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"We've seen it. The proof of its construction was very useful."
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Episode Information
Episode 26' Live Action Cut
Title 1: 劇場版#26実写パート (特別ラッシュ編集版)
Gekijō-ban #26 Jissha Pāto (Tokubetsu Rasshu Henshū-Ban)
Theatrical Release #26 Live Action Part (Special Rush Edit Version)
Title 2: -
Written By Hideaki Anno
Directed By Kazuya Tsurumaki

Hideaki Anno

First Aired 7-19-1997[1]
Video Release Date 6-25-2003
Angel Appearances N/A
Eva Sorties N/A
Episode chronology
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The Episode 26' Live Action Cut is a short-film based in the Evangelion universe. Officially produced by Production I.G and Gainax, the film contains live-action clips from Episode 26', as well as additional clips not used in End of Evangelion. The clips that made it into End of Evangelion were modified; overdubbed with a dialogue between Shinji Ikari and Rei Ayanami. Although the whole short never made it into the theatrical release, it was eventually released as bonus material in Renewal of Evangelion, under the title Theatrical Release #26 Live Action Part (Special Rush Edit Version) (劇場版#26実写パート (特別ラッシュ編集版)). Because Renewal of Evangelion has never been sold officially outside of Japan, the Episode 26' Live Action Cut has never been officially translated to English.


The film follows several central characters from the series, years after the events of Evangelion, but as if the events had never happened. Asuka Langley Soryu wakes up from a dream after a night of drinking, having slept with a man presumed to be Toji Suzuhara.[2] Asuka reflects on her disappointment since she has moved in with him, while taking a morning-after pill. Meanwhile, in the apartment next door, Misato Katsuragi is drinking and watching television, when she hears Asuka and Toji begin making love. Misato recieves a call from Ritsuko Akagi, inviting her to an upcoming vacation, when Ritsuko hears the neighbours' through the phone. The two have a conversation, expressing their opinions about the nature of human relationships.

Asuka leaves her apartment for school, when she runs into Misato. The two make smalltalk as they both leave for the day. This causes Asuka to be late, and she rushes to the train station to make the :31 express. At school, Asuka consults her upperclassmen for advice on her relationship. The upperclassman suggests she should dump her boyfriend, saying there is "nothing worse than a brooding man". Following school, Asuka walks alone down a busy street, when she is stopped by a mysterious voice, calling her name. The voice[3] - presumably Shinji - speaks to her, saying "I'm not here."


  • Based on Shinji's line at the end of the film, and the placement of the live action clips within Episode 26', it is believed that this scene is an alternate reality, similar to the one shown in Episode 26. Misato and Asuka do not recognise each other, aside from the fact that they are neighbours, and no allusions are made to Nerv or the Evangelions.
  • While there is an overlap with the material that is presented in Episode 26', there is also material in Episode 26' that is not present in the Live Action Cut, such as the movie theater scene, and the scene where Rei, Asuka, and Misato are seen from behind, walking down a busy street. This begs the question of whether or not a more complete version of the short film exists, and if important details are missing.


  • Asuka: Men... You let them do it with you once and from then on that's all there is.
  • Misato: Well, I guess it's no use complaining about reality in your dreams.
  • (Misato, on the phone with Ritsuko)
    Misato: Men just want a mother figure who'll spoil them, and women become intoxicated with the comfort that situation provides.
    Misato: It's just two lonely people making a couple. It doesn't look like it'll last long; they'll probably hit the breakup battle stage soon.
    Ritsuko: Inference based on personal experience, huh?
    Misato: Common sense! Why do you think mothers don't let their children go?
  • Upperclassmen: There's nothing worse than a brooding man.
  • Shinji: Asuka... I'm not here.


  1. Parts of the short-film appeared in End of Evangelion, specifically Episode 26'.
  2. This is based on the fact that she refers to him as "stupid toji" (baka touji), although it's not known if he is the same Toji as the character that appears in the rest of the series.
  3. Hideaki Anno voices the mysterious voice, making it his only acting role in the series.