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Volume 2
Shin Seiki Evangelion
Author: Yoshiyuki Sadamoto
Publish date: JP: March 5, 1996

US: April 7, 2004

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The second volume of Yoshiyuki Sadamoto's manga adaptation of Neon Genesis Evangelion. This second volume is subtitled Shōnen and Knife (ナイフと少年 / Naifu to Shōnen) and is comprised of Stages 7 to 12.


Volume 2 adapts the latter half of Episode 2, and the entirety of Episode 3 and Episode 4 of the anime series.


Stage 7: Closing Hearts (閉じゆく心 / Toji Yuku Kokoro)

Shinji is welcomed into Misato's flat. Instead of being allowed to stay home, Shinji is sent to thelocal unior high school where his classmates find out he is an Eva pilot. One student in particular, Toji Suzuhara, takes offence to this as his younger sister (unnamed in the manga) was injured during Shinji's clumsy fight with Sachiel. Shinji apologizes, but Toji becomes enraged, saying sorry isn't good enough. Shinji talks back to Toji and gets knocked on his ass before anyone intervenes.

At the end of this stage Shinji has a curious monologue while present in Eva-01, which gives us as readers a clear look into his current mental state.

I wonder when it started... the drifting... It's like my mind and body have come apart, little by little... Whenever something sad... or painful... happens... it's like there's another me who watches it... like it's happening to someone else thinking... "that's not me." It's okay. I can live like that. I'll lock my heart away deeper... if I do that... I won't have to feel pain outside or inside... or the fear... I won't have to feel anything at all.

Stage 8: Shinji's Mood (シンジご機嫌ななめ / Shinji Gokigen Naname)

Shinji comes across Misato's "Third Child Supervision Record" where he learns that Nerv Security Intelligence are watching his every move. He argues with Misato about her reasons for keeping him around, and finds out how she truly views him.

What do you think you're saying?! You may feel fine about dying, but the rest of us aren't quite ready for it yet! You're an important pilot to us! And your body doesn't belong to you anymore!

At school, Shinji gets into another altercation (albeit not physical like the previous one) with Toji, and is only saved by Rei's timely appearance to inform him of a new Angel attack.

Stage 9: The Trials of a True Fan (マニアの受難 / Mania no Junan)

Shinji is deployed against the Angel Shamshel and begins to battle it. Shinji beocmes angry in the fight and fires a sustained volley at Shamshel, only for the Angel too be hidden by smoke, and attacking Shinji from behind this cover. Meanwhile, Toji and Kensuke sneak out of their shelter to watch the battle from a hilltop shrine, and witness Shinji get pummeled by the Shamshel, who cut's Eva-01's power cord and throws the Evangelion straight towards the hilltop the two teen boys are observing from. Shinji notices the two boys from school, and defends them from Shamshel's renewed attack.

Stage 10: Shonen and Knife (ナイフと少年 / Naifu to Shōnen)

With a ticking clock on how long SHinji has left to face the Angel, Shinji continues to back Shamshel's attack. While holding Shamshel at bay, Shinji, against orders,rescues Toji and Kensuke, allowing them inside the Entry Plug. Shinji then becomes entirely defiant of Misato's orders and instead of retreating, he attacks Shamshel directly with his Progressive Knife. While Eva-01's abdomen is pierced by Shamshel's tentacles, Shinji stabs the Core directly, and just as his power runs out, Shamshel is defeated. After defeating Shamshel, Shinji openly thinks about and questions who he is piloting the Evangelion for.

Stage 11: Third Child Wandering (さまよえるサード・チルドレン / Samayoeru Sādo Chirudoren)

Misato confronts Shinji for disobeying her order to retreat during the battle with Shamshel, and slaps him. Shinji reacts badly to this and runs away, believing he is not wantedand that he doesn't belong in Tokyo-3. Misato regrets slapping Shinji and later writes in her "Third Child Supervision Record" that she believes Shinji ran away due to their prior argument. Shinji is also missed at school, where Toji is concerned about Shinji, though he vehemently denies it.

As Shinji wanders the wilderness around Tokyo-3, he comes across Kensuke playing soldier. The pair talk and share a meal when Nerv Security Intelligence come and bring him back to Nerv HQ. Misato then confronts Shinji and asks him is he wants to be an Eva pilot. Shinji says doesn't pilot because he wants to, he pilots because he has to. Misato said he no longer has to pilot and is told to go back to his uncle's place.

Stage 12: Fumbling Towards Kindness (やさしさの輪郭 / Yasashisa no Katachi)

While Shinji is being prepared to leave Tokyo-3, Toji and Kensuke go to Misato's apartment looking for him. Motivated by their concern for her former charge, Misato tells them of Shinji's imminent departure, and then rushes to the train station, and arrives just as he is about to be put on the train. Misato then explains Pen2's origins and how she saved him from being euthanized, and that after living alone for so long, that it was nice to come home to a family. Misato explains she's not the kind of person to live with someone out of obligation, and that she truly does care for Shinji.


  • In this volume an interview with Yoshiyuki Sadamoto and Megumi Ogata, with a brief epilogue by Yoshitou Asari are printed.
  • Angel Kiss 4-koma.
  • The English release of the volume had different cover art. The English version's cover depicted the face of Eva-01 berserk, with a smaller Shinji in the Entry Plug in the bottom left.


  • In the manga Shinji is much more sassy with Toji when he hits him than he is in the anime.
  • In the manga, Shinji encounters Ritsuko Akagi who has a message from his father for him prior to attempting to leave Nerv. In the anime Shinji only meets with Kensuke Aida and Toji Suzuhara prior to leaving.

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