Loren and Mash

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Loren singing in the Evangelion Symphony performance

Loren and Mash are the artists credited with Thanatos -If I can't be yours- (lyrics by Mash and composition by Shiro Sagisu), the ending theme for Episode 25' of The End of Evangelion. They collaborated on the album Loren Mash Hazel Desire, Evangelion Vox, and with Shiro Sagisu on Shiro's Songbook.

Loren has been credited with performances of:

  • Evangelion Vox
    • The Image of Me - vocalise
    • Can't get you outta my head
    • Thanatos~if I can't be yours~ Jazzy side stick-mix
    • Komm,susser Tod - Tumbling down mix
    • Promised Land-Loren & Mash studio Live
    • Star-Loren & Mash studio Live
    • The Image of Me - playback
  • Shiro's Songbook
    • Thanatos~if I can't be yours~
    • Love Calling
    • Winter Blue

Outside of Evangelion, Loren has released at least two solo albums called Phix Up!! and Up all Night, both in 1997; Mash released Black Beauty in 1996 and Touched in 1999. There is a Mali who is sometimes attributed to be Mash but it is Mali who is credited with the performances on albums like Evangelion Vox. It's possible that Mash is a collection of people (a band) and not just one person.