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Compilations of various information, oftentimes informal and overly pedantic. They should be put into the category "Guides."

The Geektionary

The Geektionary is one of the absurd wonders of the Old Site. Currently in the process of being relocated and tweaked.


An examination of references/homages/"ripoffs"/influences. One page will be devoted to the ones NGE makes to other things. One will be devoted to the ones other things make to NGE. One will serve as a "hub" to link the two. The matter needs to be discussed further; check out the forum thread. Or if you don't want to bother, just go ahead and make pages. No one will stop you.

Work in progress here:



Exact handling unknown. Requires experimentation. Take some initiative and start a page up if you feel vewy bwave.

Pages that compare different versions of Eva

Compare and contrast, basically. In the end, these would aim to have screenshots for EVERYthing (or sound clips, as the case may be), cut numbers, the whole 9000 meters. The format Reichu experimented with way back looked like this, so maybe we can keep that. Maybe we can find something even better.

Since comparing different versions of various things is intrinsically straightforward, the writeups describing the differences might be equally straightforward -- i.e., no smart-ass commentary, as we might have in some of the other guides. As least, no "commentary" for the time being. Just get these pages into their Final Form (or the next best thing) first.

Some of the things we'll be needing (if they haven't been tackled yet):

Since most of you will not know the cut numbers, or necessarily be able to provide even provisional screenies, doing everything through time references (e.g., referencing a cut by 02:25 instead of C012) and textual descriptions to start with is fine too.