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Volume 12
Shin Seiki Evangelion
Author: Yoshiyuki Sadamoto
Publish date: JP: April 3, 2010

US: March 15, 2011

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"Volume 11" "Volume 13"

Volume 12 is the twelfth edition of Yoshiyuki Sadamoto's manga adaptation of Neon Genesis Evangelion. It is comprised of 7 stages.


Stage 77: Genocide

The JSSDF begins it's invasion of Nerv HQ and measures must be taken to halt their advance. The bridge crew are unable to locate Rei, Shinji awaiting his death, and with Asuka in the hospital the outlook is bleak. In a move to save the pilots Misato has Asuka put into Eva-02 and sent to the bottom of the GeoFront's lake. With Shinji cut off from any escape he is about to be killed. At the last second one of the soldiers is killed by a bullet fired by Gendo.

Stage 78: Father and Child

The remaining solider returns fire, but Gendo, having Adam's embryo in his hand, projects an AT field blocking the bullets and then kills the solider with his gun. As Gendo orders Shinji to head to Eva-01 Shinji confronts him about how he can be cold, causing Gendo to reveal how he feels about Shinji as well as his plan for revenge. Misato, having realized Gendo's intentions, arrives to take Shinji. More JSSDF soldiers arrive and in order to cover Shinji and Misato, Gendo stays behind and uses the AT field as a shield, but Misato still has to deal with a few more soldiers.

Stage 79: The Promised Time

The bridge crew arm themselves as the JSSDF breach the lower levels of the command center, forcing Maya, Hyuga, and Aoba into combat. Misato struggles with a distraught Shinji, who can't cope with the reality his father revealed to him. In a move to speed up the assault and capture of Nerv and the Eva's an N2 strike is initiated causing the GeoFront to be exposed to the outside, allowing the JSSDF to bombard the inside. The attack causes the unconscious Asuka to wake up, realizing she is in a Eva she attempts to activate it but fails. Gendo discovers Rei, who is staring at the remains of the dummies.

Stage 80: Encounter

The Prime Minister discusses with an aide about what will be done about Nerv and Tokyo-3. The JSSDF begins launching depth charges, in the hopes of destroying Eva-02. The explosions and shock waves send Asuka into a panic over not wanting to die causing her to cry out for her mother. Who then appears, making Asuka realize her mother was inside the Eva all along. With this motivation, Asuka activates Eva-02 and engages the JSSDF forces. Misato takes Shinji in her car while explaining the origin of the Angels, humans, second impact, as well as the instrumentality project.

Stage 81: Enemy From The Sky

In a bid to stop Eva-02 the JSSDF targets and destroys the umbilical cable leaving it with five minutes of internal power. Even with this handicap Asuka manages to destroy several Heavy Fighter Jet-VTOLs. Seele tired of Nerv related setbacks sends the S² engine equipped Eva series to deal with Eva-02.

Stage 82: The Last Instruction

Misato is in the process of getting Shinji to the cage orders Asuka to engage and destroy the Eva series. Asuka, with only three minutes of power left, initiates the battle encountering little resistance from the Eva series. En route to the elevator, Shinji and Misato are ambushed and make a retreat towards the elevator and sealing the passage behind them. Misato who was wounded in the attack, urges Shinji to keep fighting. As the JSSDF begin to breach the door, Misato pushes Shinji into the elevator.

Stage 83: Call And Response

Asuka continues her battle against the Eva series, she take downs nearly all of them with a minute of power left. The wounded Misato is captured by JSSDF troops but she doesn't go down without a fight. Shinji arrives at the cage only to discover that Eva-01 is encased in bakelite, which was used earlier to slow down the JSSDF. Shinji, upset that he can't keep his promise to Misato, yells for his mother to move causing Eva-01 to activate and break free.

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