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For the Rebuild of Evangelion continuity, please see: Evangelion Equipment (Rebuild).

Evangelions can apparently be outfitted with several different sets of armor "equipment":

In the Show

B-Type Equipment

08 C178c.jpg 09 C081b.jpg

B Type Equipment

Standard Evangelion armor. Unsuited for use in combat underwater, or in extreme conditions.

D-Type Equipment

D-type Equipment

Used in Episode 10; a giant diving suit filled with coolant tubes which allows an Eva to be lowered into the magma of an active volcano, serving to protect it from extreme heat and pressure. Used in conjunction with a pressurized plugsuit for the pilot.

In other Media

F-Type Equipment

F-type Equipment

Originally designed for the Neon Genesis Evangelion 2 game, it is briefly reused in ANIMA. Resembles an ornate, if bulky samurai armor suit which the Eva wears, sort of copying the ornate styles of armor from other anime series. Although the Eva lose agility due to the weigh of the armor, it compensated by the armor's ability to deflect the A.T. Field in unconventional ways, enhancing defensive and locomotive capabilities.

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