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Class 2A hard at work

Tokyo-3 First Municipal Junior High School, Class 2-A is the 8th grade class that the Evangelion pilots Shinji Ikari, Asuka Langley Soryu, and Rei Ayanami belong to. Among their classmates are Hikari Horaki (the designated class representative), Toji Suzuhara and Kensuke Aida. As part of their curriculum, the students are also provided red laptops to aid their studies, which are all networked (which allows the students to message each other in class).

However, in Episode 03, Toji notes that the class roster (and by extension, the school population) has thinned out, and Kensuke further states that the Angel attack (specifically the battle against Sachiel) forced some frightened people to move out of Tokyo-3 or transfer to other schools.

In Episode 17, Ritsuko reveals that as the school is covertly designated as Code 707 by the Marduk Institute, all students in Class 2-A are potential 4th level pilot candidates, and in Episode 19, that information is relayed to Shinji.

An empty class looks better than a bored one

The class is taught by an extremely old teacher from Nebukawa. While certain lessons appear on the board from time to time, the majority of classes appear to consist of long, boring, allocutions on the tragedies and struggles surrounding Second Impact, and the duty of the children to build a new world. While the students are all equipped with laptops, the class has a set of daily printouts which periodically need to be delivered by assigned class members to absent pupils. The class is also required to clean their own room.

It is later revealed that every student in the class is a potential Evangelion pilot candidate. Several pieces of indirect evidence point to all of the pupils in the class being without mothers - Nerv having presumably, by suspect methods, imbibed their mothers' souls inside waiting Evangelion cores.

Class 2-A goes on a trip to Okinawa in Episode 10, but the Eva pilots are required to remain behind on standby in case of Angel attack. Following the events of Zeruel's attack and Shinji's sojourn inside Eva-01, the pilots no longer attend school, though they continue to wear their school uniforms. Kaworu appears to wear the class uniform, but never actually attends school. In the alternate reality seen during instrumentality in Episode 26, Class 2-A is being taught by Misato.

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  • Class 2-A along with Nebukawa no Sensei is currently used as visual motif for the evageeks site, both for the news and on the forums and news pages, as well as for this wiki.
  • According to the evacuation announcement during Shamshel's attack, it seems that the entire school consists of elementary and middle grade classes.
  • In the Japanese school system, elementary school goes from grade 1 to grade 6, junior high school starts from grade 7 to grade 9, and high school begins from grade 10 to 12. Middle and high school grades are designated as "years" (i.e. Grade 7/10 = 1st Year, Grade 8/11 = 2nd Year, Grade 9/12 = 3rd Year).
  • For year/section designations, the first number in the class is the grade for the specific level of education (junior high school in this case) and the letter denotes which of the specific section classes of that grade. This designation also applies to the classroom, since the students stay in the same room throughout the school day while the teachers for a given subject switch classrooms.
  • This is corroborated when in Episode 09, a student mentions that Asuka is in the 8th grade, and in Episode 17 when the old teacher tells the class that Mr. Koike is absent so the modern Japanese class will self-study.