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Episode Information
Episode #02
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Episode 02
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Angel Appearances Sachiel
Episode chronology
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Events Synopsis

The episode continues where the last left off, with Shinji preparing to face the Angel in Unit-01. Shinji first attempts to get the Eva to walk forward, but loses control and falls. Unit-01 is left helpless as Sachiel advances and proceeds to seriously damage the Evas left arm and right eye. The pilots signal is lost, and the Eva is lifeless. The scene then cuts to Shinji suddenly waking up in an unfamiliar, empty hospital room.

Gendo discusses the reappearance of the angels after 15 years with the Human Instrumentality Committee, while Misato and Ritsuko survey the aftermath of the battle. Gendo is intructed not to let the reappearance of the Angels allow the Human Instrumentality Project to fall behind schedule. Shinji sees Rei at the hospital. Misato comes to pick Shinji up at the hospital and they meet Gendo by the elevator, but Shinji wordlessly refuses to enter.

Misato takes Shinji to be assigned accommodation, but discovers that he is to live on his own. She decides to take him to live with her instead. On the way home Misato picks up some groceries and they overhear two women fearfuly recalling the previous days battle. Misato takes Shinji to an observation point overlooking Tokyo-3 and they witness the city building emerge from underground.

Misato and Shinji arrive at Misato's Apartment. Shinji tries to enter as a guest, but Misato insists that the apartment is his home, and so Shinji says "Tadaima" as he crosses the Threshold. Misato's apartment is in a state with empty beer cans everywhere, and only ice, condiments and more beer in the fridge. Misato changes and they set down to eat a meal of instant convienience food.

Misato decides the houshold chores by games of Jan-ken, with Shinji getting most of the daily tasks. She advices Shinji to take a bath. Shinji meets Pen-Pen in the bathroom and is so startled that he runs naked back into the kitchen to tell Misato. Misato explains that Pen-Pen is their other "roommate", and advices Shinji to cover up, and he slinks embarrassedly back into the bathroom. Shinji reflects in the days events in the bath.

We see Unit-00 frozen in Bakelite being observed by Gendo and Ritsuko. They discuss Ayanami Rei's recovery in a ruined control room. Gendo reveals that despite their hardships he will continue to have the children pilot the Evangelions.

Shinji lies alone in his bedroom, listening to his SDAT player. Misato speaks with Ritsuko on the phone about their situation. Shinji lies awake reflecting on his presence in Tokyo-3. As he does so, sounds from the battle are heard and we begin a flashback to the events of the battle.

Unit-01 was rendered lifeless by Sachiel's attack, with Nerv losing control of the Eva and contact with the pilot. Misato orders the ejection of the Entry plug, but the system is completely out of control. Unit-01 suddenly reactivates and begins a vicious attack on the Angel who defends with a powerful AT Field barrier. The Eva repairs the broken left arm and erodes the Angel's barrier with another AT Field.

Once the barrier is down, Unit-01 soundly defeats Sachiel by shattering the downed Angel's Core. Sachiel in a last desperate attack, wraps itself around UNit-01 and self destructs in a massive cross shaped explosion. Unit-01 emerges still intact from the explosion.

As Nerv regains control of the Evangelion, Shinji comes to in the entry plug. The damaged helmet sloughs off, and Shinji is able to glimpse the Evas face reflected in the windows of a building. As he looks on, the Evas eye regenerates and suddenly focuses straight at him. Shinji begins to scream and the flashback ends.

Shinji slowly curls up in bed after recalling the battle. Misato comes to his door and praises him for piloting the Eva and saving the city. The episode ends.