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Examples of crosses in NGE.

The cross (十字架, juujika) is a symbolic religious reference frequently used in Neon Genesis Evangelion, though often particularly loosely. Many of the uses of crosses in the series don't actually have a particularly higher meaning or correlation to narrative events, beyond simply that someone is "sacrificed", etc. Also, many times things such as cross-shaped energy explosions are used, but these instances in particular don't really seem to have a higher meaning.

The creators themselves admitted using the emblems of Christianity simply because they "looked cool," according to Evangelion Assistant Director Kazuya Tsurumaki, who at the Otakon 2001 anime convention said:

"There are a lot of giant robot shows in Japan, and we did want our story to have a religious theme to help distinguish us. Because Christianity is an uncommon religion in Japan we thought it would be mysterious. None of the staff who worked on Eva are Christians. There is no actual Christian meaning to the show, we just thought the visual symbols of Christianity look cool. If we had known the show would get distributed in the US and Europe we might have rethought that choice."

There are 5 types of crosses used in Evangelion:

  1. Latin cross
  2. Inverted Latin cross
  3. Greek cross
  4. Tau cross
  5. Cross of Lorraine

See image on right for examples of crosses from the show.

List of Appearances

Opening Credits

OP C003 b.jpg

  • A starburst of crosses appear just prior to the title Neon Genesis Evangelion appearing on screen.

Episode 01

01 C236g.jpg 01 C266c.jpg

  • inverted and regular cross-shaped blasts produced by Sachiel's particle beam.

Episode 02

02 C285 b.jpg 02 C308.jpg

  • more Sachiel related crosses

Episode 04

04 C082.jpg

  • Shinji walks along a country-path that is in the form of a cross.

Episode 05


  • Cross shaped Signal Termination Plug inserted in Unit 00 after Rei's failed activation test.
    • Note the similarity between this and Gendo's cross in Episode 21.

Episode 12

12 C021f.jpg

Episode 15

15 C255f.jpg

15 C281a.jpg

  • The tau cross Lilith is crucified upon.

Episode 16

16 C144b.jpg

  • A cross on top of a church is seen when preparing for the attempt to destroy the Angel Leliel.

Episode 18

18 C002c.jpg

  • Eva-03 is airlifted by a flying-wing transport jet on cross-shaped scaffolding.

Episode 19

19 C109a.jpg

  • Cross-shaped explosions are produced by Zeruel's particle beam.

19 C320d.jpg

  • The point of light within the circle when Shinji is absorbed into Eva-01 is in the form of a cross.

Episode 21

  • The underside of Tokyo-3 as visible from the GeoFront cavern is configured in a large cross formation, this is also discernible from Episode 01.

21 C277c.jpg

  • The architecture forms a cross behind Kaji where he is shot.

21 C181 path-to-god.jpg

  • A shadow behind Gendo Ikari makes it appear he is bearing a cross as he speaks about mankind's evolution.

Episode 22

22 C001A dc.jpg

  • A crucifix is on top of the church next to the graveyard where Kyoko Zeppelin Soryu is being buried.

Episode 23

23 300c.jpg

  • The "Eva graveyard" is in part in the form of a Cross of Lorraine.

DPP glyph.gif

  • There are tau crosses within each of the pentagrams in the Dummy Plug Plant.

Tank image 11 bunshin.jpg

Episode 25'

Eoe eva02 cross shaped explosion.jpg

  • Eva-02 activating
  • The architecture forms a cross around the door Misato is heading for when she is shot.
  • Misato's cross which is passed down to Shinji before she dies.

Eoe eva01 cross shaped explosion.jpg

  • Shinji and Eva-01 escape from Nerv with a cross shaped explosion

Episode 26'

Temp 26' eva01-eyes big.jpg

M26 C373 comp.jpg

  • The souls of disembodied humans are accompanied by crosses of light.

Temp 26' eva01 hair big.jpg

  • Eva-01 departs for outer space in the form of a cross.

M26 C481 Kimochi Warui.jpg

  • The Mass Production Evas fall to Earth in the form of crosses.


  • Misato's cross crucified

Evangelion 1.0

Evangelion 2.0

Eva2-22 C0075.jpg

Eva2-22 C0126.jpg

Eva2-22 C0161.jpg

  • Explosion of the Seventh Angel

Eva2-22 C0402H.jpg

  • Misato's cross

Eva2-22 C0582.jpg

  • Explosion of Sahaquiel

Eva2-22 C0833 therack.jpg

  • Eva-03's transport

Eva2-22 C1771 niji.jpg

  • Eva-01's attack


  • A crucifix refers to a Latin cross that has the figure of Jesus on it. A cross that appears without the figure of Jesus is correctly referred to as a cross and not a crucifix.