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The Japanese cover for the Final Volume of GoS2.

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Girlfriend of Steel 2 (Neon Genesis Evangelion: Angelic Days in the U.S.) is an Evangelion-based manga series, released in six volumes from 2003-2005 by comic artist Fumino Hayashi. The manga series is based on the video game Girlfriend of Steel 2, which was itself based on the alternate-reality dream world sequence in Episode 26 of the original series.

The Manga version of the video game is at it's core, the same, although the some of the characters act different, and it also includes a backstory about Kaworu (who's a mysterious friend of Shinji's instead of a regular junior high student like in the Girlfriend of Steel 2) that isn't in the game. Shinji in this manga acts like his anime-counterpart while GoS2 video game Shinji acts like his Episode 26 counterpart. And although Shinji's love interests are Asuka and Rei (possibly Kaworu as well), Shinji ends up dating Asuka at volume 04's end. The Manga of Girlfriend of Steel 2 is 6 Volumes long. Volumes 1 through 4 deal with the events of the Game, Volume 5 is a backstory about Kaworu, Yui and Gendo's days in middle school, while Volume 6 is a flash forward to what happens after the events of Volume 4 when Shinji and the others are adults.

Differences between the original series and Angelic Days

Angelic Days is an alternate-universe reboot of the series, jumbling up characters and their situations in Shinji's dream world to the point that it bears little resemblance to the original series:

  • Shinji and Asuka now have a much less antagonistic relationship: they are both childhood friends, having met when they were both 4.
  • Yui Ikari is still alive, and works alongside Gendo Ikari at Nerv. Shinji lives with both of his parents.
  • Asuka's mother Kyoko is still alive (and not insane), married to her father, and both work alongside Shinji's parents at Nerv.
  • Misato is the homeroom teacher at Shinji's school.
  • Ritsuko is the school nurse, and is still in love with Gendo.
  • Both Misato and Ritsuko still have some connection to Nerv.
  • Rei Ayanami's character has been so drastically altered that she is totally unrecognizable, essentially an entirely new character, that physically looks like Rei from the original series. This Rei is an excitable klutzy extrovert, totally clueless in regards to simple tasks such as cracking an egg, is loud, and is socially inept.
  • Kaworu goes to Shinji's school, though he has a mysterious past that Nerv is trying to uncover. Shinji has known Kaworu for over a decade (e.g. for as long as Shinji can remember).
  • When Evangelion pilots are eventually chosen, Kensuke is selected as an Eva pilot in addition to Rei, Asuka, Shinji, Toji, and Kaworu.
  • Kensuke has a crush on Asuka.
  • Rei and Asuka actually become friends in the manga version, while in the video game, the two are love rivals. Both girls have crushes on Shinji in the game as well as the manga.
  • The Evangelions actually play a background role with regard to the overall plot, which revolves around the character relationships. The Evas show up towards the end of volume one, when Shinji and Rei battle Sachiel. They also make an appearance in volume four when Shinji and the others are fighting various Angels that attacked together.

Shinji's story concludes at the end of volume four of the manga, when he becomes Asuka's boyfriend. Shinji choosing the Real-World as opposed to a world where he and the others are still children (this choice is given to him by Kaworu) causes Kaworu to disappear, both literally and even from the memories of the characters. Volume five chronicles Gendo's life as a junior high student with a young Yui; this volume elaborates more on Kaworu's background, as well. Volume six is a flash-forward after the events of volume four when Shinji and others are adults. This volume has stories of Misato & Kaji, Rei & Ritsuko, Hikari & Toji, and Shinji & Asuka; as well as two side stories, respectively.

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