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Episode Information
Episode #01
Title 1: 使徒、襲来
Shito Shuurai
An Angel's Attack
Title 2: El Ataque del Ángel
Episode 01
Written By Hideaki Anno
Directed By Kazuya Tsurumaki
First Aired 10-4-1995
Video Release Date 2-3-1996 (Japan-Video/LD), 5-16-2000 (US-DVD)
Angel Appearances Sachiel
Eva Sorties Eva-01
Episode chronology
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"Episodio 02"

Descripción General

Shinji Ikari es convocado a Tokio-3 [1] por su distante padre Gendo [2], comandante de la agencia especial Nerv, para defender la ciudad de un Ángel gigante piloteando la única arma capaz de luchar contra el monstruo: Evangelion Unidad-01.


El Ángel Sachiel[3] se acerca bajo el agua hacia Tokio-3, mientras un batallón de tanques JSSDF le espera en la costa. El estado de emergencia ha sido declarado y la gente ha huido a refugios, dejando la región desierta. Shinji Ikari, recién llegado en un pueblo cercano, se ha mantenido en la superficie esperando a Misato Katsuragi, que se debe a recogerlo.

Durante su espera se da cuenta de una adolescente que parece estar observándolo, una misteriosa chica que se desvanece tan rápido como apareció[4]. Shinji then feels the ground shake as Sachiel emerges from behind a nearby foothill. The JSSDF air force begins to attack the Angel with missiles and rockets. Shinji is nearly killed in the ensuing battle, but is rescued in the nick of time as Misato arrives in her car and rescues him.

The JSSDF's conventional weapons prove useless against the Angel, and they detonate an N² Mine in an attempt to destroy it. Misato and Shinji, on their way to Tokyo-3, are caught in the shock waves of the blast, and their vehicle is overturned. The Angel survives the blast, but is temporarily halted as it begins to regenerate.

Misato and Shinji repair their vehicle and continue on to Tokyo-3. The JSSDF, admitting their ineffectiveness, transfer responsibility for the Angel's destruction to Gendo Ikari and Nerv. Shinji descends deep underground on a car train into the Geofront.

Upon their arrival, Shinji and Misato meet with Ritsuko Akagi, who leads them further down. The recovered Angel begins to resume its journey towards Tokyo-3. Shinji is brought to the Evangelion hanger, where he is shown Eva-01 and where Gendo also appears. Shinji then learns that he has been summoned to pilot Evangelion Unit-01 into battle against the Angel.

A Selection of Images From Episode 01
FGC 01 C003a.jpg FGC 01 C047.jpg FGC 01 C076d.jpg FGC 01 C127b.jpg
FGC 01 C168.jpg FGC 01 C194.jpg FGC 01 C219b.jpg FGC 01 C284r.jpg

By row, from left to right, starting top left:

    1. Sachiel approaches Tokyo-3
    2. Misato rescues Shinji in the nick of time
    3. The JSSDF detonate an N² Mine...
    4. ...but the Angel survives.
    1. The Geofront
    2. Arrival by hovercraft
    3. Shinji is brought before the Eva, and his father.
    4. Eva-01 saves Shinji.

Shinji confronts his father and protests at his treatment, but Gendo simply tells him to pilot or leave. The rejuvenated Angel discovers and begins to attack the Geofront, and the hanger is shaken by its blasts[5]. Shinji finally refuses to pilot the Evangelion. Gendo then sends for his other pilot Rei Ayanami, despite her being seriously injured.

Rei is wheeled into the room in a hospital bed, still covered with bandages. The violence of one the Angel's blasts causes a heavy ceiling lights in the hanger to to fall and Shinji is nearly killed, but is saved when Eva-01, supposedly unable to move, breaks its bonds and moves its arm to deflect the lights. Shinji runs over to help Rei who has been thrown to the floor by the blast. Confronted with the sight Rei's injuries, Shinji resolves himself and agrees to pilot the Evangelion.

Eva-01 is prepared for launch. The Entry Plug with Shinji inside, is inserted into the Evangelion where Shinji achieves synchronization with Eva-01. The Evangelion is then launched up from the Geofront to a road on the surface, into the path of the Angel. The two stand opposing each other and the episode ends.


  • When Misato and Shinji are entering Nerv HQ, the hexagonal sliding door they walk through has the misspelling "cauntion" written on it
  • Eva-01's shoulder normally just as the word "EVA" written on it, with a number "1" superimposed over it. However, when Shinji and Misato first drive up to Eva-01 in a hovercraft, the entire word "Evangelion" is written on its shoulder due to an animation goof.
  • Background announcements in Nerv HQ after Misato and Shinji enter state that the "Sigma Unit" is under a complete lockout.
  • Although it is never mentioned in the series, a comparison between the tactical map displayed in Central Dogma's command center in the episode and maps of the region reveals that the town where Shinji first meets Misato is the city of Atami.[6]
  • When Shinji hands Misato the summon letter, we can see that the letter was torn to pieces then sticked back together with black tape. Misato makes no comment on the matter, and it's never explicitly stated what drove Shinji to break the letter nor what drove him to repair it.
  • While going down the Nerv HQ's elevator, Misato tells Shinji "I see, so you don't get along with your father. It's the same with me" in response to Shinji's remark that Gendo wouldn't called him unless he had an use for him. This is one (probably the first) of the many similarities between Shinji and Misato that are noted or established throughout NGE.


  • The little green booklet that Misato hands to Shinji when they enter Nerv HQ says "Welcome to Nerv" on it. Apparently, Shinji has never even heard the name of "Nerv" before, and yet he is a matter of minutes away from being told to pilot Eva-01.
  • When Ritsuko first meets Shinji and Misato, she is wearing a one-piece swimsuit, which she was wearing under a diving suit, with her lab coat over it. However, between when Ritsuko, Misato, and Shinji meet in the elevator and when they reach Eva-01, Ritsuko has changed into her normal clothes (blue shirt, black skirt, and stockings); in addition, Misato has put on her trademark red jacket. They're supposed to be hurrying to Eva-01 as fast as they can to sortie it against the Angel: Misato could conceivably have just thrown her jacket on while walking, but Ritsuko apparently took the time to change her entire outfit?


  • Fuyutsuki: "It's been 15 years, hasn't it."
    Gendo Ikari: "Yes, there can be no mistake. It's an Angel".
  • Misato Katsuragi: (while standing on an elevated people mover transporting her through Nerv base, which is clearly visible from lower levels) "This is why I hate wearing skirts here".
  • Ritsuko Akagi: "This is the Ultimate All-Purpose Humanoid Decisive Battle Weapon developed by humanity. The artificial human, Evangelion. That is Eva-01. Its construction carried out in complete secrecy, it is our — humanity's — final trump."
  • Shinji Ikari: "I mustn't run away. I mustn't run away. I mustn't run away..."
  • Gendo Ikari: "Go wake up Rei."
    Fuyutsuki: "Can we use her?"
    Gendo Ikari: "She isn't dead."
    Fuyutsuki: "Understood."


  1. Tokyo-3 fue construido en el sitio del pre-Segundo Impacto en Hakone. A través de la serie hay varias referencias a locaciones geográficas en los alrededores de Tokyo-3 y también alrededor de Hakone. Vea el artículo principal de Tokyo-3 para detalles.
  2. Shinji y su padre no se han visto en 3 años.
  3. El diseñor de Sachiel es increíblemente similar a los trajes conectores. Para más detalles diríjase a: Sachiel y los Trajes de Conección.
  4. Several explanations have been proposed for Rei's appearance on the street when she is actually severely injured and hospitalized. Go HERE for an analysis of why we believe that it is Rei 3.
  5. Sachiel's energy blasts look like latin crosses.


See "Episode 1/Credits"

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