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ANIMATE VOICE CASSETTE 04: Shin Seiki Evangelion Shinji & Asuka Version
  • Japan Movic
Release Date
  • Japan December 1, 1996
Media Type Cassette

ANIMATE VOICE CASSETTE (アニメイト ボイス カセット 04 新世紀 エヴァンゲリオン シンジ&アスカ編 ANIMATE VOICE CASSETTE 04: Shin Seiki Evangelion Shinji & Asuka Version), is a 1996 audio drama by Movic, featuring Shinji and Asuka. It is a roughly 30-minute recording, with Side A being focused on Shinji and Side B on Asuka. It features the characters, voiced by their original voice actresses, recording messages to the listener, like a "good morning" and "happy birthday" message, while the other comments on the messages, and they discuss each other and some events of the series that happened between them. It is a lighthearted humorous recording.

Despite the "04" number, this is actually part of a multi-franchise series by Movic, and the "Shinji & Asuka Version" is the only release related to Evangelion.[1][2]

Both sides have been fan-subtitled in English, available here and here.


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