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"Making something... Nurturing something is really great. You can see and learn so many things from the process."
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Makoto Hyuga
Rank / Title First Lieutenant [1]

Computer Technician

Affiliation(s) Nerv
Wille (Rebuild 3.0)
National Heritage Japanese
Age Unknown
Birthday 02/13/19??
Height 179cm[2]
Seiyū Hiro Yuki
Voice Actor (English): Matt Greenfield (TV), Keith Burgess (films),
Mike McFarland (Rebuild), Daniel MK Cohen (Netflix)
(Italian): Francesco Bulckaen
(Brazilian): AlfredoRollo, Alexandre Marconatto
(French): Cyril Aubin
(Spanish): Enzo Fortuny
(German): Frank Schröder (TV and Rebuild) , Norman Matt (Films) , Alexander Jaschik (Netflix)

First Lieutenant Makoto Hyuga is one of the three main computer technicians at Nerv HQ, along with Maya Ibuki and Shigeru Aoba.


Hyuga is a member of Nerv's Tactical Operations division, and is the chief aide to the head of the division, Misato Katsuragi. Hyuga and Misato often stay in close proximity during operations and battles against Angels, during which she often grasps Hyuga's shoulder or the back of his chair.

Hyuga diligently and sometimes recklessly assists Misato throughout the series. Hyuga relays important information from a trusted source in Shanghai to Misato regarding the construction of the Mass Production Evangelions. After the arrival of the Fifth Children, he hacks into the Intelligence Department's records and later borrows classified information regarding Kaworu from Ibuki to further assist Misato in her investigations of Nerv's true agenda. During the JSSDF invasion in Episode 25' Misato entrusts Hyuga to take care of things for her at the Command Center when she must leave to rescue Shinji.

Misato also relies on him for more menial jobs, as Hyuga is seen picking up her laundry for her, though he calls her "lazy" for not doing it herself.

Aside from his professional relationship with Misato, Hyuga seems to have a crush on her from afar. Hyuga makes no overt moves on Misato, and does not try to interfere in her relationship with Kaji when she renews it. The closest Hyuga came to professing his attraction was when he said, "It's okay, as long as I'm with you" to Misato in response to her orders to detonate headquarters rather than let Third Impact take place in Episode 24. Misato seems to be aware that Hyuga likes her, but doesn't seem to mind it. Hyuga's attraction is finally reciprocated by his transition guide, which takes the form of Misato and embraces him in a kiss just before he turns into LCL.

Although he is a bit nerdy, reading manga comics during breaks at Nerv HQ, Hyuga shows his resourcefulness at times. In Episode 07 he pilots the plane which transports Evangelion Unit-01 to stop the out of control Jet Alone and in Episode 11 he commandeers a loudspeaker truck to warn Nerv Headquarters of the approach of Matarael during the power sabotage in Tokyo-3.

In Rebuild of Evangelion

Hyuga reappears in Evangelion 1.0 and 2.0 in much the same way as the original series. However for Evangelion 3.0 he appears alongside Aoba on the bridge of the AAA Wunder.


  • Hyuga was named for the Ise-class battleship (later battleship/carrier hybrid) Hyuga.
  1. Evangelion Chronicle issues 7, 20 and 25. Scans can be consulted here. There is a particularity in the rankings of the Japanese Self-Defense Forces that makes the translation a little confusing. What we usually contemplate as the First and Second Lieutenant in their language is called the Second Class Lieutenant and Third Class Lieutenant. A direct translation cannot capture this particularity, and for that so the information was double-checked.
  2. Evangelion Chronicle has a character height chart, however it does not clearly state each character's height. An user has calculated their heights based on it here, taking Misato's height from Episode 25 as a reference.

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