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Shinji and Good Friends is a series of computer games based on Neon Genesis Evangelion, released by Gainax in 1999 for use with Microsoft Windows 95 and 98. The games are Evangelion-themed versions of common card games, such as Solitaire and 7-Up. Missions of Logic was a number puzzle game. These games were sold separately from 5800 to 7800 yen in price.


  • Shinji and Good Friends: All-Out Rich Man, Poor Man
  • Shinji and Good Friends: American Page 1
  • Shinji and Good Friends: Bonjourno 7-Up
  • Shinji and Good Friends: Is That Solitaire?
  • Shinji and Good Friends: Missions of Logic
  • Shinji and Good Friends: Second Hanafuda Impact


Various game and promotional images.

Game title from "All-Out Rich Man, Poor Man"
Character from "All-Out Rich Man, Poor Man"
Game title from "American Page 1"
Screenshot from "American Page 1"

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