nerv and is slowly making it's way over Tokyo-3 where it will drop from the sky and destroy Nerv. Misato creates a plan in which all three Evas will try and catch the Angel with their hands. Once the Angel is within sight, Misato yells go in which Shinji hesitates thinking of his father. They manage to catch the Angel and it is destroyed in the process. While the battle is taking place, Commanders Ikari and Fuyutsuki are in the South Pole recovering the Lance of Longinus.

Stage 31: NERV Blackout (ネルフ、停電 / Nerufu, Teiden)

Shinji is chewed out by Misato for hesitating and almost blowing the entire mission. The pilots then start walking back when the power goes out. Locked in an elevator, Misato and Kaji talk about their past relationship with each other and what happened. Asuka and Shinji go off to find Misato and Kaji. While trying to find them Asuka asks Shinji if he's ever kissed a girl before. Asuka continues to ask if he would be man enough to kiss her. Saying he would he goes in for the kiss when the power comes on. The elevator next to them opens and Kaji and Misato find them almost kissing.

Stage 32: The Abyss of Truth (真実の深淵 / Shinjitsu no Shin'en)

Ritsuko, Maya, and Misato discuss what caused the power to go out and Kaji is suggessted as the reason even though he was with Misato the entire time. Asuka is embarresed by Kaji finding her almost kissing Shinji and writes and letter explaining why, she also expects Shinji to deliver it because it was all his fault. Shinji goes to find Kaji when he sees Misato walking he tries to catch up to her and follows her to where she points a gun at Kaji's head at the LCL Plant. He then opens the door revealing Lilith who they think is Adam. Shinji wanders in and Misato yells at him and tells him to "Forget everything you see!"

Stage 33: Aquarium (アクアリウム / Akuariumu)

After a sync test, Shinji gives Asuka back the letter telling her to deliver it herself. He starts to walk home when he's picked up by Kaji and told to take a ride. They drive to an aquarium where Kaji tells Shinji about Nerv, Seele, and the Dead Sea Scrolls. He also reminds him that he was watching the moment his mother died and that he does remember but he's blocking out the truth. He tells Shinji he has a duty to know the truth because he is the son of Yui Ikari. The last page shows Rei and Unit-00 putting the Lance of Longinus into Lilith.


  • The events of Episode 10 are not covered by the manga.
  • However, the events of Episode 11 and Episode 12 are covered, albeit in reverse order, and without the addition of Matarael.
    • Part of Episode 15, the scene in the graveyard, is also adapted in this volume.
  • The manga includes many scenes that are not included in the anime. In order, they are...
    • Kaji investigates a building in the middle of nowhere
    • An 'after party' where Misato and Kaji talk about their past
    • Shinji visits Rei's apartment and has tea
    • Misato yells at Shinji for hesitating during Sahaquiel's attack
    • Asuka demands Shinji gives Kaji a note
    • Kaji picks Shinji up in his car and they drive to an aquarium where Kaji tells Shinji about everything
  • The events of Episode 7 are not covered in the manga.


  • Shinji is more upset than the anime because he doesn't think his father remembers the anniversery of his mom's death.
  • Shinji knows about his mom's death but he blocked it from his memory.
  • Misato is extremely concerned over Shinji seeing "Adam."

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