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The Children in their plugsuits...
Carddass plug suits.jpg

...from the cover of the Carddass Evangelion Special File

A Plugsuit is a form-fitting full body suit, somewhat similar to a diver's wet suit. It is worn by Eva pilots in conjunction with their Interface Headsets and aids in synchronization with their Evangelion unit.


No two plugsuits are alike, as each one apparently is custom-made for its owner's sex. Of course, multiple spares of each exist in case of damage. A plugsuit appears to be oversized at first, but activating a mechanism on the wrist shrinks it to being skintight. The Evangelion's number designation is stamped on the top of the chest, and onto a triangular apparatus on the back (except for the suit worn by Kaworu Nagisa, which sported an inverted-divided triangle symbol instead).

Plugsuits contain various health monitoring devices to monitor the pilot's condition, as well as medical aid. An example of this would be built-in defibrillators. Plugsuits also have some basic system displays, such as an internal clock that displays how much internal battery power remains in the Eva. This clock is located on the back of the hand.

Though the basic form of the plugsuit is unisex (Shinji had no trouble using Asuka's spare plugsuit in Episode 08), male and female plugsuits differ in aesthetic detail. The male plugsuit has a reinforced area around the chest, with two vent-like structures roughly corresponding to the pectorals. The upper chest and shoulders of the male plugsuits are a different color than the lower parts, and the lower torso has a triangular pattering that mimics the abdominal plating of an Evangelion unit. The female plugsuit is more uniform in color, without chest vents or the plating design. However, they have stripes on the hips whereas the male ones have black patches.

There are currently eight plug suits, seven for Eva-00 to Eva-06 with an extra for special use. This list follows what material has been released from Gainax and Khara.


Plugsuit 00

is the plug suit used by Rei Ayanami for Eva-00. It is distinctive in its white coloring with orange patches at the shoulders.

Plugsuit 01

is the plug suit used by Shinji Ikari for Eva-01. The legs and half the torso are in the standard blue color for the male plug suits, while the top is white.

Plugsuit 02

Follows the standard single color scheme for the female plug suit and is red with a lime green patch on the chest. It is worn by Asuka Langley Soryu for use in Eva-02

Plugsuit 03

is worn by Toji Suzuhara for use in Eva-03, with the usual blue color scheme for the legs and half the torso it is followed by a grey top.

Plugsuit 04

Kensuke in the 04 Plug Suit from Battle Orchestra
04 plug suit.jpg

has no official wearer but is used in Eva-04 by Kensuke Aida in Battle Orchestra. It follows a general yellow color scheme from what has been shown. Note: In Angelic Days it is shown to be in light colors in contrast to the other male plug suits.

Plugsuit 05

Mari in both her plugsuits in promotional art from Gainax...
Mari plugsuits.jpg 05 06 plug suits.jpg Hikari and Kensuke in the 05-06 plugsuits, with Toji in an upgraded suit

In the Rebuild series, the 05 plugsuit (worn by Mari Illustrious Makinami) is the first to have a helmet with a large red visor. The Suit also differs from the others in that it has what looks like another kind of material in fabric. The color scheme is mainly green colors, with white arms and legs (the white material seems to be underneath the green). [1] Apart from the unique wrist devices and the two golden connectors at the hip, the green portions of the plugsuit correspond to the non-cybernetic portions of Eva-05, and the accompanying helmet mimics the shape of Eva-05's head. Mari's second plugsuit is also a 05 but for use in a more regular EVA unit. It is mostly pink with dark purple collar. Other details include black stripes along the arms and thighs. The sleeves are enlarged at the ends and contains some sort of mechanism that has a connection to an EVA's berserk mode.

An older artwork from Gainax show Hikari Horaki in it for use in Eva-05. It follows the standard female scheme of one color which is orange accompanied by a red patch on the chest.

Plugsuit 06

Kaworu's plugsuit with 6 labeled on the back from Evangelion 2.0
Eva2-22 C1401.jpg

Kaworu wears this plugsuit in the TV show and Evangelion 2.0. It follows the male color scheme but has a dark blue top. In the show the plug suit isn't made for a specific Evangelion, but was used in Eva-02. In Evangelion 2.0, Kaworu pilots the Evangelion Mark.06 and his plugsuit is similar but labeled 6 on the back.

An older artwork from Gainax has Kensuke Aida depicted in it while piloting Eva-06. The coloring breaks of from the other plug suits in that the usual black patches are white and the red collar is orange. The top is green in color while the bottom area have not been revealed.

Test Type Plugsuit

Asuka in the Test Type plugsuit
Eva2-22 C1174 switch.jpg

This plugsuit was worn by Asuka Shikinami Langley in Evangelion 2.0 during Evangelion Unit-03's activation test. The front portion of the plugsuit is transparent.


  • Plugsuits do not appear to be absolutely required to pilot an Eva, as there are a few occasions when Shinji piloted without one. Still, it is stated that a plugsuit increases the pilot's synchronization ratio (its not directly stated how, but it seems to "cut down on interference", etc).
  • In Episode 10, Asuka wears a specialized version of her plugsuit for the dive into the volcano to protect her from extreme pressure. This plugsuit inflates to balloon-like proportions when under normal atmospheric pressure but shrinks to form-fitting size when under extreme pressure.