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This is an extended analysis article which is a special extension from both the Episode 10 article and the main Angels article.

The series only vaguely discusses where Angels actually "come from". The Seeds of Life Adam and Lilith both landed on Earth after being seeded across space by the God-like progenitor aliens known as the "First Ancestral Race" four billion years ago (according to the "Classified Information" files). The Third through Seventeenth Angels are the "children of Adam". Humans ultimately derive from Lilith, hence the name "Lilin" applied to them by Kaworu Nagisa, the last Angel.

All subsequent references to "Angels" in this article exclude Lilith and Lilin.

The creation of the Angels

Thus several questions are raised: Were the Angels already created by Adam when Adam was traveling through space to Earth in her "White Moon" transport vessel? Were the Angels created by Adam after the White Moon landed on Earth, but lay dormant (in an embryonic stage of some sort) along with Adam underneath Antarctica? Were they created during Second Impact? Was Adam "impregnated" by something else ("prepared" somehow by the First Ancestral Race) or did she produce the other Angels asexually?

Beyond the question of how the other Angels were created, is the question of how they went from being created by Adam to where they first appeared in the year 2015. If the Angels were present in the "White Moon" of Adam in Antarctica when Second Impact occurred on September 13th, did they reach the areas where they were first encountered? Were the embryos or seeds of the Angels "scattered" across the globe from Antarctica in the explosion of Second Impact?

  • Sandalphon's first appearance is perhaps the most tantalizing, because Nerv actually discovers it before it starts attacking: Sandalphon is first discovered while in an embryo or cocoon-like immature state...deep inside the magma of an active volcano. Why it would first appear there of all places is unrevealed. Further, this raises the question: were all of the other Angels also hidden in other unaccessible parts of the world (volcanoes, deep ocean floor, etc.) "maturing" in a pupal state, before they attacked in 2015?
  • Sahaquiel is the first of two Angels to appear in orbit (the second being Arael). However, it seems unlikely that Second Impact simply blew Sahaquiel's egg into orbit- Sandalphon emerged from its cocoon in Episode 10 at full adult size. Assuming Sahaquiel to be the same, it seems impossible that an object so huge could go undetected in Earth orbit for so long, while Sahaquiel was in a pupal state.
    • Since it is never revealed where any of the Angels directly come from (except Sandalphon), Sahaquiel's cocoon was probably somewhere else on the Earth, perhaps in the desolate southern Indian Ocean near Antarctica, over which it was first discovered, and from where it could have launched itself into orbit undetected.
  • Tabris, better known by his human name Kaworu Nagisa, represents a special case, and much has been discussed or speculated about his nature. All that is known for certain is that Seele sent Kaworu to Nerv, and that Kaworu serves as a "vessel" for the soul of Adam. How Seele acquired Kaworu is unknown. It has even been theorized that Kaworu was created by Seele (by inserting Adam's soul) and thus the last "naturally occurring" Angel was Armisael (this is of course unconfirmed).

No clear or definitive answer was ever given. The appearance of Sandalphon in a pupal state inside a volcano is the only major clue given, and this would seem to support the (shaky) theory that the "embryos/seeds" of the Angels were scattered across the globe in the explosion of Second Impact, lay unnoticed in isolated parts of the world while they matured through pupal stages, and upon maturing, proceeded to advance to Tokyo-3 to try to reunite with Adam.

Another possibility is revealed in the Neon Genesis Evangelion Proposal. Angels were originally meant to be creations of the First Ancestral Race, lying dormant in various secluded locations on Earth and the Moon. Rather than being scattered all over the world by Second Impact, they may have been purposefully hidden deep underground or underwater, escaping detection until they matured and began on their way.