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Of all the DC episodes, Episode 22 is the one that was most heavily modified for the Video & LD release. The additions of more than 110 new cuts (over one third of the entire episode) and the removal of the opening sequence are the most drastic changes, other than the usual DC "polishing" of the worst-looking original cuts, which surely weren't in short supply in the OA version.

While most of the cuts altered in Episode 21 DC were redrawn trying to be as close as possible to the original, the retakes for 22 DC usually show much larger changes. Most cuts are simple retakes, with some being more extensive than others (i.e., completely redone from scratch, vs. simply having the cel element redone).

NOTE: As usual for the Renewal OA episodes, very little of the actual OA footage remains intact; in most cases, it is replaced with the revised DC equivalents (exceptions will be noted below). In such cases, screenshots were acquired from an earlier DVD release (hence the discrepancy in image quality).

Scene 01: So look at me!

Cut OA DC Comments
OP title clean thumb.jpg 22 C309a.jpg New scene for the DC, it replaces the OP in the OA.

22 DC is the only Evangelion TV episode that omits the opening sequence.


22 eyecatch A dc.jpg The DC uses the eyecatch A at the end of the first scene, where the OA used it at the end of Part A (scene 05).

Again, this is the only episode in the TV series where this happens, aside from 24-25-26 which use a custom title screen / eyecatch A at the end of Part A.

Scene 02: I'm going to think by myself

Cut OA DC Comments
001A 22 C001A dc.jpg New cut for the DC.
22 C001a oa.jpg

22 C001b oa.jpg

22 C001c oa.jpg

22 C001Ba dc.jpg

22 C001Bb dc.jpg

Completely redrawn for the DC. The OA has a fade from black to transition from the OP, and zooms out somewhat slower.

Audio changes: added funeral bells from cut 001A, and different excavation sounds.

Renewal OA: follows DC and lacks the fade-in.

005 22 C005a oa.jpg

22 C005b oa.jpg

22 C005Aa dc.jpg

22 C005Ab dc.jpg

22 C005Ba dc.jpg

22 C005Bb dc.jpg

22 C005Ca dc.jpg

22 C005Cb dc.jpg

Completely redrawn. The DC also adds new images and makes this cut longer, moving into this cut some of the lines from 006 OA.

Audio changes: moved here from 006 DC:

LADY DOCTOR (OFF): “I'm just another human before I'm a doctor, a flesh and blood woman.”

Renewal OA: uses the first part of the DC animation to emulate OA. Zooms in really slowly. Follows the same audio changes as DC.

006 22 C006a oa.jpg

22 C006b oa.jpg

22 C006a dc.jpg

22 C006b dc.jpg

Replaced in the DC by cut 290 from Episode 25, with a different background.

Audio changes: The DC moves all the doctor's lines into 005, removes the announce, and add the doctor's moans.

ANNOUNCER (OFF): “The medical staff meeting on the E Incident will be held as planned.”

Renewal OA: same audio changes as DC.

012 22 C012 oa.jpg 22 C012 dc.jpg Redrawn.
014 22 C014a oa.jpg

22 C014b oa.jpg

22 C014a dc.jpg

22 C014b dc.jpg

015B 22 C015Ba oa.jpg

22 C015Ba oa.jpg

22 C015Bc oa.jpg

22 C015Ba dc.jpg

22 C015Bb dc.jpg

22 C015Bc dc.jpg

22 C015Ba.jpg

22 C015Bb.jpg

22 C015Bc.jpg

The DC adds more lights. Additionally, they were redone for Renewal (the lights now shine over the cables that hold EVA-02's head).
022 22 C022 oa.jpg 22 C022 dc.jpg Redrawn in the DC, adding a lot more detail and blinking lights.
310 22 C310a dc.jpg

22 C310c dc.jpg

New scene for the DC.
311 22 C311a dc.jpg

22 C311c dc.jpg

312 22 C312a dc.jpg

22 C312c dc.jpg

313 22 C313a dc.jpg

22 C313b dc.jpg

22 C313d dc.jpg

22 C313e dc.jpg

22 C313f dc.jpg

314 22 C314 dc.jpg
315 22 C315 dc.jpg
316 22 C316a dc.jpg

22 C316b dc.jpg

317 22 C317 dc.jpg
318 22 C318a dc.jpg

22 C318b dc.jpg

22 C318d dc.jpg

Scene 03: A total stranger

Cut OA DC Comments
024A 22 C024A oa.jpg 22 C024A dc.jpg The lights on top of Misato's apartment block are brighter in the OA.
025 22 C025a oa.jpg

22 C025b oa.jpg

22 C025c oa.jpg

22 C025a dc.jpg

22 C025b dc.jpg

22 C025c dc.jpg

Pen-Pen has a sweatdrop in the OA, and his backpack is colored differently.
033 22 C033 oa.jpg 22 C033 dc.jpg The DC version is more detailed.

(why they felt the need to redraw an image of a phone ringing and add new details to the cover of a phonebook with no relation whatsoever to the story is beyond me...)

041 22 C041 oa.jpg 22 C041 dc.jpg A lot of cuts were redrawn in this scene - look at the eyes, they're more of an oval shape in the DC.
043 22 C043a oa.jpg

22 C043b oa.jpg

22 C043a dc.jpg

22 C043b dc.jpg

044A 22 C044A oa.jpg 22 C044A dc.jpg The lightning is slightly different.

Audio changes: the OA has the usual train sound effect, while the DC replaces it with a dog barking.

Renewal OA: uses the same audio as the DC.

044C 22 C044C oa.jpg 22 C044C dc.jpg
045 22 C045a oa.jpg

22 C045b oa.jpg

22 C045c oa.jpg

22 C045a dc.jpg

22 C045b dc.jpg

22 C045c dc.jpg

046 22 C046a oa.jpg

22 C046b oa.jpg

22 C046a dc.jpg

22 C046b dc.jpg

Shinji tilts this head slightly to the left in the OA.
047 22 C047a oa.jpg

22 C047b oa.jpg

22 C047c oa.jpg

22 C047a dc.jpg

22 C047b dc.jpg

22 C047c dc.jpg

048 22 C048a oa.jpg

22 C048b oa.jpg

22 C048 dc.jpg
049 22 C049a oa.jpg

22 C049b oa.jpg

22 C049c oa.jpg

22 C049a dc.jpg

22 C049b dc.jpg

22 C049c dc.jpg

050 22 C050a oa.jpg

22 C050b oa.jpg

22 C050a dc.jpg

22 C050b dc.jpg

051 22 C051a oa.jpg

22 C051b oa.jpg

22 C051c oa.jpg

22 C051d oa.jpg

22 C051e oa.jpg

22 C051f oa.jpg

22 C051g oa.jpg

22 C051a dc.jpg

22 C051b dc.jpg

22 C051c dc.jpg

22 C051d dc.jpg

22 C051e dc.jpg

22 C051f dc.jpg

22 C051g dc.jpg

052 22 C052a oa.jpg

22 C052b oa.jpg

22 C052a dc.jpg

22 C052b dc.jpg

053 22 C053a oa.jpg

22 C053b oa.jpg

22 C053c oa.jpg

22 C053d oa.jpg

22 C053a dc.jpg

22 C053b dc.jpg

22 C053c dc.jpg

Scene 04: Why me?!

Cut OA DC Comments
319 22 C319 dc.jpg New scene for the DC.
320 22 C320a dc.jpg

22 C320b dc.jpg

321 22 C321 dc.jpg
322 22 C322 dc.jpg
323 22 C323 dc.jpg
324 22 C324 dc.jpg
325 22 C325 dc.jpg
325 22 C325 dc.jpg
326 22 C326 dc.jpg
327 22 C327 dc.jpg
328 22 C328 dc.jpg
329 22 C329 dc.jpg
330 22 C330 dc.jpg
331 22 C331 dc.jpg
332 22 C332 dc.jpg
333 22 C333 dc.jpg
334 22 C334a dc.jpg

22 C334b dc.jpg

335 22 C335a dc.jpg

22 C335b dc.jpg

336 22 C336a dc.jpg

22 C336b dc.jpg

22 C336c dc.jpg

337 22 C337a dc.jpg

22 C337b dc.jpg

338 22 C338 dc.jpg
339 22 C339 dc.jpg
063 22 C063 oa.jpg 22 C063 dc.jpg The cafeteria is now a lot more detailed in the DC. Even the background has been improved.
064 22 C064 oa.jpg 22 C064 dc.jpg
065 22 C065 oa.jpg 22 C065 dc.jpg
066 22 C066 oa 1.jpg

22 C066 oa 2.jpg

22 C066 dc 1.jpg

22 C066 dc 2.jpg

067 22 C067 oa 1.jpg

22 C067 oa 2.jpg

22 C067 dc 1.jpg

22 C067 dc 2.jpg

DC Ritsuko is visibly sullied, which isn't evident in the original. Her expression also immediately differs from C065.
068 22 C068 oa.jpg 22 C068 dc.jpg

Scene 05: I am not a puppet

Cut OA DC Comments
069 22 C069 oa 1.jpg

22 C069 oa 2.jpg

22 C069 oa 3.jpg

22 C069 oa 4.jpg

22 C069 dc 1.jpg

22 C069 dc 2.jpg

22 C069 dc 3.jpg

22 C069 dc 4.jpg

Asuka's reflection removed.

Look closely - the dress in the reflection doesn't look like Asuka's one at all. That's Ritsuko from Episode 13! Yay for recycling!

070 22 C070 oa.jpg 22 C070 dc.jpg
073 22 C073 oa.jpg 22 C073 dc.jpg DC Asuka's expression is "weary" from the start, rather than simply surly.
075 22 C075 oa 1.jpg

22 C075 oa 2.jpg

22 C075 oa 3.jpg

22 C075 oa 4.jpg

22 C075 dc 1.jpg

22 C075 dc 2.jpg

22 C075 dc 3.jpg

22 C075 dc 4.jpg

DC opts to cut away with Asuka not quite so close to the camera.
078 22 C078 oa.jpg 22 C078 dc 1.jpg

22 C078 dc 2.jpg

OA: Asuka blinks at a point (not shown here).

DC: Asuka "sniffles" instead.

Renewal OA: uses most the DC animation but has Asuka actually blinking as in the OA. Evidently, Asuka's reaction is so important they actually animated this cut three different times (OA, DC, Renewal OA)!

079 22 C079 oa 1.jpg

22 C079 oa 2.jpg

22 C079 oa 3.jpg

22 C079 dc 1.jpg

22 C079 dc 2.jpg

22 C079 dc 3.jpg

081 22 C081 oa 1.jpg

22 C081 oa 2.jpg

22 C081 dc 1.jpg

22 C081 dc 2.jpg

DC Asuka straightens her neck out rather than tilt her head.
083 22 C083 oa 1.jpg

22 C083 oa 2.jpg

22 C083 oa 3.jpg

22 C083 dc 1.jpg

22 C083 dc 2.jpg

22 C083 dc 3.jpg

DC Asuka "pushes" her face to the side when she speaks, instead of lifting her face before bringing it down.
084 22 C084 oa.jpg 22 C084 dc.jpg
085 22 C085 oa 1.jpg

22 C085 oa 2.jpg

22 C085 dc 01.jpg

22 C085 dc 02.jpg

The two versions begin with Asuka's gesticulations "matching up", but DC soon diverges. Asuka's dialogue is provided as the common element.

ASUKA: “What?!”

22 C085 oa 3.jpg 22 C085 dc 03.jpg “Are you so happy that I can't pilot my Eva?!”
22 C085 oa 4.jpg 22 C085 dc 04.jpg “There's nothing to worry about! If another Angel attacks us,”
22 C085 oa 4.jpg 22 C085 dc 05.jpg

22 C085 dc 06.jpg

“the great, invincible Shinji-sama will take care of it for us!”
22 C085 oa 5.jpg

22 C085 oa 6.jpg

22 C085 oa 7.jpg

22 C085 oa 8.jpg

22 C085 dc 07.jpg

22 C085 dc 08.jpg

22 C085 dc 09.jpg

22 C085 dc 10.jpg

“We don't have to do anything!”
088 22 C088 oa.jpg 22 C088 dc.jpg
090 22 C090 oa 1.jpg

22 C090 oa 2.jpg

22 C090 dc 1.jpg

22 C090 dc 2.jpg

22 C090 dc 3.jpg

OA: Asuka's face is in a different position from the end of C088. She simply brings it down when she speaks.

DC: Asuka's head starts in the same position as C088. She aggressively jerks her face to the side (with her hair subsequently settling into place).

092 22 C092 oa 1.jpg

22 C092 oa 2.jpg

22 C092 dc 1.jpg

22 C092 dc 2.jpg

104 22 C104a oa.jpg

22 C104b oa.jpg

22 C104a dc.jpg

22 C104b dc.jpg

The cut is longer in the DC, as the camera zooms out more slowly.

Audio changes: added a new line for Asuka in the DC:

"So, you're finally back to normal after losing like that!"

Renewal OA: follows OA and lacks the new line.

105 22 C105 oa.jpg 22 C105 dc.jpg Audio changes: interestingly, while Asuka's line remains the same, it was redubbed in the DC.

“You're my puppet, so all you have to do is quietly do as I say!”

Renewal OA: same audio change.

107 22 C107 oa.jpg 22 C107 dc.jpg
109 22 C109 oa.jpg 22 C109 dc.jpg
111 22 C111a oa.jpg

22 C111b oa.jpg

22 C111a dc.jpg

22 C111b dc.jpg

E_A 22 eyecatch A oa.jpg The DC used Eyecatch A back at the end of Scene 01.

Scene 06: Arael

Cut OA DC Comments
E_B 22 eyecatch B oa.jpg 22 eyecatch B dc.jpg 22 eyecatch.jpg The 22' designation for the DC episode was added in Renewal.
114 22 C114a oa.jpg

22 C114b oa.jpg

22 C114a dc.jpg

22 C114b dc.jpg

Different lightning between OA and DC. In the OA version the Angel appears to be drawn in two different shades of white.
117 22 C117 oa.jpg 22 C117 dc.jpg The DC changes the collar of Misato's uniform to fix continuity with cut 129. Strangely, Misato's cross is not visible in any of the two versions.
118 22 C118 oa.jpg 22 C118 dc.jpg Redrawn in the DC, adding a lot of details to Hyuga's chair and a new background.
119 22 C119a oa.jpg

22 C119b oa.jpg

22 C119a dc.jpg

22 C119b dc.jpg

121 22 C121a oa.jpg

22 C121b oa.jpg

22 C121a dc.jpg

22 C121b dc.jpg

123 22 C123a oa.jpg

22 C123b oa.jpg

22 C123c oa.jpg

22 C123d oa.jpg

22 C123a dc.jpg

22 C123b dc.jpg

22 C123c dc.jpg

22 C123d dc.jpg

128 22 C128a oa.jpg

22 C128b oa.jpg

22 C128a dc.jpg

22 C128b dc.jpg

Misato's cross isn't visible in the OA.
129 22 C129a oa.jpg

22 C129b oa.jpg

22 C129 dc.jpg OA zooms in, while DC pans up slightly.

Cuts 117, 121 and 128 were redrawn in the DC to match how Misato wears the collar of her uniform in this cut.

132 22 C132 oa.jpg 22 C132 dc.jpg
143A 22 C143Aa oa.jpg

22 C143Ac oa.jpg

22 C143Ad oa.jpg

22 C143Ae oa.jpg

22 C143Aa dc.jpg

22 C143Ac dc.jpg

22 C143Ad dc.jpg

22 C143Ae dc.jpg

Redrawn for the DC, including a background that's noticeably different.

Audio changes: the positron rifle makes a slightly different (and much louder) sound.

144 22 C144a oa.jpg

22 C144b oa.jpg

22 C144a dc.jpg

22 C144b dc.jpg

22 C144c dc.jpg

The DC adds a close-up on Asuka's face at the end of the cut.

Renewal OA: follows OA.

148 22 C148a oa.jpg

22 C148b oa.jpg

22 C148c oa.jpg

22 C148a dc.jpg

22 C148b dc.jpg

22 C148c dc.jpg

A completely new visor and HUD for the DC. Arael is much more visible in the new version.
150 22 C150a oa.jpg

22 C150b oa.jpg

22 C150d oa.jpg

22 C150b dc.jpg

22 C150c dc.jpg

22 C150d dc.jpg

Scene 07: Hallelujah

Cut OA DC Comments
154 22 C154 oa.jpg 22 C154 dc.jpg Bridge crew brought out of silhouette and given "surprised" poses. Light attack intensified. Different font used for display screen. Image cropped more tightly.
156 22 C156 oa.jpg 22 C156 dc.jpg Display completely redone.
157 22 C157a dc.jpg

22 C157b dc.jpg

Audio changes: the background noise of the display in cut 156 continues in the DC.
158 22 C158 dc.jpg
160 22 C160 oa 1.jpg

22 C160 oa 2.jpg

22 C160 oa 3.jpg

22 C160 dc 1.jpg

22 C160 dc 2.jpg

22 C160 dc 3.jpg

164 22 C164 oa 1.jpg

22 C164 oa 2.jpg

22 C164 oa 3.jpg

22 C164 dc 1.jpg

22 C164 dc 2.jpg

22 C164 dc 3.jpg

The fire from the positron rifle now has a much higher arch. Arael's silhouette redone (with the three little "stars" removed, in addition) and placed further from the camera. Some left-to-right panning added.

Audio changes: the fire makes a different and much louder noise in the DC while it crosses the screen.

166 22 C166 oa.jpg 22 C166 dc.jpg Renewal OA: follows the OA and reuses the old animation.
174 22 C174 oa.jpg 22 C174a dc.jpg

22 C174b dc.jpg

22 C174c dc.jpg

Ritsuko's faces moves to the left at the end of the cut in the DC.

Scene 08: Contamination

Cut OA DC Comments
182B 22 C182Ba oa.jpg

22 C182Bb oa.jpg

22 C182Bc oa.jpg

22 C182Ba dc.jpg

22 C182Bb dc.jpg

22 C182Bc dc.jpg

EVA-02's eyes shine much brighter in the DC during this sequence.
183A 22 C183Ab oa.jpg 22 C183Ab dc.jpg 22 C183Ab.jpg

All the panels containing the word "sex" were censored in the OA and then included uncut in the DC.

But what's interesting is that they were censored again in Renewal for both OA and DC! The "sex" panels only appear in the original non-remastered DC, they're nowhere to be found on Renewal or Platinum.

189 22 C189 dc.jpg Audio changes: the noise from the screen in cut 188 continues in the DC.
206 22 C206 dc.jpg Audio changes: the noise from the screen in cut 205 continues in the DC up to cut 211.
207 22 C207 oa.jpg 22 C207 dc.jpg
208 22 C208 oa.jpg 22 C208 dc 1.jpg

22 C208 dc 2.jpg

New animation created (versus the OA's recyclage).
209 22 C209a oa.jpg

22 C209b oa.jpg

22 C209a dc.jpg

22 C209b dc.jpg

210 22 C210b dc.jpg
211 22 C211a dc.jpg

22 C211b dc.jpg

Scene 09: Nein Tod

Cut OA DC Comments
214 22 C214a oa.jpg

22 C214c oa.jpg

22 C214a dc.jpg

22 C214c dc.jpg

215 22 C215a oa.jpg

22 C215b oa.jpg

22 C215c oa.jpg

22 C215a dc.jpg

22 C215b dc.jpg

22 C215c dc.jpg

Redrawn with more detail in the DC, which also zooms out slower than the OA.
217 ...

22 C183Ab oa.jpg


22 C183Ab oa.jpg



22 C217cb dc.jpg


22 C217ce dc.jpg



22 C217id.jpg


22 C217mb.jpg


Same "censorship" as seen in 183A. Again, no "SeX" anywhere in Renewal or Platinum.
219 22 C219a oa.jpg

22 C219b oa.jpg

22 C219c oa.jpg

22 C219a dc.jpg

22 C219b dc.jpg

22 C219c dc.jpg

220 22 C220a oa.jpg

22 C220b oa.jpg

22 C220a dc.jpg

22 C220b dc.jpg

221 22 C221a oa.jpg

22 C221b oa.jpg

22 C221c oa.jpg

22 C221d oa.jpg

22 C221a dc.jpg

22 C221b dc.jpg

22 C221c dc.jpg

22 C221d dc.jpg

Scene 10: Die with me

Cut OA DC Comments
22 C342c.jpg New scene for the DC.

Scene 11: Don't Be

Cut OA DC Comments
22 C400.jpg New scene for the DC.


22 C410bt dc.jpg

22 C410bu dc.jpg

22 C410bv dc.jpg

22 C410bt.jpg

22 C410bu.jpg

Interestingly, the last frame of cut 410 DC (だいっキライ!!, "I hate!!", which is also the last line of the episode) doesn't appear in Renewal or Platinum.

Scene 12: The Lance

Cut OA DC Comments
222 22 C222 oa.jpg 22 C222 dc.jpg The lightning was redone for the DC, and the shot is cropped more tightly.
224 22 C224 oa.jpg 22 C224 dc.jpg Eva-02 redrawn, with her head lowered. Lighting effects altered.
226B 22 C226Ba dc.jpg Both OA and DC reuse the old display background from 156 OA, ignoring the DC improvements.
230 22 C230 oa.jpg 22 C230 dc.jpg
235 22 C235 oa.jpg 22 C235 dc.jpg
239 22 C239 oa.jpg 22 C239 dc.jpg
241 22 C241 oa 1.jpg

22 C241 oa 2.jpg

22 C241 oa 3.jpg

22 C241 dc 1.jpg

22 C241 dc 2.jpg

22 C241 dc 3.jpg

255 22 C255 oa 1.jpg

22 C255 oa 2.jpg

22 C255 dc.jpg Fuyutsuki originally shifts his head before speaking; it remains stationary in the retake.
259B 22 C259B dc 1.jpg

22 C259B dc 3.jpg

22 C259B dc 5.jpg

New cut.
259C 22 C259C dc 1.jpg

22 C259C dc 2.jpg

22 C259C dc 3.jpg

22 C259C dc 4.jpg

22 C259C dc 5.jpg

22 C259C dc 6.jpg

22 C259C dc 7.jpg

22 C259C dc 8.jpg

22 C259C dc 9.jpg

New cut.
259D 22 C259D zero.jpg New cut.
261A 22 C261A oa 1.jpg

22 C261A oa 2.jpg

22 C261A dc 1.jpg

22 C261A dc 2.jpg

OA Fuyutsuki moves his entire head; in the DC, he only shifts his eyes.
261B 22 C261B dc.jpg DC recycles the OA cut ignoring that EVA-02's head was drawn lower in 224 DC.

Scene 13: Amen

Cut OA DC Comments
266 22 C266 oa 1.jpg

22 C266 oa 2.jpg

22 C266 oa 3.jpg

22 C266 dc 1.jpg

22 C266 dc 2.jpg

22 C266 dc 3.jpg

Eva-00 is redone, now animated pulling the Spear back as she aims.

Audio changes: added the sound of Eva-00 stretching her muscles.

267 22 C267 oa 1.jpg

22 C267 oa 2.jpg

22 C267 oa 3.jpg

22 C267 dc 1.jpg

22 C267 dc 2.jpg

22 C267 dc 3.jpg

22 C267 dc 4.jpg

The animation is redrawn and "extended": The foot's placement is initially different, but it subsequently "follows the path" of the original.

Audio changes: audio effects redone.

268 22 C268 oa 1.jpg

22 C268 oa 2.jpg

22 C268 dc 1.jpg

22 C268 dc 2.jpg

271 22 C271a dc.jpg

22 C271d dc.jpg

22 C271e dc.jpg

22 C271f dc.jpg

Audio changes: The Spear (?) now makes a "roaring" sound.
272 22 C272 a.jpg

22 C272 c.jpg

22 C272 e.jpg

274A 22 C274A dc 1.jpg

22 C274A dc 2.jpg

22 C274A dc 3.jpg

22 C274A dc 4.jpg

22 C274A dc 6.jpg

22 C274A dc 7.jpg

New cut.
274B 22 C274B dc 1.jpg

22 C274B dc 2.jpg

22 C274B dc 3.jpg

22 C274B dc 4.jpg

22 C274B dc 5.jpg

22 C274B dc 6.jpg

New cut.
22 C274 oa 1.jpg

22 C274 oa 2.jpg

22 C274 oa 3.jpg

22 C274 oa 4.jpg

22 C274C dc 1.jpg

22 C274C dc 2.jpg

22 C274C dc 3.jpg

22 C274C dc 4.jpg

22 C274C dc 5.jpg

C274C follows the original C274 closely, while adding a more distinct "membranous" element to the ATF. A new frame of animation is also added onto the very end.

Renewal OA: follows OA.

275 22 C275a oa.jpg

22 C275b oa.jpg

22 C275c oa.jpg

22 C275b dc.jpg

22 C275c dc.jpg

22 C275d dc.jpg

22 C275f dc.jpg

22 C275g dc.jpg

22 C275h dc.jpg

The "explosion" of the Angel is much more elaborate and detailed in the DC.

Renewal OA: follows DC.

276 22 C276 oa 1.jpg

22 C276 oa 2.jpg

22 C276 oa 3.jpg

22 C276 oa 4.jpg

22 C276 oa 5.jpg

22 C276 oa 6.jpg

22 C276 dc 1.jpg

22 C276 dc 2.jpg

22 C276 dc 3.jpg

22 C276 dc 4.jpg

Different background painting. The purplish sphere expands to a much larger size and lasts a longer duration before fading out. The twinkle of light is now still visible at the end of the cut, whereas it faded out before. The "Wings of Light" sound effect from Episode 12 has been removed.

Audio changes: the DC moves the ending of Amen into the beginning of this cut, synchronized with the explosion of Arael. In the OA, the song was cut in C273.

Renewal OA: follows the DC animation while using the "Wings of Light" sound effect from OA. Also, the music stops at the same point as in the OA.

Scene 14: I hate everyone

Cut OA DC Comments
278 22 C278 oa 1.jpg

22 C278 oa 2.jpg

22 C278 dc 1.jpg

22 C278 dc 2.jpg

280 22 C280 oa 1.jpg

22 C280 oa 2.jpg

22 C280 dc.jpg Fuyutsuki now remains stationary, rather than raising his body again before speaking.
282B 22 C282B oa 1.jpg

22 C282B oa 2.jpg

22 C282B dc 1.jpg

22 C282B dc 2.jpg

22 C282B dc 3.jpg

22 C282B dc 4.jpg

OA: The Spear simply drifts from left to right across the screen. Earth is visible below.

DC: The Spear revolves in space, occasionally catching some light. Appears to be a simple utilization of CGI.

284A 22 C284Aa oa.jpg

22 C284Ab oa.jpg

22 C284Aa dc.jpg

22 C284Ab dc.jpg

Completely redrawn in the DC adding much more detail and some 3D scrolling effects. EVA-02 keeps her head lowered from cut 224 DC. Also, EVA-02 OA is in a slightly different position than in 224 OA (look at the left pilon).
288 22 C288a oa.jpg

22 C288b oa.jpg

22 C288a dc.jpg

22 C288b dc.jpg

Shinji moves his left arm slightly in the OA, but he remains still in the DC. Also, Asuka keeps her head slightly higher in the first few frames of the DC.
289 22 C289a oa.jpg

22 C289c oa.jpg

22 C289a dc.jpg

22 C289c dc.jpg

It's hard to tell from the screenshots, but Asuka's head shakes a lot more in the DC.
291 22 C291a oa.jpg

22 C291b oa.jpg

22 C291a dc.jpg

22 C291b dc.jpg

Asuka keeps her head quite a bit higher in the DC than in the original.