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Evangelion Unit-00
Model Type Prototype
Pilot(s) Rei Ayanami
Soul(s) Probably Rei 1
First Sortie Episode 06

Eva-00 was the first operational Evangelion. Being a prototype, it was not originally equipped for combat, but was later upgraded and brought into battle against the Angels.

As is the case for all the Evangelions, except Eva-01, the method of Eva-00's creation is not known. It is known, however, that she was the first working prototype after many failures. Whether the creation process was perfected with Eva-00, or if something new was tried would be pure conjecture.

What is known is that the original design for the prototype Eva had been created a long time ago; Fuyutsuki sees a mockup of Eva-00 in 2003, with the same orange and white color combination and the same head design. We also learn here that Eva-00 would have had a cluster of five cameras beneath its single eye lens.

Physical Features

The design of the helmet suggests that Eva-00's skull might be somewhat narrower than those of other Evangelions. The Eva's face has never been revealed on-screen, being covered by the helmet and faceplate at all times. Unique to Eva-00 is the large optical lens on its faceplate. In addition, the faceplate lacks nostril holes or a proper jawline. Monitor readouts of the Evangelion's internal organs reveal that it actually has two eyes as well as nostrils and a jawline.

Eva-00(left) in the Proposal


Eva-00 originally had orange armor with large bulges at the shoulder and a different arrangement of plates from Eva-01 and the Production Model Evangelions, and it lacked Shoulder Pylons. After sustaining severe damage from the Angel Ramiel, Eva-00 was rebuilt with the same armor design as the production model Evangelions, along with a new blue color scheme, replacing the original orange. The repaired Eva-00 is also seen to possess retro-rockets in her shoulder pylons in Episode 11, as well as a Progressive Knife.

An early Eva-00 design seen in the Proposal has a head design identical to that used in the show. In addition, the blue color scheme is very similar to that used in the repaired Eva-00.


It is never directly stated what the identity of the soul contained in Eva-00 is, and this remains as one of the major mysteries of the series. Analysis of various clues and hints dropped through the series points to it being the soul of Rei 1, the first Rei Ayanami clone(or a part thereof) and not that of Naoko Akagi.

For more in-depth analysis, see "Eva-00's soul"

Operational History

Evangelion Unit-00 has seen less action than the Test Type Eva-01 and the Production Model Eva-02, and largely in an auxiliary role until the end. The Eva was occasionally used to transport critical equipment; one example was when it carried parts for the positron rifle in Episode 05 and the Spear of Longinus at the end of Episode 14.

Although Eva-00 was the first working Evangelion out of a very long line of failed prototypes, it was not the first Evangelion to engage in combat with an Angel. That honor belongs to Eva-01. Eva-00 went berserk during an activation test 21 days before the Third Angel, Sachiel, arrived. During the incident the entry plug was ejected, Possibly by the Eva itself, resulting in serious injuries to the pilot, Rei Ayanami.

Following a successful activation test, Eva-00 went into battle against the Angel Ramiel in a critical support role, using a heat shield from an SSTO spacecraft to shield Eva-01 from the Angel's deadly particle beam. The Eva suffered severe thermal damage and had to undergo extensive repairs, including a complete replacement of the armor. Eva-00's new armor fit is identical to those used on Production Model Evangelions, including pylons.

Eva-00 saw combat again with the Ninth Angel, Matarael, although as a backup player. It again went into combat against the Tenth Angel, Sahaquiel, stopping it from overwhelming Eva-01 and opening its A.T. Field for Eva-02 to strike the fatal blow. The battle against the Angel Bardiel resulted in the loss of an arm and it lost its other arm and suffered critical skull damage during the battle against the Angel Zeruel.

The Eva finally got center stage during the battle against the orbital Angel Arael, throwing the original Spear of Longinus to destroy the Angel. It was lost in the battle with the Angel Armisael, during which it self destructed to destroy the Angel.

Eva-00 in Rebuild

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Eva-00's Rebuild design has slightly altered proportions as compared to Eva-00 in the Anime, as well as an altered color scheme. Instead of an overall orange color scheme, the Rebuild version includes gray, colored lower legs and slight color alterations to its arms and chest area, as well as a prominent gray "waistband". Similar to its fate in Episode 06, it is severely damaged by the Angel Ramiel, although whether it will make a return with new armor remains to be seen.

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