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A Sortie is an activation and usually launching of an Evangelion outside of the Geofront in order to intercept an approaching Angel.

List of Sorties

  • Episodes 01-02: Eva-01 sorties against Sachiel. Angel defeated after Eva goes Berserk
    Eva-01's first sortie.
  • Episode 03: Eva-01 sorties against Shamshel. Angel defeated in close combat.
  • Episode 05: Eva-01 sorties against Ramiel. Eva badly damaged; pilot wounded.
  • Episode 06: Eva-00 and Eva-01 sortie as part of Operation Yashima against Ramiel. Angel defeated using JSSDF's Positron Sniper Rifle. Eva-00 badly damaged.
    Eva-00's first sortie.
    First sortie of two Evangelions at once.
  • Episode 07: Eva-01 sorties against Jet Alone. JA halted.
  • Episode 08: Eva-08 sorties against Gaghiel. Angel defeated with assistance of Pacific Fleet.
    Eva-02's first sortie.
    Two pilots in control of Eva-02 during sortie.
  • Episode 09: Eva-01 and Eva-02 sortie against Israfel. Both units defeated. Angel halted by UN using N^2 bombs.
    Eva-01 and Eva-02 sortie against Israfel as second time after specialized pilot training. Angel defeated by both Evangelions.
  • Episode 10: Eva-01 and Eva-02 sortie against Sandalphon. Order A-17 in effect. Eva-02 attempts to capture Angel using specialized equipment.
    Capture attempt fails. Angel defeated by Eva-02.
  • Episode 11: Eva-00, Eva-01, and Eva-02 sortie against Matarael. Nerv HQ under blackout during sortie. Angel defeated.
    First sortie of all three active Evangelions.
  • Episode 12: Eva-00, Eva-01, and Eva-02 sortie against Sahaquiel. Tokyo-3 evacuated under D-17 order. Angel defeated.
  • Episode 13: Angel Iruel infiltrates Nerv HQ. Evangelions launched without pilots. Angel defeated by Magi computer system.
  • Episode 16: Eva-00, Eva-01, and Eva-02 sortie against Leliel. Eva-01 captured by Angel. Angel subsequently defeated by a berserk Eva-01.
  • Episode 18: Eva-00, Eva-01, and Eva-02 sortie against Bardiel, which has captured Eva-03. Eva-02 and Eva-00 defeated. Eva-00 damaged.
    Angel defeated by Dummy System controlled Eva-01
  • Episode 19: Eva-02 sorties against Zeruel inside Geofront. Eva-02 defeated.
    Eva-01 unable to sortie after refusing Dummy System control. Damaged Eva-00 sorties against angel and is also defeated.
    Angel enters Nerv HQ. Eva-01 sorties with pilot. Angel defeated by berserk Eva-01, which consumes Angel's S^2 organ.
    Eva-01 pilot lost inside unit. Eva-00 and Eva-02 badly damaged.
  • Episode 22: Eva-02 sorties against Arael. Eva-01 under lockdown. Eva-02 and pilot paralyzed by Angel's mind attack.
    Eva-00 defeats Angel using Spear of Longinus. Spear lost.
  • Episode 23: Eva-00 sorties against Armisael. Eva-00 infected by angel. Eva-02 sorties, but pilot unable to synch and Eva is withdrawn.
    Lockdown on Eva-01 is lifted. Eva-01 sorties against Angel. Eva-01 infected by angel.
    Angel defeated after Eva-00 initiates self destruct.
    Eva-00 lost.
  • Episode 24: Eva-02 hijacked by Tabris, sorties towards Terminal Dogma. Eva-01 sortied in pursuit. Angel defeated by Eva-01. Eva-02 recovered.
  • Episode 25': Eva-02 launched against JSSDF attack. Nine MP Evas sortied against Eva-02. Eva-02 defeated by MP Evas.
  • Episode 26': Eva-01 sorties; pilot without headset. Spear of Longinus returns from the Moon.
    MP Evas merge with Lilith. Eva-01 absorbed into Tree of Life. Third Impact begins.
    Third impact ends. MP Evas petrified. Eva-01 petrified and lost in space with Spear of Longinus.