List of Neon Genesis Evangelion fanfictions

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This is a list of the most popular and famous NGE fanfictions. Note this article is about written fanfictions. If you are looking for AMVs, Re-Take, or ReDeath they have their own pages.

Also see the Evangelion section on FFN

What is a fanfiction

A fanfiction is when supplemental stories are written by fans using the show's pre-established characters and story arcs.

Evangelion fanfiction comes in several flavors:

WAFF: Stands for "Warm And Fluffy/Fuzzy Feelings." Everyone lives happily ever after. Unlike the real story, the plot usually ends up happy. This is usually related to Shipping.

Darkfic: Usually has similar tones to the show. Many of the main characters will probably die.

Post Third Impact: As the name suggests these stories deal with what happened after the story ended. They can end up as Darkfics or WAFFs. Many just deal with the emotions after Third Impact while others will have new enemies that the main characters have to deal with.

Self Insert: Writers making themselves part of the action. Most usually make themselves Eva pilots along with the main characters.

OOC: The writers do not like the personalities of some characters so they change them from canon. Some examples are making Shinji less emotional, Asuka less angry, and Rei less inhuman.

Alternate Universe: The alternate universe shown in Episode 26 is subject to many stories. They deal with the characters without Evas in a school setting.

Crossovers: Some fanfictions bring in other series ideas, characters, and events in various ways.

Nobody Dies series

Author:Gregg Landsman, AmIADream, Winged Knight, EarthScorpion, Machina Ex Deus, Lavanya Six, K9 the First,

Chapters: Main-106

Status: Ongoing

Location: Main Story here, Most of the spinoff stories here

Plot: A very simple premise, what would happen if Yui and Kyoko did not perform the contact experiment? Them being alive changes the Evangelion series completely. New characters are added such as Asuka's brother and dad, while other characters from NGE video games and manga are given staring roles. The story has many spinoffs by the authors listed above; many of the stories have been canonized by Gregg Landsman.

Shinji and Warhammer40k

Author:Charles Bhepin

Chapters: 45

Status: Ongoing

Location: here

Plot: Before Shinji goes to Tokyo 3 he lives with his aunt and uncle. There he finds a chest filled with Warhammer 40K toys action figures . They have a profound effect on his personality, changing him from a wimpy kid to a manipulating badass.

The Superwomen of Eva series

Authors:Mike313 and orionpax09

Chapters: Scattered

Status: Ongoing

Location: Mike 313's page, orionpax09's page

Plot: Will write