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Neon Genesis Evangelion: The Shinji Ikari Detective Diary
Evangelion The Shinji Ikari Detective Diary Cover v1.jpg
Publisher Kadokawa (JP); Dark Horse (US)
Release Date Feb. 24, 2010 to Nov. 24, 2010
Media Type Manga
Author Takumi Yoshimura

Neon Genesis Evangelion: The Shinji Ikari Detective Diary (新世紀エヴァンゲリオン 碇シンジ探偵日記, lit. "Shin Seiki Evangelion - Ikari Shinji Tantei Nikki") is a manga series based on the Neon Genesis Evangelion written by Takumi Yoshimura. It was compiled into 2 volumes of 9 chapters in total. It was serialized in Asuka from February 24, 2010 to November 24, 2010.It was published by Kadokawa Shoten in June 23, 2010 and January 22, 2011. It was published in United States of America by Dark Horse in September 04, 2013 and April 02, 2014.


When even a tough dude like his school pal Toji is getting menaced by gangsters, a nice guy like Shinji Ikari feels obliged to seek out the local private eye, Ryoji Kaji, and his striking young assistant, Kaworu Nagisa. Somehow, though, Shinji gets drafted into solving the case himself, with Kaworu's help—although Kaworu quickly proves to be a mystery of his own...

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