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ANIMA logo2 1000.jpg
Title Neon Genesis Evangelion - ANIMA
Author Yamashita Ikuto + Utatane Hiroyuki + Takeru Kageyama
Original Publication Date January 2008 and ongoing
Publisher Media Works

Neon Genesis Evangelion: ANIMA is a light novel currently being serialized in Dengeki Hobby Magazine. Initial announcement was presented in the November 2007 issue, with a short introduction by and interview with Ikuto Yamashita in December 2007. First chapter was published in the January 2008 issue. The chapters are accompanied by numerous illustrations of the characters and many redesigned and upgraded Evas. Anima is advertised as "Ikuto Yamashita presents," and he is credited as the supervisor of the entire work, mecha designer, and illustrator. Character design and character illustrations are done by Hiroyuki Utatane, with coloring by Ryou Ramiya. Also features additional mechanical designs by Seiji Kio and in a few issues models built by some of the Dengeki Hobby modelers as well as Bandai prototypes. The Chōgōkin Super Evangelion toy was finally released in March 2010 after more than 2 years of development by Bandai and supervision by Yamashita.

In the June 2010 issue Dengeki Hobby Magazine the Neon Genesis Evangelion -ANIMA- Visual Book was announced for release in the summer. The August issue of the same magazine dated the book for July 24th 2010 release for 2,000 yen, subsequently delayed until August 11th.


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Original ANIMA logo used from November 2007 to October 2009

Every first page of the chapter has the following note


※This story, in which the Human Instrumentality Project from episodes 25 and 26 of the anime production "Neon Genesis Evangelion" is never set in motion, is a work portraying a world where Shinji Ikari and the others greet an alternate future.


(Translated from the Japanese wiki by symbv)



A young man of 17 who attends The First High School of Neo Tokyo 3. In school he is the head student. Also pilot of EVA-01 Type-F and later Super Evangelion. Compared to 3 years ago, he is now taller and has long hair which he ponytails at the back. He has matured a great deal as a man, and is now the de-facto leader of the Eva Team.
When he battled with 0.0EVA (Quatre) which descended from satellite orbit out of a sudden after it suffered mind contamination, he was shot at point-blank range by the gamma-ray laser gun of 0.0EVA (Quatre), and it was thought that he died. However, his body and soul instead merged into EVA-01 and evolved into S.EVA. Although his body was later salvaged, his soul was always linked to S.EVA. Thus S.EVA could be said to be his second body.


A young girl of 17 attending the same school (First High School of Neo Tokyo 3) as Shinji. Pilot of Eva-02 Type II, later Eva-02 Type II Allegorica. The experience when she fought Seele and survived cleansed her mental trauma and ill feelings, and she is now has a cheerful and happy self. She is now closer to Shinji compared to 3 years ago, but she is mindful of Rei who lost Gendou, the pillar to her mind, so she often tries to stay away from them.


A young girl of 17 attending the same school (First High School of Neo Tokyo 3) as Shinji. Pilot of EVA-00 Type-F. She is The Third Rei in the TV series, and in contrast to other clones she is also called "No. Trois". In the novel, she has the exclusive name as "Rei No.Trois". She can link mentally with the other 3 Rei clones and if she concentrates she can extract the sensation information of any particular clone. It can also be said she forms the hub of the defense of Nerv Japan.
With 3 years of growth she now has an appearance like Yui Ikari, and she keeps a distance with Shinji. She always possesses a fear that she may one day become Yui Ikari herself. And there are also quite a lot of passages about her suffering and her own anguish over herself because, unlike her younger sisters, she has an established sense of individual.


One of the clones of Rei. Pilot of EVA0.0 (Quatre). In order to distinguish from other clones her hair was adjusted to silver. She wears a black plugsuit.
By some reason she suffered mind contamination and descended on Earth as enemy with 0.0EVA. After she heavily damaged EVA-01 Type-F she disappeared. When she re-appeared, she seemed to take her hatred onto Shinji who had stopped Human Instrumentality Project and tried to kill him in order to restart the project. However, her inexplicable behavior like kissing Shinji while declaring she will kill him shows that there is something mysterious inside her besides hatred towards Shinji. Since she suffered mind contamination, something abnormal started to occur in other clones -- Individual personal identity started to emerge and this was not supposed to be possible.


One of the Rei clones. Pilot of EVA0.0 (Cinq). In order to distinguish from other clones, her hair was adjusted to be shorter. She shows growth beyond No.Quatre that was prepared at the same time, and even her original body - No.Trois.
There is expectation she may grow even beyond No.Deux (named "The Second Rei" in TV series) to become the "perfect entity in the Ayanami series".
During the battle against Armaros, when Asuka's EVA-02 Allegorica was locked up by the Longinus Sphere, she ventured out and pushed Asuka out of the barrier. She herself and her EVA got swallowed by the space and were destroyed.


One of the Rei clones. Pilot of EVA0.0 (Six). The last clone created in the Ayanami series. Body age is 7.
Possibly because she was developed to specialize for deployment in 0G, she has unstable mentality (and although she looks like a small girl she has a high-teen personality). Misato called her "Chibi-Nami".
Although she has a little girl body she has very good combat skill, when Angel Carrier came to attack Nerv Japan while the other pilots were not around, she succeeded in beating it back all by herself.


A young girl of 17 attending the First High School of Neo Tokyo 3. Since here Shinji is the class representative, she is not called "I-in-cho" (chair person).
She got involved when she lost Kodama, her elder sister, in the failed attacks by global countries against Longinus Sphere. After that she was brainwashed with drug by Euro Army and sent to confront Nerv Japan as the pilot of EVA EUROII Heurtebize.
Later when she was released from brainwash, she could have chosen the path to become entirely free, but she noticed the existence of soul inside Heurtebize (Hikari thought that it is the remnant of the soul of Asuka's mother) and she decided to stay within Euro Army as a "collaborator" without any brainwash treatment.
Her relationship with Touji has not changed much, although over 3 years they have reached the stage of having shared kisses.


EVA pilot from Nerv USA. A girl who is at the same age as Rei No. Six.
She was created by US from merger of various animal genes and she has cat's ears (nekomimi) under her headset (she still has human ears too). Occasionally she shows inexplicable behavior like saying she is together with a group of creatures that are merged together. Rei No Six, who loves animals, commented "I envy her."
She has the same name as Mari Illustrious Makinami from Evangelion New Movie Edition 2.22 and her illustration also looks like a young Mari from NME, but it is not clear whether the two are related.



At first the Commander-in-acting of Nerv Japan, later became its formal Commander. Age 32. Her rank in the Strategic Self-Defense Force is Major General. She believed in effort to prevent any restart of Human Instrumentality Project, and she reformed Nerv HQ which had started to collapse and transformed it into Nerv Japan which was stronger and more robust. She also named the evolved Eva-01 as "Super Evangelion".


A young boy of 17 attending the First High School of Neo Tokyo 3. He assisted in the experiments over EVA test machine parts in Nerv Japan. Although there was a plan to graft the left arm and left leg onto his body with limbs grown from his body cells, just before the surgery signs of the renewed activities by the 13th Angel Bardiel was detected and so he got mechanic prosthetic limbs installed instead. Later he became the deputy commander because his communication ability with the Children was highly valued.


A young boy of 17 attending the First High School of Neo Tokyo 3. While he was deeply mortified by not being chosen as an EVA pilot, he joined Nerv Japan as an agent in its Intelligence Department. He worked with Kaji to investigate any activities of Seele.


Manager of the Department of Advanced Technology of Technology Development Council of Nerv Japan. Age 27. Her rank in the Strategic Self-Defense Force is Major. She now wears glasses and these seem to be from Ritsuko Akagi, her former supervisor.


Worked under counter-intelligence department of Nerv Japan. He could be described as the main factor behind the scene that stopped the Instrumentality Project, through works like stealing the invasion plan of the MPEs from Seele and leaked it to Nerv HQ. He worked with Kensuke later to track the move of Seele but due to miscalculation by Kensuke he fell into Seele's trap. His thinking was overwritten and he was taken away by Seele.
Since this work split from the Eva TV world at the point of the battle against the MPEs, it was assumed that he was already dead before this work begins, and at the beginning of the novel Shinji was also seen to take over his field and imitated his hairstyle so it looked as if he was already dead. However, later (without much explanation) he appeared in the novel.


As a person who had close relation with Human Instrumentality Project, he received a prison sentence. Because of medical reason he was released on parole with condition of being placed under surveillance. After that he restarted the research on metabiology in Kyoto and returned to Nerv Japan.


Responsible for EVA combat control at Nerv Japan.


Like Hyuga, responsible for EVA combat control at Nerv Japan.


When Instrumentality Project was interrupted, he got swallowed by a mysterious black barrier released by Lilith. It is still not known if he is dead or alive.


Eva-01 upgrades so far in ANIMA. Illustrations by Ikuto Yamashita.

(Partially translated from the Japanese wiki by symbv)


It is the single living entity created during the battle against Armaros on the Moon surface when Asuka got traces of some very ancient living organisms attached onto her and she merged and mixed up with EVA-02.
Her design retains a lot of details that look human and her appearance is better described as "a female giant cosplaying Eva" instead of just an Eva. She also displays clear feminine looks like having a hip-line or apparently wearing boots with high-heels. Because the long hair was transformed from the Allegorica Unit, she can fly on her own. Although she is still fitted with entry plug, inside Asuka is already gone. The armor part is different from that of Armaros, and is draped in sharp red color like EVA-02. When Shinji saw it, he said "As expected she really likes red, doesn't she?". But contrary to her appearance, she behaves like a baby who has little knowledge of everything, and she shows interest to tanks or lights and treat them like toys. Combined this with her flying ability as mentioned earlier, these became the main reasons why she was such a headache to staff in Nerv Japan.
As a convenient nickname, she was named "Crimson A1" but Hikari objected saying that "In order to return Asuka back to her former self, please call her name as Asuka.". And now every staff treats her as if she is Asuka.
Following instructions from Maya, she participated an experiment using a newly discovered device but was pulled into another dimension by an object shaped like black tentacles appearing suddenly from the sea. After that, she appeared before Hikari as a Victor with part of her armor turned into black.


An EVA made in Europe by basing on the body originally used as a testbed for Unit-02 and incorporating part of the technology used in Unit-02 Allegorica like N2 Reactor that was brought in by Kensuke. It was piloted by Hikari and its coloring was in white. It also made use of other technology like Angel Carrier's QR Signum. It could also generate A.T.Field from the tip of its Lance, its main armament. Its combat strength alone was weaker than other Eva's, but by working in combination of Euro's ground forces it put S.Eva at bay and wore down Shinji, eventually pushing to just one small step from snatching victory. At the end Hikari was able to be released from her brainwash status by hearing audible voices coming from inside its body. Hikari guessed that the voice could be part of the soul of Asuka's mother who had existed in the original Unit-02 and it wanted someone to help Asuka who had become an amalgamate synthesis-body. As of now, Hikari who had been released from brainwash, together with Rei No.Six of Nerv Japan and Mari of Nerv USA, were going through preparation to fight Armaros.


The mecha unit thought to be based on the remnants of the Mass-Produced Edition (MPE) of EVA that were captured at the battle over Nerv HQ and later went missing. It has a cocoon shaped container at the abdominal region, which has a part of angel inside, and it can summon the ability of that angel (e.g. flashes for Sachiel, Sea of Dirac for Leliel etc) Its main armament is a weapon with the shape of a sasumata.
It has been noted that its source of energy comes from a scaly engine called "QR Signum" on the surface of its body.
There are several individual entities of it with slightly different shapes. They are called Angel Carrier II, Angel Carrier III etc.


A mysterious EVA with gothic style decoration and is all black which appeared on the Moon surface.
The shape of its head closely resembles that of EVA-01 and a golden ring can be seen behind its head. It has two eyes like EVA-01 but its body is much larger than EVA-01. It transformed the original Longinus Spear that was stabbed on the Moon surface and created Longius Sphere.
Although it seems to be trying to return to void humans who had avoided Instrumentality, the machine itself does not seem to be doing it with intention. Because of that, when EVA's, its enemy, took over QR Signum, it continued to transmit power to it.


2 black giants thought to work for Amaros. They are called Victor by Nerv Japan and Toburt by Nerv Euro. It has the ability to create dimensional openings and use them to appear anywhere.
Although one was destroyed after its battle with S.EVA, the other one appeared before humans who were preparing the campaign to eliminate Armaros.
This second mecha has Shinji's heart taken from S.EVA in its heart location and behaves as if it is Shinji. It calls on S.EVA/Shinji to "return my body". Also Asuka-EVA-synthesis recognizes that heart as Shinji and because of that starts to operate under their command.


Ikuto Yamashita Pre-release Interview


Ikuto Yamashita × Takeru Kageyama Special Talk

Special Compilation Vol.1

Special Compilation Vol.2

Section 2 - Special Chapter - Intermission

Special Gallery

Section 2 - Interlude

Visual Book

The Visual Book was published in August 2010. It features mechanical and character's data, model's pictures, the first two chapters followed by Ikuto Yamashita's postscripts and rough sketches.
Following are the translations of the postscripts regarding the characters made by symbv:

Shinji-kun (age 17) managed to survive (?) by means of his mother giving EVA-01's body to him. Now the two people, EVA-01 and he, exist as one, though nobody knows how. Whether he, now reconstituted, is still human is not clear. Well, 'cause he does not have a heart! (it is located in EVA-01)

After quite some time, lady Asuka, who can always be relied on to get job done, got Eva-02 Allegorical, an Eva that can have almost infinite range by using N^2 Reactor made by human techonology instead of S^2 Engine. But since then she went through a sequence of hard work, doing things like force reconnaissance on Moon surface alone without any support or reinforcement. This is not some easy thing to have. So, please take your compensated leaves! But no matter what we would like her to shoot for a woman who can get things thoroughly done.

It was the editor-in-charge who first gave the idea of having several "lady Rei" and giving them very complicated names. With different color for each, one point could be to make it easier to make model prototype if we want to produce figures. Well, no wholesaler is going to sell them.
For those girls who are now scattered, what is waiting for their feelings are ordeals they will encounter in the real world.

Touji is a convenient character. At first I did not plan to get him to work, but in the world of Eva where there are so many who failed in maintaining their balance, he is a character who seems to be able to keep his own color, in a good way, no matter where you put him into.

------ and this is valuable.

How about Kaji? If we go as far as him, then it will be difficult for me to mess up with his cool style later....

ANIMA Visual Book
EVA-01 design.
EVA-01 profiles.
EVA-01 with some new weapons.
New weapons (cont...) with more EVA-01.
EVA-02 Type II Allegorica (main picture); EVA Heurtebize, piloted by Hikari Horaki (bottom, inset).
More EVA-02 & UX-1 Allegorica.
EVA-01 A.T. Field control armor.
A.T. Field control armor diagrams.
EVA-00 A.T. Field control armor (prototype).
EVA-02 A.T. Field control armor and swords!


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