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Secret of Evangelion (シークレット オブ エヴァンゲリオン) is an Eva game released on Playstation 2 in 2006, and later Windows and PSP in 2007. The limited edition version of the PSP release came with a PSP hard case, while the limited edition version for Windows included a mousepad and 5 postcards. The Windows and PSP release includes a quiz game and new event CG (image gallery).

In the game, you play as a new character, Nerv agent Kyouya Kenzaki, an old college friend of Kaji's. Throughout the game, you must uncover mysteries surrounding the Evangelion plot, as well as mysteries involving yourself. There are multiple routes, which seem to depend how much information you uncover. The end credits, which scroll like Evangelion Death, features a backdrop of the LCL Sea from End of Evangelion set to Soul's Refrain (10th Anniversary Version) from Evangelion: Decade.

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