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Thanatos -If I can't be yours- is a rhythm and blues song performed by Loren and Mash and was used in the ending credits of both Episode 25' and Episode 26'. It is a vocal version of the background music Thanatos used throughout the series.


Now it's time, I fear to tell

I've been holding it back so long But something strange deep inside Of me is happening I feel unlike I've ever felt And it's making me scared That I may not be What I think I am

What of us? What do I say? Are we both from a different world? 'Cos every breath that I take I breath it for you I couldn't face my life without you And I'm So Afraid There's nothing to comfort us What am I? If I can't be yours

I don't sleep, don't feel a thing And my senses have all but gone Can't even cry for the pain Can't shed a tear now I realize we're not the same And it's making me sad 'Cos we can't fulfill our dreams In this life

So I must let us break free I can never be what you need If there was a way through the hurt Then I would find it
I'd take the blows, yes I would fight it But this is the one Impossible Dream to live What am I? If I can't be yours

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