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The Neon Genesis Evangelion movie pamphlets are three unnamed booklets on the subject of the two NGE theatrical films. Two were sold in Japanese cinemas to those who attended Evangelion: Death and Rebirth and End of Evangelion; the third was a special edition D&R booklet that could be purchased through mail order.

Pamphlets are also being released in tandem with the Rebuild movies: See Movie Pamphlets (Rebuild)

Death & Rebirth

Content pending.

Death & Rebirth Deluxe

Content pending.

End of Evangelion

Commonly called the "Red Cross Book" by English-speaking fans due to its front cover, which is black with a red cross superimposed over it. Cost 800 yen. Well-noted for its glossary of Neon Genesis Evangelion terminology, in large part due to the fact that it comments on items specific to EoE.

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Includes translations of the three booklets' contents.

Bu makale hoş olmayan "Eksik" adını taşıyor. Bu kötü bir şey. Her yerde NGE hayranlarına harika bir hizmet sunun!

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