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Episode Information
Episode #08
Title 1: アスカ、来日
Asuka, Rainichi
Asuka Arrives in Japan
Title 2: Asuka Strikes!
Asuka Ships Bridge.jpg
Written By Hideaki Anno, Yoji Enokido
Directed By Kazuya Tsurumaki
First Aired 11-22-1995
Video Release Date 5-2-1996 (Japan-Video/LD), 11-21-2000 (US-DVD)
Angel Appearances Gaghiel
Eva Sorties Eva-02
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Misato brings Shinji, along with Toji and Kensuke, to a massive UN naval convoy transporting Evangelion Unit-02 and its fiery German pilot, Asuka Langley Soryu, to Japan. Escorting Asuka is Misato's old boyfriend, Ryoji Kaji. After some awkward introductions and reunions, the fleet is attacked by a massive aquatic Angel. Asuka powers up Eva-02, and decides that she will defeat the Angel by playing "hopscotch"...


Ep. 8 opens with a telephone conversation between Gendo and an unknown person, wherein we learn that the cargo has "Left Sasebo, and is coming here across the Pacific[1] ."

We then join Shinji, Misato, Toji, and Kensuke, aboard a helicopter. Misato tells them they are on a date, but Toji and Kensuke are actually along as cover, so that no one will know that this is official business. They are on their way to meet Asuka Langley Soryu, the pilot of Evangelion Unit-02, which is being transported by the U.N. Pacific Fleet[2]. The fleet is centered around an aircraft carrier named Over the Rainbow, and several ships are named after Shakespeare plays, Cymbeline, Titus Andronicus, Othello, etc. Kensuke is even more irrepressible than usual in this episode, and has his video camera glued to his eye for a majority entirety of the episode. When Toji's new hat blows across the deck, Asuka stops it with her foot; as Toji tries to retrieve it, a gust of wind flips her skirt, presumably giving him an eye full. (The viewers don't see anything) Even though it wasn't his fault, Toji gets his face slapped as a "viewing fee" (as do Kensuke and Shinji)[3]. Incensed, Toji "drops trou", only to get a second welt on his face. Upon being introduced to Shinji, Asuka pronounces him "dull".

During a conversation between Misato and the Captain about who has authority, and where the emergency power cable should go, Ryoji Kaji strolls onto the bridge. Misato doesn't seem happy to see him. (But Asuka does). He is escorting Asuka from Nerv's German branch to Japan. The character then all cram themselves into the same elevator to go below deck for lunch. During the meal, Kaji hints at the intimate relationship he once had with Misato by asking, "does she still toss and turn in bed?" He also seems to be implying that he thinks that Misato is capable of doing something with Shinji. Misato fumes the rest of the scene, while everyone else looks scandalized. Except for Shinji; he seems to be enjoying Kaji's banter. When Shinji is surprised that Kaji recognizes him, Kaji replies that he is famous.

After the meal, when Asuka once again comments on how boring Shinji is, Kaji tells her he had a 40% synch rate with Evangelion Unit-01 with no training in a combat situation. This surprises her so much that she feels a need to impress him as well, so she takes him to the transport ship to see her Eva. She explains to him that Eva-02 is the first production model; Eva-00 and Eva-01 are just the prototype and test-type. Just then Gaghiel[4] , the sixth Angel attacks, damaging several of the warships[5]. Asuka sees her chance to impress Shinji and forces him to put on a plug suit and accompany her into battle. (After telling him "no peeking" while donning her own plug suit.)

Kaji calls Gendo and tells him an Angel attack wasn't part of their deal. Gendo assures him that he put Eva-02 and a spare pilot aboard for this very contingency.

Because there are 2 pilots aboard, Asuka has trouble starting Eva-02. When telling Shinji to "Think in German!" doesn't work, she solves to problem by switching the language to Japanese[6]. The captain warns Misato that Eva-02 has "B-type Equipment"[7], and can't fight underwater, but Misato tells Asuka to go ahead. Asuka leaps her Eva from ship to ship until it reaches its power cable aboard the carrier, plugs herself in, and draws her Progressive Knife. The Angel's leap knocks Eva-02 into the Sea, where she is swallowed. Kaji leaps into a fighter plane; Misato thinks he has a plan, but instead, he makes his escape. Misato comes up with a desperate plan. Scuttle two of the damaged battleships in Gaghiel's path; have Asuka and Shinji pry open the Angel's mouth, and then have the ships fire their guns point-blank and then self destruct, destroying the Angel. Shinji and Asuka can't get Gaghiel's mouth open until they cooperate in the effort. The plan works, and the blast propels Eva-02 back onto the carrier's deck[8].

Later, back on shore, Ritsuko looks at the data and tells Misato that Shinji and Asuka both broke their Synch records while opening the Angel's mouth.

Meanwhile, Kaji has arrived at Nerv H.Q. with his cargo, and asks if it, and not Eva-02 was the Angel's actual target. Gendo agrees. Inside Kaji's case is what appears to be a large human embryo, encased in an amber-colored block. Even though it is encased in Bakelite, Adam, the first human is alive and growing[9] .

The next day at school, Toji is telling Shinji and Kensuke how glad he is that he won't be seeing Asuka again, when she is introduced as a new student.

End of episode.


  • First appearance of Asuka Langley Soryu in the series. Despite the fact that she shows up as late as Episode 08, she's actually part of the trio of primary characters: Shinji, Rei, and Asuka.
  • First appearance of Evangelion Unit-02, the first "Production Model" Evangelion.
  • First appearance of Ryoji Kaji.
  • The closing credits of this episode are tinted red instead of the usual blue. Probably to celebrate the arrival of Asuka and Eva-02 (as Eva-02 is painted red).
  • Gaghiel is the first and only aquatic Angel, and this is also the only aquatic battle in the series.
  • A minor example of character design recycling from another Gainax show appears in this episode: the captain and executive officer of Over the Rainbow are the captain and first officer of the USS Abraham in Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water.


It is interesting to note that the route that the fleet takes to deliver Unit 02 (and Adam) is not exactly straightforward, whether due to a lack of attention on the part of the writers or more likely as an effort at subterfuge on the part of the characters involved (Gendou, Kaji, Seele).

A comparison of the streets shown in the Operation Schematic (left) and a map of Yokohama (right)

Gendou states that the "cargo" left from Sasebo Port. Sasebo is in southern Japan in the Nagasaki Prefecture. Next, we see during the impromptu planning "Operating Schematic" that the fleet is traveling Nort to South over what was previously Tokyo (more precisely Yokohama) as evidenced by the match of street and location names (see image). Finally, the fleet disembarks in New Yokosuka (Old Odawara) wich is near Tokyo III and what was Hakone.

The route suggested by this would take the fleet out of its way to pass over Tokyo, either passing Odawara by going south, or going completely around Honshu to the north and swinging around the northern end of the island to come past Tokyo from the east. As to the purpose of this (assuming it was not an oversight by the director, and one might assume it was not, they drew that map from a real map of Yokohama) it is unknown.


  • Asuka: (to Shinji) "Anta baka?!" ("What are you, stupid?!") (The first time Asuka says this in the series...though not the last...)
  • Asuka (Starting up Eva Unit 02): "LCL Füllung. Anfang der Bewegung. Anfang des Nervenanschlusses. Auslöses von Links-kleidung. Synchro-start." (message displays: "FEHLER")
    Shinji: "Its...a programming error?"
    Asuka: "It's thought-noise. I told you not to disturb me."
    Shinji: "What do you mean?"
    Asuka: "You're thinking in Japanese aren't you? If you must think, do it in German!"
    Shinji: "I'll try...baumkuchen..."
    Asuka: "Baka!"
  • KAJI: So, she hasn't changed, has she, Mister Shinji Ikari?
    SHINJI: Well... Huh? How do you know my name?
    KAJI: Well, of course I do. You're famous in our business. The Third Child, who piloted an Eva in battle with no training.
    SHINJI: Oh, no, it was just luck.
    KAJI: Luck is a part of your destiny. It's your talent. Well, I'll see you later.
  • UN Captain: "But what about Eva?"
    Misato: "Don't worry. Those two'll be alright."
    (Scene quickly cuts to the Entry Plug of Eva 02, Asuka is strangling Shinji from behind)
    Asuka: (switches from strangling Shinji to beating him rhythmically with her fists) "Hey, don't pilot my Unit 02 without my permission!!"
    Misato: (Over the radio) "Do both of you understand the operation?"
    Shinji: (Asuka continues to strangle Shinji) "I'll do my best."


  1. In Gendo's phone conversation at the beginning of the episode, he says that the naval convoy transporting Eva Unit 02 left Sasebo "yesterday", and was currently in the Pacific. Sasebo is a port city in extreme southwestern Japan, in Nagasaki prefecture, slightly north of the city of Nagasaki. Sasebo is the site of a major naval military base. The convoy transporting Eva-02 from Germany apparently made a short stop in Sasebo, before continuing on to New Yokosuka.
  2. The warships depicted in Episode 08 all have real-life counterparts. See Warships in Evangelion for more information.
  3. The three sets of Japanese characters that form the opening title card for the episode appear in sequence, with each one punctuated by synchronizing each with one of the three times Asuka slaps Toji, Kensuke, and Shinji's faces respectively.
  4. This is the first and really only time that an Angel attacks somewhere other than Tokyo-3; this is because Adam was secretly being transported in the naval convoy (Misato notes that the Angel seems to be searching for something). Two later Angels, Sahaquiel and Arael, will appear in Earth orbit, yet despite being located in space their attacks are both still conspicuously directed against Tokyo-3.
  5. In Episode 14, it is said that one third of the UN naval fleet in this episode was destroyed by Gaghiel.
  6. As was earlier seen in Episode 03, when more than one person is in the Entry Plug of an Eva at the same time, it creates "thought noise"; basically static interference between the mind of the pilot and the Eva.
  7. Evangelions cannot swim using their standard armor equipment, which is termed B-Type Equipment; they sink and cannot easily move.
  8. The underwater battle between Eva-02 and the Angel Gaghiel takes place over Ito in the submerged Izu peninsula, according to Episode 14. In what appears to be a major error in geography, all the street names seen on the display are those of Yokohama, which is over a hundred kilometers to the northeast and not on the direct route to new Odawara.
  9. Kaji has delivered Adam to Gendo in Tokyo-3. Kaji suggests and Gendo confirms that Adam is "the key to Human Instrumentality Project". Gendo describes Adam as "the first human being".

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