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Evangelion long-distance weapons are used to (optimally) attack from afar.

Within the Show

Pallet Gun

Pallet Gun Images

Images from left to right

  • Unit-01 with the Pallet Gun in profile
  • Partial Profile of dropped gun in Episode 11

Pallet Gun (or "Pallet Rifle") (パレットライフル): The standard-issue rifle used by Evangelion Units. It resembles a Steyr ACR combat rifle[1][2]. This giant automatic rifle is proportionately sized to match the Evas, so an Eva can wield the rifle just as a human would use a conventional assault rifle. According to the Neon Genesis Evangelion Newtype 100% Collection artbook, the rifle uses electromagnetic-wave pulse action to fire uranium-depleted ammunition.

The Pallet Gun is seen in Episodes:

  • 03: Eva-01 against Shamshel; ineffective.
  • 09: Eva-01 against Israfel (ineffective), then as part of synchronized attack.
  • 11: Eva-01 against Matarael; mortal blow.
  • 18: Eva-00 and Eva-01 both sortied with; used by neither
  • 19: Eva-02 against Zeruel, dual-wielded; ineffective.
  • 23: Eva-01 sortied with; not used.

It is not entirely clear why this weapon is called a "Pallet" Gun. Bonus materials and production notes never explain this choice of name, but do refer to it directly as such.


Handgun (ハンドガン): Resembles a Desert Eagle Mark XIX.

  • 16: Eva-01 against Leliel; ineffective.

Sniper Rifle

Sniper Rifle Images

Images from left to right

  • Unit-00 firing Sniper rifle at Leliel
  • Unit-00 improvising in close combat with Armisael

Sniper Rifle (スナイパーライフル): Eva-00's weapon of choice, modeled on the Accuracy International Arctic Warfare Magnum[3].

  • 16: Eva-00 against Leliel; doesn't contact.
  • 23: Eva-00 against Armisael; ineffective.


Bazooka (バズーカ)

  • 18: Eva-02 sortied with; not used.

Hand Bazooka

Hand Bazooka (ハンドバズーカ): Also called "Launcher Gun" (ランチャー銃).

  • 19: Eva-02 against Zeruel, dual-wielded; ineffective.

Positron Rifle

Positron Rifle (Prototype 20)

Misati and Ritsuko inspecting the Positron Rifle.

Positron Rifle (Prototype 20 with toroidal accelerator): Shoulder-mounted. Capable of firing rounds into low Earth-orbit, though the power of the shots diminishes to being ineffective at such a long range. Not a very mobile weapon, as relies on an external power cable to power its function. It still uses a finite amount of ammunition, about 8 rounds.

  • 06: Seen but not used.
  • 09: Eva-02 against Israfel; limited effect or ineffective.
  • 22: Eva-02 against Arael; doesn't contact. (Design is slightly altered in this episode)

Positron Sniper Rifle

Positron Sniper Rifle: A prototype, originally requisitioned from the JSSDF's R&D labs, where it was known as the SDF's Automated Positron Rifle.

  • 06: Eva-01 against Ramiel; mortal blow.

Positron Sniper Rifle (Modified, Lower Power?): Upgraded, modified, or Eva-specific version of the weapon used against Ramiel.

  • 22: Eva-00 against Arael; ineffective due to range and power limitations.
Composite images of Positron Sniper Rifle

Composite screenshots of the Positron Sniper Rifle in seen in (from top to bottom)

Click on images for larger versions.

In Rebuild of Evangelion

Gatling Gun

Gatling Gun (ガトリングガン): Appears in Evangelion 1.0: You Are (Not) Alone. A massive Gatling Gun, used by Eva-01 against Shamshel. When being fired this weapon drops a large amount of spent shell casings that destroy several vehicles on the ground.

  • Official Designation: EM-226 Evangelion Portable Revolving Multi-Barrel Machine Gun
  • Caliber: 440mm

Assault Rifle

Assault Rifle: Appears in Evangelion 1.0: You Are (Not) Alone. The same as the old pallet rifle, is brought up for use against Shamshel but not taken. Considering that it was never explained why the original gun was called a "pallet" rifle of all things, the production team probably just simplified it to "Assault Rifle".

  • Official Designation: Type MM-99 Evangelion Large Caliber Rifle / AU Assault Rifle
  • Caliber: 209mm

Super-Electromagnetic Crossbow MM-144

Appears in Evangelion 2.0: You Can (Not) Advance. Used by Eva-02 against the 7th Angel.

As originally conceived, the weapon utilized the Eva's A.T. Field for propulsion of its projectiles. However, this was changed to electromagnetic propulsion during Eva 2.0's post-production.[4]

  • Official Designation: MM-144 Evangelion Custom Super-Electromagnetic Crossbow
  • German Designation: Überelektromagnetische Armbrust MM-144


  1. Stery ACR Rifle Styer site with images of the firearm. Designed in 1987; only seven years before Evangelion was created. Apparently, the rifle uses flechette ammunition, which is basically steel darts instead of bullets.
  3. Accuracy International Website. The AW series was introduced in 1991, only four years before Evangelion was made. Since the rifles are sold as customisable kits, there are no standardised images of them on the company site; but profiles of several rifles can be seen here.
  4. See Ikuto Yamashita's concept drawings in Evangelion 2.0 Complete Records Collection, along with the evolution of pertinent cuts as shown in the Rebuild of Evangelion 2.02 featurette.

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