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Episode Information
Episode #10
Title 1: マグマダイバ
Title 2: Magma Diver
Written By Hideaki Anno, Akio Satsukawa
Directed By Tsuyoshi Kaga, Hiroyuki Ishido
First Aired 12-06-1995
Video Release Date 6-5-1996 (Japan-Video/LD), 1-23-2001 (US-DVD)
Angel Appearances Sandalphon
Eva Sorties Eva-01, Eva-02
Episode chronology
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The pilots are disappointed to find out that they are not allowed to go on their class trip to Okinawa, because they have to stay at Tokyo-3 to stay on-call in case of an Angel attack. Meanwhile, a new Angel is discovered in a chrysalis-like developmental stage deep within the magma of the volcano Mount Asama. Nerv seizes the opportunity to capture a live Angel for research; it is decided to send Eva-02 into the magma while wearing a super-cooled diving suit along with capture equipment. However, the Angel quickly matures and breaks containment, and Asuka is forced to battle it deep within the magma of the volcano.


Asuka is enjoying shopping with Kaji, though he seems embarrassed when he realizes she is shopping for swimsuits for the upcoming school trip to Okinawa[1]. When Asuka asks him where he went on his class trip, he replies that he didn't have one, and reminds her that Second Impact had just then occurred.

Back home, Asuka is enraged when she discovers that the pilots can't go on the trip because they are on standby. When Shinji doesn't support her, she demands that he speak up like a man. He replies that he had been expecting this. Misato, who made the decision, replies that they both need to study anyway, and holds up their report cards, which they had hidden from her. When Asuka asks angrily why they don't attack the Angels where they live, Misato replies that they would if they knew where that was.

After seeing their friends off at the airport, Shinji and Asuka head for the pool, where he decides to study while she swims. Asuka tries to flirt with Shinji. She asks him what he's studying, and leans over to look, giving him a face full of her breasts. She teases him for not being able to solve such a simple equation. She then asks what the problem dealt with, explaining that she has already graduated from college; the reason she is doing poorly in school is that she is having trouble learning kanji, so she can't read the questions. When Shinji replies that it's a thermal expansion problem, she once again remarks how simple it is; objects expand when heated. Drawing attention to her chest, Asuka asks Shinji if he thought her breasts would grow larger when heated, an embarrassed Shinji sputters "I-I wouldn't know anything about that!" leading a displeased Asuka to walk away, pronouncing him boring. However, as Shinji turns to look towards Rei, Asuka playfully calls for his attention again, having quickly gotten back into a good mood, saying "Look, Shinji, look!" as she dives into the pool.

Meanwhile, the Eighth Angel, Sandalphon, has been spotted in the crater of Mount Asama, an active volcano. Sandalphon is yet to hatch, and resembles a human embryo inside a chrysalis. Gendo orders Misato to have the Evangelions capture the unborn Angel. He explains his decision, to the Committee who become quite alarmed. Failure could result in a repeat of Second Impact. Gendo retorts that the value of having a living Angel sample should not be underestimated, and so the Committee agrees to issue an A-17 order, which gives Nerv the necessary permissions to carry out the operation. Fuyutsuki asks him if he's sure about this and Gendo simply smiles to himself.

Asuka volunteers for the mission, but tries to back out when she realizes that the D-Type Equipment she and her Eva will be wearing resembles a fat suit. She is especially distressed when her beloved Kaji sees her. When Rei tries to volunteer to perform the mission, in Asuka's Eva-02, Asuka angrily cuts her short and accepts the mission after all[2].

As they prepare for the mission, Asuka wonders aloud where Kaji is, but Misato says that he won't be at the site, because there is nothing there for him to do. But in fact, Kaji watches the site from a nearby cable cart, along with a mysterious woman holding a puppy. The woman notices that the A-17 order sent their employers' plans for quite a loop, asking Kaji why he didn't try to stop it, to which he replies that he couldn't find an excuse to delay an official order. The woman reminds him of the dangers if the mission should fail, but he assures her that Nerv won't be that arrogant.

Down at the site, Shinji notices airplanes circling overhead. Misato explains that the U.N. is on standby. Asuka believes that they are there for support until Misato explains that if the mission fails they are to destroy the Angel, along with the Nerv crew, with N² Mine, by Gendo's orders.

Once again calling for Shinji to watch her, Asuka plunges into the magma. The external pressure begins to build as Misato orders the Eva lowered beyond its rated capacity. Asuka's Progressive Knife snaps loose and is lost. Finally, at a depth of 1780 meters, she spots the Angel. Asuka successfully captures Sandalphon in a magnetic cage, but then it suddenly hatches! Although it had resembled a human embryo, the hatched Sandalphon takes on the form of the ancient Cambrian aquatic creature Anomalocaris. Misato orders the mission converted to a destroy operation. Remembering that she had lost her knife, Asuka asks Shinji to drop down his. She catches it, but it is useless against the Angel. Remembering her conversation with Shinji at the pool, Asuka rips free her coolant hose and blasts Sandalphon. The knife now does its job and the Angel is destroyed. But in its dying throes, the Angel damages Eva-02's support cable. Asuka watches helplessly, noticing that she might have triumphed, but she is also about to die. The cable breaks, and Eva-02 begins to descend, and Asuka quietly accepts her fate, but then Shinji makes a sudden descent into the crater in Eva-01 and rescues her. At first surprised that Shinji would come to her aid without regard for himself, Asuka, in spite her of herself, cannot help but smile tenderly as she quietly criticizes him for the reckless stunt.

Later, as they relax at a nearby hot spring, Pen Pen arrives in the mail, courtesy of Kaji, and makes a beeline for the hot springs. (He is, after all, a hot springs penguin.) As Shinji relaxes in the bath, Misato[3] and Asuka is in the women's bath on the other side of the wall. Knowing he is there, they make some suggestive comments, prompting some expansion in Shinji. On the other side of the wall, Asuka notices Misato's scar. Misato explains that she got it in Second Impact. When Asuka asks, "You know about my past, don't you?," Misato answers that it is her job to know those things, but adds that is ancient history and that they shouldn't dwell too much on the past.


  • Misato is seen drinking "Boa" brand beer as opposed to her favored Yebisu brand (possibly as a result of the network that the series first aired on complaining that they didn't want to give the real-world Yebisu beer company unpaid publicity).
  • A brief glimpse is given of what a "typical" day with no Angel attacks is like at NERV HQ for the trio of technicians working on the command level: Makoto Hyuga reads a manga comic book, Maya Ibuki spends her free time reading a romance novel, and Shigeru Aoba reads guitar magazines and strums an air guitar.
  • It is later stated in Episode 16 (during Shinji's internal mind-trip) that Shinji doesn't know how to swim, which offers an explanation for why of the three Eva pilots Shinji is the only one that doesn't swim in the pool.
  • The "Backwards Roll" that Asuka performs at the pool and the "Giant Entry" (Also known as "Giant Step") she does at the volcano are both actual techniques used in SCUBA diving for entering the water.


  • At this point, the timeline of events in the series starts to become fuzzy.[4]
  • The shot looking at Rei from underwater while she is swimming, silhouetted against a circular ceiling light, is similar to the shot from Episode 05 of Rei silhouetted against the Moon, which is a recurring visual motif in the series.
  • Asuka makes the valid point about the plot of the series that Nerv really has no clear idea of where or how Angels appear. It's not that the series isn't adequately explaining to the audience where Angels come from; even to characters within the story, its something of a mystery. Nerv is stuck in a defensive posture, and if they could go on the offensive against the Angels, they would.
For more in-depth analysis, see "Origin of Angels"


  • (At the side of the Nerv swimming pool, Asuka is wearing a revealing two-piece bathing suit while helping Shinji with science homework)
    Asuka: "Thermal expansion? That's kid stuff! To put it simply, things expand when they get hot, and shrink when they get cold."
    Shinji: "Well yeah, but--"
    Asuka: "If I were to warm up my breasts, do you think they'd grow a little bigger?"
    Shinji: "I-I wouldn't know anything about that!"
    Asuka: "What a boring guy..."
  • (Asuka is battling the Angel in the magma)
    Asuka: "It's fast! This is bad. I've lost sight of it. In addition to that, I've got lousy visibility, I'm really hot, and this suit's plastered to me and feels disgusting. This really sucks."
  • (Eva-01 jumps into the Magma, saving Asuka)
    Asuka: "Shinji? "(She smiles.) "Idiot, don't go overboard."
  • (Shinji, after overhearing Misato teasing and tickling Asuka)
    Shinji: "It expanded. How embarrassing!"


  1. It is unclear how the students could be vacationing in Okinawa as it has a maximum elevation of ~500 meters, and should have been subsumed by rising sea levels which have visibly flooded the coastal cities of Japan. However, Asuka did say that a major activity on the planned class trip was scuba diving. Thus the implication might be that they are diving at the former site of Okinawa. (Though this doesn't seem to be what she is saying and scuba diving is a popular tourist activity on Okinawa in the real world today.) However, Shinohara, the weather girl on the radio in Episode 03, said that a popular tourist activity is to actually go scuba diving in the flooded ruins of Matsuzaki on the Izu peninsula, which was submerged during Second Impact.
  2. Evangelion Unit-00 seems to have been fully repaired by the time this episode takes place (although it does not actually appear on-screen), after it was severely damaged in Episode 06. It wasn't used against the Angel Israfel last episode, presumably because it was still being repaired. However, in this episode, they discuss the possibility of using Eva-00, and the reason they give for not using it is because it needs to stay behind at Tokyo-3 as a backup, in case another Angel directly attacks the city. This seems to indicate that it is in a fully combat-ready state again.
  3. We see in this scene that Misato has a large scar on her sternum, which she got from an injury during Second Impact. Misato's experience during Second Impact will be shown during a flashback in Episode 12.
  4. See Neon Genesis Evangelion Timeline for details.

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